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Friendship (84)General (1046)
Growing Up (82)Humour (325)
Life (730)Loneliness (201)
Love & Romance (1378)Lovegrief (278)
Lyrics (290)Marriage and Relationships (102)
Mother´s Day (14)Philosophical (455)
Politics & Society (438)Psychological (149)
Remembrance (147)Satire (67)
Sorrow (215)Thoughts (289)
Travel Stories / My Home Country (26)Valentine´s Day (4)
War & Peace (106)

New Poems:

Title:Category:Author:Online since:Comments:
RossignoleLove & RomanceJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez01/17/2017
GRITO HORIZONTAL... ((( Dadaismo )))ExperimentalJoel Fortunato Reyes Pérez01/16/2017
A sole and a soulPhilosophicalVolodymyr Knyr01/16/2017
Freude (Akrostichon/English)EmotionsJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez01/16/2017
- 1 -
Ne vivons plus comme des esclavesPolitics & SocietyPatrice Faubert01/16/2017
Capitulo XXVIGeneralKarla Gomez01/16/2017
Qui êtes-vous?LyricsJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez01/15/2017
Proud man at seaLifeSven Eisenberger01/15/2017
!Cuán grande es la belleza creada!GeneralJulio Medina01/14/2017
A leaderPolitics & SocietyVolodymyr Knyr01/14/2017
Intellectuels d'élevage, intellectuels de batteriePolitics & SocietyPatrice Faubert01/14/2017
Put in perspectiveLifeSven Eisenberger01/14/2017
desmesuradoGeneralKarla Gomez01/13/2017
An itchMarriage and RelationshipsVolodymyr Knyr01/13/2017
H O P ESorrowMarlene Remen01/13/2017
- 2 -
Paraphysique de virologie informationnellePolitics & SocietyPatrice Faubert01/13/2017
Prisioneiro de mimPhilosophicalFlavio Cruz01/13/2017
conjuro de olvidoGeneralKarla Gomez01/12/2017
In a bear's lairHumourVolodymyr Knyr01/12/2017
L'enterrement de la liberté d'expressionPolitics & SocietyPatrice Faubert01/12/2017
Breath of HeavenLove & RomanceJan Wendler01/11/2017
- 1 -
The moral taintPsychologicalVolodymyr Knyr01/11/2017
The finest placeGrowing UpVolodymyr Knyr01/10/2017
PassionistaGeneralSven Eisenberger01/10/2017
Retour de la colonne DurrutiHumourPatrice Faubert01/10/2017

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