Erika Seetzen-Woods (United Kingdom)

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Vengeance02/16/2006 Sorrow
Imposing Meanie01/25/2006 Life
Strawberry Encounter03/24/2005 Life
The Old Miser07/09/2004 General
Capone`s Disciple04/29/2004 Crime
Dr. Ulrich Jasper Seetzen, Orient Explorer04/29/2004 Life
Ghostly Encounter04/29/2004 General
Nostalgia04/29/2004 General
Some apparition!04/29/2004 Humour
Freedom08/10/2007 Life
You are my Valentine02/14/2007 Love & Romance
The May Of Your Life01/19/2006 Life
Hang-glider01/17/2006 General
Dandelions01/04/2006 General
Lightning Strike11/04/2005 General
Togetherness11/01/2005 Life
Why do I write?08/16/2005 General
Enthusiasm07/04/2005 Life
Rekindling old flames06/17/2005 General
What is Love?06/14/2005 Love & Romance
The Barbecue05/31/2005 Humour
Life`s Whole Being05/17/2005 Life
Unresolved12/01/2004 Life
JOY10/18/2004 Humour
Cyberspace Hopes10/17/2004 Love & Romance
Dreaming10/04/2004 General
The Makeover Maestro09/21/2004 Humour
Holiday Break09/18/2004 General
LONDON07/25/2004 Life
Acrostic07/10/2004 General
Inconsistency07/01/2004 Loneliness
Our Bungalow06/22/2004 General
Desperation06/09/2004 Lovegrief
Disillusion06/05/2004 Loneliness
The Bench In The Park05/26/2004 Life
Dear Grandma04/29/2004 Remembrance
Deadly Demands04/29/2004 Drugs and Addiction
Decided to drop out04/29/2004 General
First Time Gambler04/29/2004 Humour
Dividing corridor04/29/2004 Lovegrief
Fading Light04/29/2004 Life
Hopelessly lost04/29/2004 Love & Romance
Little Weed04/29/2004 General
Meeting with Concorde and my friend04/29/2004 Emotions
Mental Freedom04/29/2004 General
Mother´s Day04/29/2004 Mother´s Day
No Escape04/29/2004 Life
Our dog Ben04/29/2004 Remembrance
Teenage Transition04/29/2004 Growing Up
Your love04/29/2004 Love & Romance
We have lost you04/29/2004 General
The end of the road04/20/2004 Loneliness
Dear Sister08/31/2010 Sorrow
Wigs and Bottles10/01/2010 Drugs and Addiction
Der Fruehling03/23/2009Frühling
Die Bank im Park10/04/2003Jahreszeiten
Die Rettung09/09/2003Trost & Hoffnung
Ein hoffnungsloser Fall09/20/2005Drogen & Sucht
Erloesender Schlaf08/27/2005Emotionen
Trauriger Abschied03/04/2005Kreislauf des Lebens
Unser Haus09/17/2003Besinnliches
Verlust einer Freundin06/05/2009Trauriges

First release on 07/29/2003.

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