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The recent Poems & Stories:

Title Author:
- A damn racy woman ! PART--1Harry Schloßmacher
There is only lightMike Arnold
Sublimation des absurdités en compétitionPatrice Faubert
Even a planning "science god" loves the applause...Harry Schloßmacher
SLICKJoseph Trance
WIND NIGHT CELEBRATIONAntonio Justel Rodriguez
As these stars aboveMike Arnold
Shadow-Friends - A Cyberpunky Story Of DoomAndre M. Pietroschek
MI PROPIA INQUISICIÓN [Apremiante juventud]Antonio Justel Rodriguez
MINHA PRÓPRIA INQUISIÇÃO [juventude atraente]Antonio Justel Rodriguez
Why does the universe have so many planets and large moons ??Harry Schloßmacher
MIJN EIGEN ONDERZOEK [meeslepende jeugd]Antonio Justel Rodriguez
Financial Separation Laws - Freestyle Poetic MusingAndre M. Pietroschek
How can I?Mike Arnold
LA MIA INQUISIZIONE [gioventù irresistibile]Antonio Justel Rodriguez
GODworship+jubilationbustlecheerfulness>giantcruiseSPACEshipsHarry Schloßmacher
MA PROPRE ENQUÊTE [jeunesse irrésistible]Antonio Justel Rodriguez
MY OWN INQUISITION [compelling youth]Antonio Justel Rodriguez
Les violences de la dominancePatrice Faubert

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