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The recent Poems & Stories:

Title Author:
APCRIFA INVECTIVAJoel Fortunato Reyes Prez
Paraphysique de biodynamie gnralisePatrice Faubert
A chess pieceVolodymyr Knyr
OPROBIO DELEZNABLEJoel Fortunato Reyes Prez
A long stateVolodymyr Knyr
Updating 5a parteMauro Montacchiesi
MURMURANTEJoel Fortunato Reyes Prez
No hay nada mejorJulio Medina
Meeting a dillVolodymyr Knyr
Tus ojosPurushottam Talukdar
La misarchie ou lharmonie holistePatrice Faubert
Ahasver Volodymyr Knyr
Il filo del gas.Gabriele Zarotti
Le gnocide anarchiste, gnocide non reconnuPatrice Faubert
MIMETISMO ALMAGREJoel Fortunato Reyes Prez
Dolly girlsVolodymyr Knyr
MOTEJAR OBCECADOJoel Fortunato Reyes Prez
Accadde al Moma.Gabriele Zarotti
CandadosLuis Alberto Serrano
Janotisme ducationnel insanePatrice Faubert


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