Saskia Charlotte Junker (Germany)

Consider my authors profile as a blog with the latest updates that are not transformed into book chapters yet.

Disclaimer: I don't care who did falsifuly and issue marriage certificates or false new documents.

It remains a falsification and a Fraud, even if officials did it.

I did not marry anyone and did not change my identity.

And you cannotarry someone or declare a living for dead while he is alive or change someone's identity without consent.


This means , all people nomatter whether authority or not who issued such certificates need to be arrested for fraud and deceit and theft!

It does not evenwtter their motivation,because even IF their motivation was innocent (which rlit never was seen WHO did those things) it does notatter. They did a crime that destroyed my life even more.

Apart from that they react as people who rob a bank murder all testimonies and say they would have stolen the money to do sth good to someone or else. And then declar everyone for insane who says that they did a crime.


To everyone who says I should contact the German bassy.

I contacted the German bassy in Washington DC and the consulate in Los Angeles in total 10 times . In all cases they said they would not be responsible for me and that it is impossible that my passport would have been cancelled and that they neither have anything that would pop up when I tell them my name.

I as well checked with police in several states. They co trolled their computer and my passport and neither there was any anormality.

And for a direct appointment with a consulate or embassy it needs an online scheduled appointment and a valid emailadres and eventually even phone number.

So it is impossible to do sth like that.

Apart from that seen the involvent I to the crimes ever since birth I don't have ANY reason to trust any embassy.


One of the times they tried to LOCALIZE me during the call while at the same time just procrastinating. The next day my TextNow number was compromised. And one day later as well again my phone.



Regards The psychopaths who say I would have sold my property 

And the testament in which it was inherited to me is the last mentioned testament in the one they gave to the tribunal. It says clearly that I Saskia Charlotte will be the ONLY person who is gonna own it inclusive interior. It is the testament from July 2015!!! There was one from 2012 where I would have received 51 percent and the other 49 he wanted to split to 7 different persons (to safe tax) and that if they would refuse it it would automatically go to me. I told him that IF he wanted me to have it that he should give it whole to me or not at all because I don't want anything that would BIND me to be in contact with others or would make me dependent on others and I rather then would refuse it. And that I find it legit that I then would pay all taxes if it is fully mine. He after all understood. If he had wanted to give it to someone else he would have done it. But he did not. 

Of any other testament I don't know but there are rumours that I would have been destined several billions instead of this flat without ANY preconditions.

In addition independent from the former experiment state agent owner ,


I have LEGIT RIGHTS to 3 other heritages but those testaments became STOLEN by people in Italy and Germany who did pretend to be me, Saskia Charlotte while then organizing to try to murder me or try to let declare me for insane and to just let survive me and keep surveillance me while I with those people who did this am not even relative to.but they were part of the illigal unethical experiments with me eversince 1992.


I NEVER would have sold my property and I ALWAYS eversince 2016 told so with Helmuth Schneider*** the first asshole trying to pretend it would be nothing worth and house property would not have any value anymore. He is insane or thought I would be. Did you have a look at inflation throughout the last years and predicted for the future?

My property has a unique dream will ONLY have more revalue , especially seen I continuously invested into its renovation.

Once I would be able to renovate it into a luxury apartment from the interior it would have 10times value as now.

And I already invested a lot into renovation since I got it which raised it's value 100.000 more than before.




AND I told his to each and every person who was so fuxked up to try to convince me to sell it.

Seen fucked up psychopaths did insignias on me, they do KNOW it.


I just don't rent out these days because if I rent out before the highly criminals are arrested they make it rent by abuse networks and doing porn in MY property and I will always and forever forbid this to happen.


So. This property Never got sold and I will keep it. Inusove the parking spot,inclusive the internal 1 and inclusive all interior.


I paid my heritage taxes after the tax declaration in 2018 for it and it is all oficially mine. And for the tax declaration I directly communicated with the Guardia financia Germany!


It is mine. End of discussion.


*** Helmuth Schneider was as well the person who in 2016 said that he would now be owner of the laptop and computer of Fries Heinz Theodor Junker called Kempchen when I tried to find out wtf had happened 2015 and I approached Helmut Schneider because I remembered that fries Heinz Theodor junker had regularly contact with him whether he knew sth or whether he would have at least left any letter for me.

Schneider then PRETRNDED that he would have been crying out using my first name while it's impossible seen he used always the abbreviation charlo for me. As well Schneider said that he had some disputes with fried Heinz theodor before he died and then he said I must get in contact with all of the others and work together with them to which I after all the years and various behaviours of them or their women had no reason at all to. After fries Heinz died for me at least one thing of this was good. Because whenever he met me he INSISTED to talk about the others and howling out his dramas and problems with at the same time prohibiting me to give advise while I. Specialized in trauma therapy. He was not interested in resolving his problems but to whine about it and then to project on others that they would be depressive and would need therapy HE never did. Practically the same as Mechwa. They were very similar. Sometimes I wondered whether Janina could be their daughter because she was so very different of Michael but very similar in jealousy and possessiveness and stubbornness and weird in her dogmas and perceptions of others such as Mechwa and fried Heinz Theodor junker. I had no reason to contact any other person. But to start finally my really OWN life with all the competences skills knowledge and what I had built up. And it looked at least as if I finally had as well an own property and home to refer to as a base and not a single person I ever would be dependent of.


Well..this mechwa Janina Schneider and other bitches saw differently.they had intended to possess and exploit me as they did eversince 1992 when they started their experiments.


10th of January -

- Well.. I just came to know that one of serial killing possessive psychopaths seen we talk about at least 3 persons who have been murdering people throughout the last years to make me suffer, I just came to know that one of them told people I would have stolen his credit or debit prepaid card... Well.. This is insane. I am paying with the debit prepaid account card of Albi Gira with whom I have been together in 2018 for one year and who is sustaining me economically throughout this challenging time where there are psychopaths out there who want me dead. but one of the psychopaths did make up the story I would have stolen HIS card to receive a surveillance order when and where that card is used and for this he corrupted a place in FLAGSTAFF to give him the exact card credentials, now it makes sense that the person while it always was working one day wanted to have the entire card and wrote down all credentials of it to probably give it to one of the serial killers who then did let drug my food and di let contaminate my hotelroom with rare germs that caused a cough wherre when you cough at the same time you want to vomit. 2 days within 15 hours that I had left from that place the ccugh was entirely gone. - as well I came to know that the person made up the story I would have STOLEN my new telephone, because this time I did not buy one from corrupted simple mobile or corrupted tracfone cheap phones who had been given directives to hand out my data immideately when I would subscribe with them but I had bought evidently then with CASH in a huge store a phone which is not simlocked or cheap and with updated security software. And in addition I did let know the store what was going on in reality and to file immideately report against the person if he tries to receive credentiasl seen he is a serial killer and rapist for whom they are looking for more than 7 decades in calabria and other places of the world. So. he was not able to come up with his usual lies or to contact them. NOW he invented that I would have STOLEN that phone from him or someone and corrupted either a place where I used Wifi Or the telephone provider where I bought the sim that I used which would explain that within 24 hours the international simcard that I had bought to finally be able to call in europe was deactivated making me loose 200 USD seen I had paid for 2 months in advance! I did NOT steal a telephone. I repeat, the only thing rver stolen was an orange juice because a BITCh -a formerr extinction camp lady tried to corrupt or give directives to the greyhoud snack station in nashville where was a 30minutes break in September to drug my food if I buy some, so I brought back the food before I was at the cashier but in the hurry forgot to put back as well the juice which I had still in the other hand. So I accidentally stole it. seen the corruption and directives and contribution to experiments and persecuyion by greyhound from the beginning since I am in the USA, and seen they stole 400 USD from me due to the cancelled ticket in Flagstaff that caused me to have a 3weeks bronchitis with the 5 hours in the middle of the night with 27 degrees Fahrenheit and a non refundable hotelbill of 200USD. This payment had been cancelled by one of the serial killers who pretended that this card was his while again it was the card of Albi gira. 3 serial killers? I have to correct this, 1 serial killer, 1 massmurder and one combination of it. because it turned out that the direct descendent of Eicke who does hide in malcesine (the extinction camp commander and extinctioncmap architect, who did hide at malcesine where he was stationed for a few months before he became commander of dachau and before he did let built the extinction torture camps everywhere in communication with himmler with whom he had more contact than with hitlerr- you can read this in his biography that is published. yes, there exists seriously a biography about that pervert massmurder theodor eicke), well it turned out that the nightmare about "zwangsverheiratung am gardasee" was not about Hilke, but that it was a direct descendent of Eicke whom they made bellieve he would have married me. and he lets persecute me as well. So we talk about that serial killer ipnovito, the babyboy costa crockerr who gives directives in europe to murder people and about that descendent of that disgusting dangerous pervert eicke who are giving commands to polive and other authorities. In what the fuck world are we living wherre police and churches and masons are following orders from those people who should have been arrested decades ago and some of them should ahve ssen the war tribunals, massmurder does not expire, murder neither... or to say it in german words seen they love austria and germany so much "Mord verjaehrt nicht", so all the war bastards who escaped in the 50s to amerrica and south america are STILL legit to be put to war tribunals for their crimes. In the context of the comment below, maybe it would be interesting to make a background identity check on the people who participated in the intrigue on Zuiderdam in February 2019 who became corrupted or given directives by leo giacomo costa to cause that I would be fired. Were they former employees with costa crociere or were they among those fascists that costa croviere gave new identities and workplaces??? because they even managed to corrupt or give directives to an officer of the bridge. i thought so far that it was because he regularly mixed his cola with whiskey playng cards in his breaks. well.. the HR on board of zuiderdam in feb 2019 did as well drink whiskey druing his workshifts but at least that alcoholic was not operating machines but that officer who worked as well on the bridge? for as far as I know those have a 0 percent alk policy, especially when it comes to high percentages. I thought so far he would have been sorpressed or corrupted with this, but was there maybe an additional reason to that??? I know that he was among those who lied because he was very concerned whether I would have been told WHO had told lies about me and his faceexpression fell apart. A

-news about insane Leo Giacomo costa.

HE in 2019 gave orders and corruption to Holland America Cruise line to let FIRE ME...

I did not even know insane asshole Costa baby boy .

And I did not work for Holland America but for one spa world!!!

Does this mean that as well Holland America cruise line is a fascist Nazi cargo company that did and does transport incognito Nazis and fascists between Europe and America?!?!



- I just have been informed that the psychopaths sold me as an experiment twithout consent to the state of Arizona because they thought I might settle in Arizona..wondering how much fucked up billion dollars they paid for it.

Does it have to do with the freemason love, with the archdioceses or with the salvation army in Arizona and Tucson? Or with all of them together or just with that insane Costa baby boy and his partner in crime ipnotvito master of insanity!?!

I repeat. I am NOT an experiment and I am NOT for sell. Who the duck those people think they are? Slavetraders? Abraham Lincoln was so wonderful to stop slavery during his presidency once and for aall So..let's sum up the countries and states they think they have sold me to throughout the last 38 years as if I was an object without consent and without ever compensating:


- Italy

- France

- Switzerland

- Bulgaria

- Greece

- California,

- New York

- Tennessee

- Mississippi

- Florida

- Maryland

- Arcansas they tried but not sure whether Clinton prevented it or not seen he has a say there

- Arizona

- Illinois


And surprise surprise..whenever I traveled on those states and countries then tried to let declare me for insane.

And people still believing that bullshit?!? Or are they all just greedy for the money being promised with billions to become "powerful and rich"???

Already Satan and Eicke told people they would become powerful and rich if they followed their orders.

Well.. will be funny what's gonna happen when I have traveled to all the states of the USA and all states proved themselves to be entire money greedy idiots with perversions of growing disgusting testicles without consent in STRAIGHT women and considering this as their secret state experiment and trying to prevent that the woman leaves the country on all costs because they became all so addicted of their insane perversion that is equal to the pervert experience of the fascists and their pervert disgusting resilience tests.

Practically this is an intelligence and morality test for the USA and all countries participated in.

90percent do far failed and have to be considered as stupid white men idiots and perverts without ethics and full of sensation lust.

I will leave this country whenever I want.BBecausr I am a free person who never did a crime and who is saskia Charlotte.

And they won't stop me because if they arrest me they would have to admit that I am saskia Charlotte born on 7th of March 1985 in Bethesda hospital and not that bitch who stole insignas and vaccines pretending to be me somewhere in fingerprints are on file.TThisisi why they still try to put me into psychiatry or to make me sick or homeless in the hope to let me disappear.

They even think I would not know about all this. SOOOOO stupid are all the dumdums who participate in this Idiocracy (ever watched the movie? It is a very reflection of what this world had become throughout the last 6 years eversince they stole my identity while I was traveling for 7 months and not at the place of my residency.


Did they already declare me for insane in Arizona tucson because as well tucson is a paperclip area?! Or is this still about to happen after I as they hope would stay for a months and then they would corrupt everyone to say I would be insane or depressive?!?! Muhahah..this is what happened at least so far in all the other places.

Well..there is no fucked up place in America where there are noT hidden ex Nazi criminals and paperclip recruits and descendents because those are experimenting and researching everywhere where there were ancient spacecrafts and sacred land of the natives because they never stopped their experiments they did during Holocaust.

Everywhere where there were ancient spacecrafts such as in all the holy sacred places and space research centres andniclear plants there are Nazi paperclip researchers. They killed jfk and Reagan others who knew about the above to confidential.

The thing with me is that my very existence is above top confidential.


R looked at my face?! Tiny small chin with too short vocal cords,cat shaped eyes that look like a little me ular itself with it's colours and a high bright front that is almost larger/higher than the distance from chin to front.







-i started a publication where I will do the 2023 protocol on contact poison attacks .you will find all updated on that in the author comments of that chapter.

Don't be scared .I am not scared and I am used to that kindergarten bullshit since 2016 by CIA and Ukranian Bitches and Santa Croce babies.

But seen they stole my iphone se second generation and the nostalk app is only available in thegean playstorr I cannot add the documentation to it and I never logged into the nostalk account seen it is not recommended to do so unless together with police.

So I keep the protocol now here.

As said I never wrote all those things to officials because I am scared but so they would finally arrest that son of a bitch.

But officials are either corrupt or scared.

They have a training and weapons, I have not. So what the fuck are they scared about?!

They should arrest those serial killers , not make my life even more complicated with one insane person after the next.

I a not married and do not intend to do so.instead people being arrested and me compensated NOT sold to people I don't even know and without asking me and who are than eventually even more psychopaths.

Here the update of today as well in this blog-profile:

7th or 8th or 9th of January 2023, Tucson, Arizona,USA
Bathrobe got contaminated with the typical contact poison those sons of bitches of malcesine used already in malcesine in my very own flat from 2016 onwards and around the world 2017 onwards, in all cases "ipnovito" was directly involved, especially in 2021 and 2022 this became obvious because it happened ALWAYS, as well in my CAR on my steering wheel in the hope it would cause me a lethal.accident whenever I added Infos about that son of a bitch and serial killer that murders to receive insignas of other people.

He pretended in Tucson to be a representative of housekeeping and to be a grandma son and a bishop.
"Don vito" was not a priest but a bishop.

I will keep updating the contact poison attacks of 2023 in the comments below.

Usually this substance is used by Santa Croce and the CIA and the Ukranian secret service and the camorra.
(I know about the use of contact poison by the Camorra since 2017 when a Russian explained me that what I described would sound like a jealousy act of a possessive Ukranian and asked me whether I ever was together with one which I NEVER have been and whether I would have betrayed one and I said truthfully no. He said. Good..because otherwise you probably sooner or later will be dead because they do it as a death threat but before they murder everyone they think you have betrayed them with..this is how the Ukranian comorra members work.

The person I asked knew it because he had work d for th Russian Mafia for a few years. They know their enemies ..and that person I got to know because he was in the same cruise job preparation course as I was for safety on the sea .he stopped with his previous work and was looking for a more normal job.
He was a good guy. They were fighting evil, not doing crime.
9th of January

- the serial killer ipnovito is an INSIGNA killer.HHe murdered targeted people from high rank of different groups to get their INSIGNA ,how he managed that I don't know but he told and showed once that his relatives had a butchery and demonstrated how to make salami... Alittle Hannibal lector!?! Would be fitting seen he is a sadist.

He did as well murder "Don Vito", a priest and grandmason and a prostitute and a janitor ,a carabinieri of Italy, and a housekeeping supervisor, a homeless,  a beautiful woman from Calabria, and who knows how many more.

Through the stolen INSIGNA he gives directives on global scale.

Tucson has a huge freemason loge. He contacted all masons of the beginning ranks and tried to give them directives.



News about Leonardo Costa. He is best friends respectively fell in love with Janina maria junker and Silvia and santa who did an INSIGNA to herself but put my name on it.they are very perfectly the same as he i: homophob, racist, Discriminative, fascist, dogmatic and into masonry, Santa Croce and hate all that is important to me and are jealous possessive and take all literal with selective perception and entitle themselves to decide and speak for others without any legitimation or consent to do so not hesitating doing crimes.

And this goes to everyone.when you scan on my name you end up at those people and not at me!!

Let's repeat shortly Janina maria junkers curriculum for the he part you cannot find on linked in where she has a profile that shows her fbi profile in tax laws.

She is born on 22nd of December 1982 in muelheim an DER ruhr or Oberhausen.

She lived until my birth together withechwa and Michael in Oberhausen saarstraße , then I was born and we moved to muelheim an der ruhr and she was jealous from the beginning.

She went to kindergarten st Elisabeth with Mrs kortenbruck from 1985-1988 and she draw a red snowman planning to one day murder everyone who did criticize her at her age of 5.

She went to GGS Oemberg in Muelheim for elentary school with Mrs heissler as elementary teacher from 1988-1991 them she moved with mechwa and Laura Francesca to greven reckenfeld taubendtraße and went somewhere there to elementary school voluntarily she did put herself one year back and then she moved with mechwa and Laura Francesca to maisach, murnchen Bavaria after 1999.

She went there (again she wanted to be put backwards one year so she would do her highschool exam in the same year as I did in 2004).

At her age of 15 she started to take beta blocker which he denied and did not share in her job interview with the city of Munich with which she start a dual study for the city of Munich and in HOF Bavaria. She participated in 2007 in the SAP course for her additional employer on ratingen and insisted she wanted to meet me and to visit me in Nijmegen.

In 2010 she blackmailed her ex boyfriend Klaus on GLOBAL scale for being drag amd this would be an illness and he would have to do therapy because she had put in her head to marry him and heaving 5 kids with him and this would be unacceptable if he as well would be drag.

In 2012 she for 2 years went into a psychiatry after having had a psychosis.

In 2011 she wrote me a letter in which she said she would have always hated me and that she would have been jealous upon me my entire life because I would be a princess and she not and made me responsible for an attempt of suicide she did. (Why should so it suicide because he hates someone who does not want to be in touch anyway? Does not make sense, if she did hate me and was jealous she should have been glad to hear as little as possible about me). And she told me Michael would think I might be working as a prostitute and dealing drugs in Hamburg which was a heavy insult seen I was working studying shiatsu energywork and naturopathy (medicine) and to finance as well private expenses seen all my savings went into study and a flat for 250 rent, I worked half time in the CinemaxX controlling the entry tickets and cleaning cinema rooms and then in 2014 I introduced energywork as a therapeutical workplace into Pro Seniore Hamburg.

Everafter, I have no idea what happened.

She quit her job and her flat contract in 2015 as if she prepared to move somewhere else already before and then she did not know where to go and lived a few months withevhwa before she moved somewhere else.

In 2016 she wrote me she would love "spystories".



And towards everyone making polemics I would.rail.againsy my entire family?!?


They did not invite me even or did let me know about the funeral of Maria Sievers , who turn d out to not be my grandmother but my MOTHER!!!

They just did send me her beloved favourite cloak/jacket that I loved a lot without any note about date of death or funeral!!!

And then they did everything to prevent that I would get to know the truth!!! She had prepared a letter for me but they stole the letter!

This means Janina and Mechthild are not even my relatives!!!

This means that Michael is my brother or half brother and that Anna Lena and Raphael are my nieces!!!

They did NOT invite me to the funeral of my mother and stole everything to which I have a legit right because I did not go to the marriage of my then brother Michael with the Marion wissing, a daughter of a ukrainian-italian Camorra boss and daughter of a woman that was friends with Goering,Eicke,Himmler and Hitler and who was a high ranked member within Santa Croce knowing Orietta TobAldi I and Tanya Zeni and Antonio Romagnoli and Maria Rossi and surprise surprise she knew as well Leonardo giacomo costa !

And becauseI did not want to be in touch with people I am not even relative to.!!!

And once and for all Marion Wissing got to know Michael in 2007 did let annulate the marriage with her ex husband (whoever that is) at the Vatican in 2009 and did marry Michael Junker changing as well her name to his in 2012 and has now the name Marion Junker.

SHE is the real Marion Wissing.

I am NOT relative to those fascist Ukranian Nazi breed.






8th of january

If it is true that Leo Costa got hold of my iphone se second generation then there is another reason he did let declare me for crazy seen he is fascist.
I in 2021 did investigations in entire Europe about the crimes of the fascists during Holocaust and documented those on the iPhone Se 2nd generation that got lost in palm springs in March 2022 registered on the email to which I have no access anymore
There were as well audio registrations of people in Bulgaria who are still fascist racist and antisemitic. Photos of documents revealing the crimes, audio registrations of infiltrated fascists into the Holocaust archives who control what a person is exactly looking for, 
And proof.
And as well the app NOSTALK that I use since2019 that was recommended me back then by the police to start documenting the persecution. It allows video audio pictures and texts and safe the data on the police servers or the servers of the weirder ring to keep them safe even if the phone gets stolen or destroyed.


4rth January

- I updated as well the comments regards Leo/Lennie/Lennard Giacomo Costa.

Once again people were claiming I would have married someone in the Sheraton hotel inittle Rock. I never stayed in the Sheraton in little rock but it is a proof that my phone is compromised because when I was arriving at little rock with greyhound in the middle of the night I looked up on my phones several haccomodations that might have a 24 hours reception among them was Sheraton. But when I arrived there they had shut down their system already and were not able to make a reservation.

So I never stayed a t a Sheraton and neither I stayed at a Marriot.

Seen I was put in touch with too many state agents who had chosen Marriott as their preferred accomodations the only Marriot I ever stayed voluntarily was one night the Bonboy in Houston on 17th or 18th of March 2022 and even there within 30 minutes people tried to get the room next to mine and banging against the communicating doors so that I had to tell the reception to check what was going on and as well there they tried to give directives to the kitchen to drug my breakfast.So.once and for all. I DID NOT get married to anyone.


- as well there have been once again people trying at a new accomodations to tell them the next lie.

So among the lies they try to use one after the other on accomodations and restaurants:-

- they tell I would be shizophrene, disabled, suicidal or manic depressive to gain access to local insignias or to let drug food and beverage or to let do insignias

- they tell I would be a terrorist or under suspect of being a terrorist and they would have wanted to put me in a psychiatry but the day they tried to I would have escaped.

Well..once again I am none of this and I have a valid  German Medical Certificate issued according to the INTERNATIONAL Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978 (STCW), as amended, and according to the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC).

You maybe can corrupt or give directives to idiots to declare someone for insane who is not but you Will NOT corrupt or give directives to a medical to declare a person for Healthy with the responsibility or coresponsibility for up to 10.000 people on a vessel in the middle of the ocean with access to areas that regard safety and security where there is ANY doubt about the persons state of health.

Let's quote once again "the seafarer is free from any medical condition likely to be aggravated by service at sea or to render him unfit for such service or to endanger the health of other person's on board.'

Those ex's are so profound that those certificates have a validity for 2 years! 

They come on a special paper with a special inkt s "authorization stamp" that confirms that is is a for this examination for Seafarers an Authorized Physician. 

"Stamp of authorized Physician of the Gean Maritime Medical Service" 

In my case that authorized Physician worked as well before for German tribunals specialized on emotional and work medicine.


The Seafarers center in addition where this examination took place is on Hamburg, Germany.

Hamburg Germany is one of the biggest inland ports in Europe. So those physicians working there do really a lot of examinations and not only once in a while on captains, officers, Seafarers from all positions.

To be able to decide whether a captain is suited to have full responsibility for a vessel you need to have experience and decisions are made with full knowledge of the responsibility.











3rd January 2023

- POST update.

I just received the information that some people from malcesine did STEAL the post from Albi who took care of it and that they put their little thief fingers as well between the post office and Albi and that they BURNED all the letters that were adresses to me !!!!

Who??? Did burn my letters?!?! And eversince when did this happen?!

Well..the only funny thing is that among the letters from January is as well a letter that dnads the annual fee for a bank safe in which I safed a lot of written documentation dating back to 2014 that I regularly updated.




Once again my location was given away to the psychopaths and they seemed to have found new lies and pretending they would be the ones who protect me because I would be in I gonna leave.

Well..let's make clear one thing.

If there was a person he would be hired by me and I would introduce the person myself to the accomodation.

Noone else exists and noone who contacts accomodations pretending they would protect me or would want to surprise me or would have a procura or would be my husband is real.they are all dangerous criminals.

I need money and compensate myself and organize myself as I always did. And I need people stopping to fuck and sabotage my life.

Someone wants to help? Find the person who says he would want to surprise me or the person who circulates the illigal registration of the illigal criminal abuses and delete the registration and get rid of them. Arrest the other criminals.

THIS is how you can help me.

Everything else is just additional surveillance crime persecution and bullshittery that destroys my life deciding above my head and behind my back.

I cut the inner cords with people at age 7 because they tried to decide above my head through trying to manipulate and inner cords with others who lied to me at my age of 14 and several ages not being honest with me and trying to interfere into myife taking decisions that are not theirs to make but mine.

People who tried to do the same at later age simply lost any respect by me, they don't even exist for me anymore and against Leo Costa and "Lapetina"/hauke/sala I gonna file a restraining order these days. This here now verbally and officially written on public scale should be equal to a restraining order by court !!!



Freemason among my readers in hierarchy above my persecutors?

I have new infos about my several persecutors Leo Costa, Enrico Saglia and "vito".
they are ALL CONNECTED to the free masons (in regard to Enrico Saglia, didn't you know that it is forbidden to be active on the roman catholic church and be as well a freemason ?)

I need someone of free masonry higher in hierarchy than those are to tell them to leave me in peace and stop their crimes and bring them to sanity seen they evidently all lost their mind.

I do not like any of them, I did not love any of them (now seen I know about Leo Costa he is a mason it explains even more his manipulative skills because he abused the techniques he learned in free masonry to reach his objectives).

And it does not matter what they want of me or what they feel of me, someone MUST stop their persecutions and their global defamations and global directives and as well directives of friends of them who are eventually higher in freeason hierarchy.

Fried Heinz Theodor junker called Kempchen was a freemason.
So I know a little bit about free masonry. And I know about that he was a freemason because someone taught me the greeting and secret handshake free masons do.

This now gives indications that Leo Costa did let stalk me eventually already in Hamburg in 2012 , this is weird seen before 2017 he should not even have known about my existence. 

But it was 2012 when I for the first time applied with a cruise company.

Is that son of a bitch capable to give directives to the past?!?

I am able to heal beyond time but has he been capable to give directives to the past to inhibit all of my efforts that I ever would be able to work on a cruise ship to prevent I would find out about his families fascist crimes?!?

Anyway.. please if there is anyone beyond my readers who is higher in hierarchy in the free masonry than those three persecutors that keep destroying my life..please stop forbid and inhibit his behaviour and make sure that they never again will destroy the life of a woman or a person they meet.


Ps: please tell off as well patrizio Sala, hauke , and someone who in Germany or Italy uses the word aeskulab and bye as well Janina and the Schneider family and club hotel Olivia.

Helmuth Schneider and his family belong as well to the free masonry. This is probably where his ring refers to with the big black stone that caught my attention to find it bizarre at my age of 3 when I asked him even what this ring would be. I through my entire life tried to figure out the meaning of those weird rings and in most cases people were so kind to tell me the meaning of their rings.

Those who did not had always something to hide.

Everyone else explained me their various significations of which there are many different dependent on the ring.

And as well Janina, there exists a female loge among the free masons.

2nd of January

7:40pm the various psychopaths just try to make believe the bartenders and bar manager of the evening of the location where there was a free concert that I would be shizophren and a prostitute. Happily one of the musicians perceived the try of corruption as well. Shortly afterwards the white coloured blond bar manager and show master of that location walked up to the stage and took a video with mainly focusing on the person who had perceived those attempts of corruption as well.I have been asked to move 2 times. The first time was comprehensible seen I was at a table that was possible to be transformed into a table for four. the second time not and he wanted to ask me to move to a seat to the bar. 

I decided to leave entirely and gave the tip of 10 USD I had foreseen anyway for the artists as there was no cover fee directly to them seen they played really well.

While I was leaving seriously two of the bar staff tried to say that I would have MOLESTED them???

Well.. rather they me, seen I had explained clearly to not wixh a drink due to a special diet beforehand which had been approved.

However it was exactly 3 min later that one of the psychopaths referred to the location "the one with a special diet is shizophrene".

As well they tried , I don't know whether the psychopaths succeeded but they tried to corrupt or give directives to the bar manager and bar tenders of the location to give access to the insignias they do, to be able to control and reprogram as well those. I only can hope that the employees of that evening did not give away access to their insignias that would as well regard VIP, artists and some famous people.

And regards the special diet. I cannot permit myself to order sth to drink and eat nowadays anymore as long as those psychopaths are not arrested seen they have corruption money in a value of BILLIONS what they use where they don't manage to give directives.

I am glad that I managed now for quite a while that NOONE drugged my food or beverage!!!

So.the oy effect all this corruption and bullshit  has is that I cannot permit myself to follow invites to eat or to honour the kitchens of the accomodations I stay.

Means as well..everyone who pretends I would waste money with luxury food is insane. I eat food from the grocery and seen I don't have a kitchen it is cold food.


"Vito" or whatever his real name is did let spread everywhere in the city I am among police and security and others that I would be a prostitute. He seen he did illigal insignias in 1992 and then additional bullshit on 2020 has constant access, and comments his deeds as well regularly that he would have spread this as well at a place I had tried to apply for a job because I would have told the truth and he would have warned me that if I ever tell the truth he would make sure I would not survive it or would be put into psychiatry.

He is as well the one the malcesine carabinieri had forwarded ALL my reports I had filed against him. Check therefore the chapter of "European police responsible for childmurder?" that I published today 2nd of January.



1rst of January 2023.


You can follow me now as well here the way.the psychopaths tries to let the emailprovider belive  that I would be shizophrene to gain email access...


He will be very disappointed that apart from the fb profile he is not finding anything.

Well.regards fb the fb group Sei di malcesine se did block me from their group because they prefer to support psychopaths and serial killers and porn rings and Nazi war criminals who have extinction camps still in action in hidden places.  So they blocked me from the group because they cannot deal with the truth.


Happy new year!

News... The person who said always "si lo è inventata .si è DIVERTITA.non la hanno abusata. " Is one of the club hotel Olivi owners of the older generations!!!!

This is why I had trouble to identify her voice. I don't know her in person. hotel Olivi "twins" had been living in New York for quite a few years and they know people of Costa crociere directly...equally long.





Update 31rst of December:

- I wouldime to request a background check on Dorothee Schneider and Dorothee Rau and her children (yes the widow of Johannes Rau) because both of them have access to the Neurorape and one of them finds everything very hilarious and giggles about everything that happens. This means one of them is absolutely insane and should get arrested and put into psychiatry because there is really NOTHING to laugh about what happened. It is the one people refer to as DoRo.

And Dorothee Rau, just to your info. I recognized you , your lover and your children on the plane from San Diego to Toronto (layover in Philadelphia where you remained then in the star bucks cafe probably hoping I would use the wifi there to see where to find a hotel, wellI did have only a transit of 1 hour to take the plane to Canada) but I heard your silly daughter asking whether your Neurorape works as well on the plane. Your son however seems to be rather like his dad has been described and was more considerate about everything).

However I saw you walking into the Starbucks and NEVER went myself in their after your disrespectful behaviour on the plane and I guess as well before the flight?

Was it a coincidence that you were on the plane in 2019 as well or did you persecute me on purpose too? Are some of the hipocrite verwoehnten blagen who stalked me as well throughout the years the friends of your daughters?

There is a word for your immature giggles ,nomatter whether it is you Miss Rau or whether it is you DoDo or you DoRo... 

The word is Pietätslosigkeit. 



URGENT: there are indications that those Dangerous psychopaths  "LEO" AND "VITO"  did MURDER everyone I ever knew because they wanted to IMPRESS me because they would have fallen in love throughout their persecution... 

Just because I was considerations that EVENTUALLY all people I met in my life were after all set ups and part of the experience..

PlEASE when will authorities finally arrest and get rid of those two pychopaths.

They thought if they "impress" and "surprise" me with it I would fall in love with them. I NEVER have EVER been impressed by MURDER. I want criminals in prison and judged by a court, NOT murdered. And I NEVER fell in love or liked someone anyway due to that they tried to impress me or did disgusts me... I won't start liking someone if I did not like him before or stopped liking him.

And those people are dangerous psychopaths. If I had known in the first place who they were I never would have even talked to them but walked away and ignored all their attpts of gaining attention.


There exists TextNow where you can get a free telephone number with an email address and burner phone that works similar but the whore sellers and bitches (a bitch is someone who does everything for money) did corrupt as well those services and gave directives which makes them as well criminals.

As well the bitch sellers and psychopaths stole practically 900 USD from Albi when they did let CANCEL the flights with Delta airlines on 6th of September and the bus ticket and hotel reservation from flag staff to Colorado springs which were all non refundable!!! Whenever I try to book a flight or bus with the debit card this psychopaths and criminals who did let falsify marriage certificates and insanity declarations (did I say that "Leo's" sister mother and relative work in hospitals???) They tell they would have a procura and cancely reservations. When it is non refundable it means they did not only sabotage but Stole money from Albi Giramonti. While as it turns out having stolen even more money and heritage from me with which they sent their prostitutes seen they sell such throughout the country.



30th dec

I described vito accurate and detailed further down in the profile where HE then fakes to be me seen he is one of the psychopaths who stole one of the communication adjustments pretending it would be a fake character.

No ...the description of the individual that HATES peppermint and hates coffee and who eats bread made from raw grinded rice and lentils that he then bakes with water in the oven is an accurate description of him.

Of course..didn't I mention it in 1000 of ways?!?!"VITO" is the psychopath from.europe who pretends as well he would have married me and who stole BILLIONS with which he bought a private airplane to persecute me everywhere and who sends them everywhere prostitutes to pretend that I would have prostitutes me.

He is as well the hypnotist who in 2020 threatened me with death or psychiatry on case I ever would file police report against him and that none would have ever survived it who filed reports against him on public scale.


I believe that seen the many attempts ofurder ever since and seen his indeed contacts to state police CIA through ENEL and his friends at St Catherine who issued a sick declaration for him on command.


He is a whore seller as turned out on investigations and hypnotist of the IS Terrorists extremists. He walked Silvia out of the psychiatry and then passed me for her. He most probay murdered Giuseppe Saglia together with orietta tobaldini who she knows foramy decades and manyore crimes. He is the one who loved in 2020 on localita osteria vecchia 5 between affi and rivoli and who was part of nightmare at Christmas 1992 and 2020 and he is the one who ever since 2007 did let produce porn with set ups and send abusers and druganipilations of beverages through infiltrated people, police officers of Hamburg included (2012) and who did the rape and abuse at San vale time 2018 that has been confirmed by the hotel emohees of villa 40 domigliara that they in reality did do a porn and that they all thought it would have been with consent. I recognized him later and as well I recognized him that he was present in the rape and abuse on 2016 with 5pereons in the room and a 3pod camera that recorded everything and people panicking that the sedation narcotic did not work anymore. Present were as well Enrico Saglia and orietta tobaldini. The other 2 persons I did not recognize but it was 2 huge shadows that I put could guess seen they switched off all lights until they had injected new narcotics and the next morning everyone of via saltarimo tried to find an excuse to talk toe to try to figure whether I would remember sth or not. I played dumb.


I would like to add some really annoying thing this year.

And combine it with a question:

What needs to be done to remove this bullshit insignia shit that "Leo" did apply?!

Thr most annoying thing THIS year is that I need to listen even to his shitthole rathole lies .and this already since may.

I mean I heard more of this bullshit that he would have intended a surprise combined with his bullshit of that I would be shizophren and with his bullshit I would be a bitch than I heard any word of him in person in the 3 weeks I dated this son of a bitch where he oh was focused on discussing things I already had for 2 years DIGESTED and he just wasting my time to discuss HIS projections and bullshittery while wasting MY prescious time !

So. What needs to be done that I don't need to listen to HIS and his partner in crime "Vito's" insignia bullshit?!?! It's hilarious enough that some people seriously believe him in the first moment when he comes up with his lies before he in the end then has to confess that he was surveiling and spying on me since 2017 and trying to prevent any cruisejob I ever could get and preventing me from leaving the USA because I got to know a part of his real fascist identity...


And of course EVERYTHING HE CAUSED!!! BECAUSE OF HIM on global scale circulates a porno that due to him looks like as if I would have given consent to it.anyways it just proofs the existence of their crime.

Amd because of him innocent people were murdered!

AND because of him I ended up with the experiment of salvation at where they passed me for a PROSTITUTE and gave illigal abortives without consent AND some psychopaths letting grow a crispr testicle!!! THIS ONLY because of him because before him that crispr violation did NOT exist yet!!! He knew everything beforehand and I tried to send him off 5 times ,Everytime he did manipulate and even curse and drug a biscuit to procastinate my freedom and then he even made it look like as if I would be a prostitute while he KNEW that I am not seen he observed me constantly since 2017!!!!!!


First of all.. hope you have a good holiday season..I absolutely seen more and more truth comes to the surface that hopefully will bring criminals into a forever prison.

And I enjoyed a beautiful Christmas Eve concert with wonderful artists.



This said.

There I indeed have important news and Inquiery results.

We have finally more details about one of the mentally disturbed person who pretends to have married me in the USA and who pretends  to have a procura for me.

It is indeed the guy that I dated for 3 weeks in San Luis obispo in April and saw for the last time on 9th of May.

If I had had any idea about his real identity I would not have even given him ANY look or word but he was never ho est about himself.fake names, fake stories, fake behaviour, fake messenger systems etc even fake appeareqnce and fake hobbies.disgusting. I don't talk to people who ever have lied to me.

It turned out that his real identity is that he is a descendent of the Giacomo Fu Costa Crociere company, the cruise ship where a captain with a Ukrainian girl caused the Costa Concordia tragedy.

And it turned out that I either had met him or a similar looking and behaving  relative of him already in 2017 during the preparation course in arenzano when I had applied for my cruise job. He eversince did let surveille and persecute me. He was an entire set up and KNEW that I would come to San Luis Obispo at some point for some weird unknown reasons.

It turned out that he is directly related to the wissing family and to some other fascista and to the club hotel Olivi family of whom I never got to know their last names.AND to the ex CIA dangerous person of localita osteria vecchia 5 Rivoli affi and they knew each other for a long time.

In my inquiry about those persons it turned out that they falsified a procura and marriage certificates running around pretending they would be my husband and PROKURA legitimate allowed to give directives to let drug my food and I would be in danger (well.. in danger yes but in danger because they are persecuting me since 1992,2015,2017,2019,2020,2021,2022 and telling everywhere I would be insane). 

Well , the reason HE is  doing this is as well I have now the result about after  further inquiries about the original founding family of Costa Crociere after I came to know that this criminal is related to them. And it became even more obvious when I remembered that he once to Nickolas Coffee said that his middle name would be Giacomo and when I saw that his email address contained the name Costa.

His relative Giacomo Fu Costa started his FIRST passenger cruise that I spires him to start a cruise business around the end of WW2.

His First passengers were all the Italian fascists who escaped through his trade routes to Boston, New York and other rathole hide outs throughout the world.

A part of the Costa family and aomw of their most infamous passengers did hide in the region of Boston Maine Massachusetts near Salem where the Roman Catholic Inquisition still had some old head quarters and connections.

In the 80s then when most were older and forgotten again through the help of Costa Crociere they travelled back to Europe to help the from prison released war criminals to rebuilt their structures such as in European CIA subgroups (rwmber from one of my puications that the EUROPEAN CIA and NSA and BND subgroups were built and made up of the POLITICAL branch of the Vatican and right wing politics and Santa Croce. And that the European CiA subgroups requested a 25.000.000 USD Vue from the USA to invest in Europe without ever having needed to give justification or explanation for what they would use it.).

So yes.. those creatures that persecute me have all motivations to wanne get rid of me because they are directly related to the disgusting most dangerous fascists AND because they ALL did fuck with my life and destroyed careers and friendships and some of them did let abuse me.even on one of the Costa vessels through directives from evident now directly Costa itself.exains why despite of the fact that I had gained all respect from coeagues even those who in the beginning participated in the Inteiguea they then fired me nonetheless with directives and a drugged beverage at the fire appointment before they would present me to the Nazi doc on board to tell bullshittery.

I did not know about that part of Costa crociere until it turned out that thwre is a persecuting criminal who pretends he would have married me while he knew I never would have marries him and he must have known it seen he as well did let apply on 2017 surveillance applications on me.

Well.. just stupid criminals try to gain my attention and to fool or try to let murder or possess me in I direct ways...they should know by now that I start to research about them and then I expose them.

Is there among my readers someone from the cruise Indjstry and would be able to contact the Carnival mother umbrella company that had bought as well Costa crociere?

I doubt that Seattle knows that one of their cruise lines is commanded by fascist war criminals and that they still today interfere I to the business.

This explains why there were issues on board of Costa favolosa and why they fired me giving directives to get  rid of me and tries then to blackmail in the entire cruise industry...

Well..back then I did not know anything about Costas fascists background...

I did inquiry now that it was necessary to go to the roots everything and everyone.

To all EMPLOYEES of Costa crociera.

I know that most of you have nothing to do with fascists.

In contrary. You are beautiful empathic beings.

Just be careful to not get exploited or bothered by EX company owners.

And to the EX company owners of Costa crociere.

Keep in mind that the cruise line now is OWNED  by carne Al and that it is NONE of your business to bother employees or former employees or even to threaten them trying to get rid of them.


I had made some beautiful friensships throughout my time with Costa crociere.

(only those who followed directives by mentally ill assholes who e title themselves to surveille people and let fire them without any justification or to do let sabotage with contact poison that suddenly did as well appear in San Luis Obispo in the presence of that costaboy or their best friends rapists and ex CIA agents who tries to get on board to abuse me even there while corrupting my cabincolleavue to be at that night in a different room we're a pain in the butt.)

Well..except of those buttpains I had only wonderful good people and with some I stayed in touch for many years...

Ps: when I had my medical check with REAL doctors and medicals approves by the German federal medical and training specialised maritime center of Hamburg and me tioned Costa crociere, I was encouraged to NOT apply with them and that he once had worked on board in the medical department and that the practices they apy when they want to get rid of employees are to be considered criminal and recommended me some other companies instead.



















To all idiots who defend mechthild junker wand wissing.

Isnt it strange that everyone who tried to semd me a messagge was blocked but that hipocrite message of mechtild reaches me expressing the usual hipocrite opinion inwoupe be paranoid and in a desperate situation and writing that i at least should come to her and write her?

I dont even know that woman.

I saw her the last time in person in 2016 where she poisened my cloak and drugged my travel sback amd was more concerned about the CIA monster animal in my flat then people of thr same builsing abusing me from now and thrn emtering my flat during thr night after drugging my food or about thr experiments and persecution by the nazis from bad harzburg of 2015. Or my questions regards the mysterious death of theodor junker of 2015 or my concern about susan marletta hart where they lut a piece of glass in my poison and who constantly made references to janina maria junker and mechthild wans to remind me of their ecistence. You want to know what her reqction was? "Dont ask questions and everything will be fine." Ans that i should contact janina maria who in 2007 only visited me in nijmegen to apply experimental illigal surveillance things on me after her SAP clurse in ratingen.

I did not grow up with mechthild. She caused me neurodermitis as you can read in thr chapter on healing remedies against neurodermitis .i cut of co tact in 1998 with her for more than 10 years because of her attitudes and behaviour. I shortly got in touch wirh her for a few weeks in 2007 wirh the same neurodermitis effect and for a few months in 2008/9 with thr worst outbreak of meurodermitis ever seen.

And by now i know anyway thatshe is NOT even my relative. But she is not capable to respect thism


To all idiots who said i would lut alberto and his family into bad kight. Arent you capable to read between the kines??? They helped me amd i told that everywhere.

And they are sorry for what has happened by othwrs theoughout the years.. However seen the dangerous zeni saglia tobaldini hauke hilke lucrele vito there who sorpress everyone and are involved into organkzed abuse porn mafia and drug smughle and drug production and seen the dark past of lake garda unfortunately it is quite possible that those peopel in their powerful vatican state police and CIA NSA positions sorpress everyone there especially seen some of thr carabinieri are beyond their best clients. Once there were even rumours that the lolice chief of thr province of verona is involved in drug and kokaine smuggle. They represent not only those dangerous powerful professions but as well zion. I have co firmation today that "vito" is from ISIS and that ISIS and the vatican are related to the zionists!!!

So.. To those who want to do self jsutice and consequences please to the root of the problem and NOT to people who help me with all they can.

You can as well go after that psychopat in usa other psychopaths around wissing amd junker wand as well seemed to have married me to without wver talking to me without knowing that lerson and after me having seen that son of a nitch only 4 weeks from april 2022 to may 2022.


To all who would like to send me a message..unfortunately NO message does reach me excwpt the lreselectee messagges thatare sent by people who hipocrite involved.

I wont reqd any messagge that is relqted to mechthild wand or janina or theodor junker or their direct acquaintqnces or the new family wissing of Michael  or whom they gave directives to in the past with lies about me.

Why are all other comments and messagges that people tried to send me circumnavigated to criminals who murder and abuse and do experiments but I receive messagges from.hipocrite individuals who watched while my life became destroyed??? There were several people who tried to xontact me but I never receives the messagge. I did let tedt the message system. But messagges from people who were involved are then forwarded to me? I wont read them until everything is resolved and I have my full rights and property that had been stolen by others. There is NO reqson at all why I should be in xontact with mechtild or janina or laura or Michael or their direct acquaintances.

They dont want to reqlize that i am not even relqtive of them and still insist they would be mamma or papa .

Would someone please contact them and i form thrm about the truth seen they dont want to accept the truth? Thrybudually listen and bemive officials and authorities. They love officials and authorities. So maybe someone can finally tell them the truth. And tell them that their refusal to be honest with me now has dedtroyed my life even mkre and their refudal to tell those wissing bitches that marion wissing is the wife od michael junker and NOT me has desteoyes my life even mkre ?because they were too ehoistic to be honest about everytbing alrewdybin 2016 when I approqvhes and confronted thrm?

I thought Inwould have stated very cleqrly that I do not wish to be in contact with Wand and Junker or their acquaintances or new partners and their families?! Does it rally need one day a restraining order by court towards them and towards that disgusting wissing who is relative to the new wife of Michael???


I am ONLY interested into mybreal family to whixh I am entitled and people deprived me from my rights pretrnding someone 3lse would be saskia charlotte born in thr BETHESDA hospital.


First of all there are now some of the criminals trying to say I would be writing thr biography of someone else.

I am not. Everything you read in thr oubmications of my shortstories is literally happened to me.


I first had intended to write a book with anonimized time and places and pseudonyms. But the situation and the lack of authorities to arrest people just because the think if state agents or church representatives  do crimes it would not be crime I was not left with any other possibility than publishing everyhting with details and names.


The photo is from august 2022 when i was in washington DC. This was before they made me an illigal and before they destroyed my life even more by passing me for the wife of persons i dont even know and before they pretended I would have married someone or chamged my name.

I never changed my name. I have been born with the name Saskia Charlotte on 7th of March 1985 in the Bethesda hospital Duisburg And everyone who is saying something else and who passed me fro someone I am not needs to be arrested.i did not reincarnate.i did not get adopted. I did not rejuvenate.

I never refused my rights and heritage to whixh I am entitled as Saskia Charlotte born in the bethesda hospital as registered in thr birth registry. or gave a restraining order that would prohibit anscestors and relatives to contact me.

I only verbalky vwry clearly states that people from fascist and rapists and abuse networks backgrounds who did let persecute me theoughout my entire life and who thrn in 2016 onwards entered my very flat during me aleeping or accomodations during travel and dared then in 2020 even to play the fake saviours to then abuse me oficially after manipulations with food and EMDR and NLP anchorings and when becoming aware of all threatening me with death and psychiatry and passing me for the terrorist applying irreversible surveillance applications and passing me for a fascists descendent and for a peostitute and depriving me from even more rights while pretending that someone else wouls be Saskia Charlotte.

Officials seem ro not give a shit and are happy that instewd of me the real terrorist and a real fascists descendent has received access to rights and money and property.


Even more whenever i present my passport issued in 2015 by thr german government people seem to think there wouls be marriage certificates with someone in europe or in america.

If this is the case some people falsified or corrupted persons to issue marriage certificates and new passports wirhout my knowledge.

These days even there are people who keep stating that Ibwouls have betrayes a leo or a lennie or thr family wissing who wouls have helped me.

Absokutely not. Thr family wissing is related to fascists and inner hitler circles and I mever would have mstches up with them or any of their acquaintances.

It has been weird fascists deacendents inclusive peolle from ukraine who have been stalking and letting abuse and ecperiment with me throughout the last 15 years.


End of discussion. 

After september  I lost a lot of weight as you know from the picture i had published during the last weeks and foe whom of you have been seeing me surviving.


When i dont have money for accomodations i used to take thr long distance freyhound where the breakdown of costs was then less expensive than taking a hotel.

However i came across additional crimes that eill most probably be published on the chapters about hreyhound flixbus and amtrak if they refuse to compensate me for their participation in crimes towards me.


26th of november 2022

-i just found once again contact poison on my backpack. But I dont know when it happened.

Could have been already a week ago or so since I did not touch the entire surface until now. Usually those thibgs happen when i add more details to thr ukraine creature abuser of 2020/1993 and shortly after I try old debit cards on my name twhether people with consciousnness would have charged money on it but all my own bancaccounts are eithet not accessible due to expired bankcards or empty.

As said although I published about the family giramo ti today albi is thr only person who keeps me alive at all with a debit card on his name.

However.. Thr chapter on the family giramonti is not finished yet. So keep checking thr authors comme t where I will continue to write. I always wondered whether his parents wpuls be sorpressed by the vatican seen albi has a special condition where he depends on a medicine that is onmy produced in thr vatican and in Switzerland. Would he stop taking thst mesicine it could be lethal to him. So what if thr local lakengarda vatican did sorpress his parents???




Someone referred to me I wouls be marriws to someone called SINCLAIRE.

Well.. Now we have even more people next to hilke hauke leo and i dont know who that say that I would be married to them?

I dont know any sinclair.

There are however people who say that the person of april 2022 has as a surename sinclaire.

- New information about HILKE ans SAMANTA.

Remember the chapter about zwangsheirat am gardasee?

Well..the pereonnthey made bekieve he would have marriee me was HILKE.

but they did not make hilke believe he wluld have marriee me , saskia charlotte. They made him since 2016 believe I woule be SAMANTA and then kept telling him Injustbwould have amnesia and be traumatized and therefor always silent when they did let him ibto my flat during thr night.means one of thr pereons they did let ibto my flat during thr night to abuse me was that HILKE who looks like a 16 year old boy with white hair and blue eyes.


Latest updates: (division into disclaimers and below the general updates sorted by date)

- i received infonthat the serial killer mentioned below was omce a SPECIAL CIA agent respectively that they had CREATED him genetically and that he just looks like a human but in reality is a creature designed to kill and who escaped.

- Injust received confirmation that a pervert who inteoduces himself as "lapetina" but probably it is just one of thr stolen identities he uses for decades already pretends to be tutor about me and beinf worried i wouls be suicidal and theredor lets install in all accomodations mini videocameras .in rwlity that oervert wants ro gather material for his illigal porns to later say that people would have co tributed to it with full consciousness and with agreement .otherwise wmthey would not smile and it eould be visible they would not be on drugs.

This the pervert let do alrewdy in 2016 when i moved i to my flat at lake garda.

I do t know what about you but well..where i come from it is not forbidden to walk in natura in ones own flat and ones own hotelroom as long as one does not walk naked on thr street or balcony!!!

But the perverts who started with their illigal abuse and abuseporn probably in 2007 tell always people they wouls have to install surveillance technology to prevent a potential suicide... Well if i was suicidal or depressive i would not do invest so mich energy i to survival :D (last year even with minus 7degrees celsius in my car seen hotels were no safe places at all in europe). In addition the ILLIGAL and unjustified 360degree surveillance they apllied on me pretending i would be the terrorist silvia (the real silvia is one of the girlfriends of lapetina) .

Terrorists who come back to europe have to agree on that 360degree surveillance where state agents constantly have access to location amd even more to see what they see.. This is done with GOOGLE LENSES technology. In my case they applies that one without consent alrewdy in 2015 at susan marletta hart without even telling me.

Means whenever i look i to a mirror they see me and i cannot do anything against it. Who of you did oy look i to a mjrroe with clothes on???

Well.. And you know what? There are even people who accuse me that i would invite abusers on my own because i should not walk naked in my own flat or look i to a mirror after or before showering...?!?!?!?.

Well bullshitters. It was not me apllying this illigal and entirely unjustified bullshit that never had been disactivates or removed eventhough everyone knows that I am NOT a psyvhopatic isis terrorist...

In contrary..but this is a different chapter which bekongs rather to the more beautydul reads od my biography.i will not publish it here in the reading samples.

Bjt to make you curious on the full book.

One od the crimes od the criminals at lake garda was with full knowledge that i am not to pass me for the terrorist silvia from italy that went to the isis terrorist marries him got pregnant with two kids and returned to italy pretending she would go on vacation.even mkre towards europe she pretended they would have to buy her free.i guess that money the eu spent to buy her free went directly i to her own hands oe into the hands of italoannisis and santa croce and the let me appear me like her they removed sth from her body and put it into my intestine and then they applied that chip and 360degree nanoneurosurveillance on me and the coordinates and access has the serial killer and abuser who seems to be the same person who pretends to be my tutor. 

The reason he does not murder me? He ennjoys the hunt and the chase and wants to produce mkre of his pervert disgusting porn and because he loves to see my life desteoyed while he is spending money and heritage he stole from me. There are even indications that they married  me to that pervert in the full knowledge of fries heinz theodor junker who was even mkre insane to inherit him then several bilkion euro and a huge property. Seen fried heinz theodor is not dead but still alive somewhere enjoying his retirement life.

Then that pervert passed me for someone else while other people constantly pretend to be me. Various of his real prostitutes. Eventually they use the pervertly created and theough corruption taken videomaterial about me and by now seen i manage almost always to prevent that people enter and for the porn they shortly pretend someone else is me .one of their prostitutes to conrinue their perversion..

But sometimes they combine it with the induces dream.method that i referred to in the chapter about the fc donders institute in nijmegen netherla ds that experime ts with induced dreams and even induces thoughts that someone is capable to PROGRAM from distance and insert them. I guess they figured out how to do that when they figured out where exactly and which neurons are involved in the creation of thoughts. And wirh their neuronanoabuse they are capable to stimulate all neurons and as well as the fc donders experime ts with to induce dreams and manipulate dreams in a way that they feel real. I referred to this in a previous chapter.i recommend everyone to learn to know WHY you have a specific opinion and to know your own values very well.and to know why hen where you took decisions and based on what.onmy then you have a chance to check on whether a thought that passes your mind isbreally your thought and based on your values or whether someone wants to make you bekiev it would be your thought and whether ir is co gruent to your vamues and your character.


18th november


- among all REAL insane perwons there is seriously a psychopath who did tell people that it would not be true that my life would have been destroyed and i would never find work again because they would have passed me on purpose for a prostitute and made those illigal porns during their abuses as a surprise and i always could work as a prostitute and pornstar and it would have been a surprise because i liked the movie with Julia roberts and richard gere and this would mean in their interpretwtation i would have wanted to become a prostitute.

And they on purpose always pass me again for a peostitute because they want me to find a job as an actor in the porn i dustry or find woek and thats why they always destroyes my job and pretended to people i would have offered porn or sex service .

Ans they on purpose therefor always would have send peostituted to places i would have been acconodating to oretend that they would be me and vice versa as a form of promotion.

Even mkre they said theybwould not have let abused me in 2020 but the manipulation was meant to prepare me to be capable of having sex again aftet all abuse. And that they on purpose for that tried to CASTRATE me so i would not even need a preservative..

Those people seriously are not a case dor peison or psychiatry but a case for death penalty.


- soneone made the serial killer or hilke or hauke or whomsoever beleiv that everything positive and songtexts  i would have ever been writing would have been dedicated to him, while i did not even knew those persons or about their existence until 2020.

As well the songtexts about the importance of authenticity in whixh i wish everyone to be authentic whether i know the person or not  (as well published among the lyrics in english) -have a be-you-ti-full day that i composed in bridgewater halifax nova scotia in 2019 that persecutor put in his head that i would have written it for him.there is a 3 part ballade series of poetry that i started to write in 2011 wirh a lot of alliterations .i never published it here but had put it on my wall of my flat when in 2017 i started to pick up my poetey and songwriting work seen it is among the best things i wrote on artistic scale.they made him believe during the times they did let enter him into my flat during my absemce i would written it for him and a lyrics line referring to thibking of someone for an instant before the thought fades away again into thr midst he did decontestualize and convinced people it would mean that i would long for his abuse again because when he abused me they had put me always under drugs and there were a few times that their drugs did not work anymore and i recognized faces and as well he convinced others it would refer to the neuro abuse that they did eversince my age of menstruation start on distance with disgusting nightmares of people i did not know.

- it seems even that there was another connection to "vito" and gianni giramonti seen "vito" commented once that gianni giramonti would be a very good person. Well...what vito considers as good and bad is not what is good or bad in reality.


- it turns out that "vito lapetina" ornwhatever his real identity is has been persecuting me eversince his childhood for some insane reqsons. I dont even know how this is possible seen he is at least 30 years older than me.

He claimed he would have protected me against everyone who is an empath. Because he cobsiders empathy as abuse. And he wouldbhave sent me all his fascist friends to isolate me from all people I really wanted to be in touch with.

- it looks as if thwy even passed me for sara giramonti at some point seen what is revealed by people who scan on her... The question is..when did they pass me for her and why is she related to a person who pretends to be the legit recipient for a heritage from Mr Johannes Rau?

People were mentioning that she would have been in Montijo in 2008. It was me who was in montijo in 2008 participating in an intercuktural training course paid by the EU about european citizenship organized by the NGO of Bruno Carromeu. But in 2008 i did not even know thr family giramonti.

In 2008 i was for half a year at malcesine after i was not able to start thr offered 3 years hotelmanagement training in palatin kongresshotel wiesloch waldorf due to an accident with weirs cirvumstances in Meran that broke thr ligaments of my leg and inhibited that i was able to start the offered contract inwiesloch walldorf. Fries heinz theodor junker then offered me "selflessly" i should go into his vacationflat at lake garda to recover from.the injury. Seen him knowing exactly what lake garda is seen his position as a former state agent and seen he knew very well who else lived in the building the now my flat is in and what those people do I doubt it was selflessly but part of the game of the experiments he had been part of eversince my birth

Aftet that warmwaterboiker was placed by Adriano to the different location people who kive in other parts of thr building were capable to infuse it with poison that caused everytime after i took a shower aggressive emotional reactionchains.always 15 min after that i took the shower. I once found a way to flush the waterboiker entirely 3 times then to block the tubes and i onlybopenes them again before taking thr whowrr. At that point a girl in some of thr other apartments or at a different place bur connected to the frequency communicationsystem shohted "this is why the poisom did flow back.she blocked thr tubes".

The sister of gianni giramonti is good friends with Maura Trimeloni and Maura Trimeloni is the sistet of Gianni Trimeloni to whom Antonio Romagnoki had been shouting "stai butta sempre piu avanti.

could it be that the sister of Gianni Giramonti did pass him for Gianni trimeloni?!?! Perche Gianni trimeloni è CONFERMATO che lui aveva da fare con la gestapo e I vecchia commandant's di Hitler... Era per questo che le persone credevano che il padre di Alberto sarebbe quello agente della SA?!?

si dovrebbe venire a capire come era la relazione tra Gianni e la sua sorella per capire SE potrebbe essere possibile. 

So i repeat. Alberto is NOT the pereon eho abused me in 2020 but that lapetina who in reality has a different name. And lapetina is the same person who gained access with the help of the hotel employees on san valentine 2018.

I have information from the hotel administration that they were told in february 2018 that we qould be doing a porn registration there. Well. 

WE foe sure did nothing like that but our beverage after dinner to whixh we were invited on cost of thr house was manipulated and rhen people were let enter into our hotelroom at villa 40.

12th november 2022:

To all fucked up politicians and secret services who cry these days about i would have exposed "THEIR" secrets..PLEASE my article with the excerpts of my book "healing behind the scenes" that would eventually be allong published and receiving more focus if you would not constantly force me to be busy with the publication of your bullshit and your crimes. And if you had not let steal my rights my property and my identity. I have co firmation that it was not just criminals but all who stole those rights and money and property were related and approved by state agencies and governments towards me.

It is not random.steanhers or random.corrupt people who steal from me and pass me or let pass me through corruption for other people ... is ALL state agents and governments.

First idiocy meeting with one of those state agents who wantes to "punish" me for living myboen life was in an employment agency in germany where he seriously wantes to demand that a 28 year old woman refers to the governme t as "daddy state" and i stead of doing his job according to my curriculum he said that the newrby nightcasino wouls be looking for employees. The man must have been insane. On th very same day they did sent a set up from the german military from near HOF bavaria who was foreseen for a special training of the KSK an elite secret unit of the german military who was writing the last pages of his master thesis on torture methods at the military university hamburg to distract me.

I back then did not know about wll those set ups .so i was easy prey back then. Adter his "job" was done he stopped dating me. But well.. I learned to recognize as well the military frequency.

It was already in the 3rd year of my training.




Infinally got confirmation about the suspect and info I had about VITO LAPETINA ...







This. Goes so far that he caused aseveral generation long blood massacre in calabria where his parents have a vacationflat making where he violated. A girl from calabria making it look like it would have been a calabrian person. It took several generations to to find out the truth.


IMPORTANT to everyone who wver worked for a state agency and whom is tried to make believe i would cause trouble to evwryone.

Please get in touch with switzerland (but NOT ticino or grigione or bern, ask all other kantons)  and with Portugal.

They will twll you some things about me your former employers dont like you to know.

I am very aware of that all over thr USA there is a huge amount of former state agents from various countries seen evwrything is one after all.

But the rule is very simple. You dont bother me because you know that in reality I am right and I wont bother you.

I had a very nice meeting with a former state agent in switzerland who did let me know that everyone is aware about me and that i am doing something good and many joined thr huge project kniwing that what the vatican and fascists and their followups do is pure insanity.

I am not a state agent and would rather shoot me than becoming a state agent myself.

I am connected to whom protects when the crimes are done by the vatican their subchurches and by governments. And we grow bigger and stonger.

"We speak up against threats where others are cowardice".

I wrote a nice hymn on that last year while traveling south of france and portugal. There exists even a music video that I did at a lonely beach in Portugal.

We work inter and intradisciplinaire against those who abuse power ,against those who abuse people on whatever level,  against those who do disgusting unethical experiments, we are against drugs and against prostitution and againat unethical masssurveillance without consent.

We stand up against threats where others are cowardice.and we unite from many families. 

Truth and sincerity are always stronger tham everything else.

And to all concerned that i travel theough all places of former or still working state agents or vatican or whatsoever.

It is impossible to find places in the world or in thr usa wherr they are not.

The few places I tried to get to some fucked up insane people who entitled themselves to become tutor wirhout even informing me that i couls have filed repirts against them cancelled all flights that i could have taken to countries where the vatican and their experimentalists and their subgroups have lesser influence.

I am back to traveling since today 10th november.

The photo is not up to date anymore.during the last weeks I fortunately have been able to gain back some weight.

I wont update the photo though due to those people who always send persons who then pretend to be me that even look then similar to me. 

The next chapters I will be working on will be about my experience with long distance buses such as greyhound and flixbus. Be it in europe be it in the USA.

If people get corrupted once again on the next parts of my travel to tag me for crazy or whatsoever or doing false testimony as had been happening during the last months at some places I will publish detailed as well here about each and everyone and each and every schedule that I took. 

I hope to have been clear about that! Amtrak and deutsche bahn have already been exposed in some of the chapters and annotations .

I have no problem to expose as well greyhound/flixbus , ticket sellers, luggage helpers at transitstations ,  detailed and truthfully if the insane intrigues continue.

Maybe if people did not realize it yet.

Everyone who accepted the corruptionsums to sabotage my life or to steal theoughout the last years were murdered by the very same people who corrupted them a few months or years later and alwqya in a way that they did not even know who did it. This is how that dangerous serial killer works.



14th november 2022

-it looks like thatleonardo lennie is relative to someone called Sinclair , the spam gambler publicity i received was directed towards a person called Sinclair and there are still people who pretend theybeould have marriee me to that idiot and changed my name because theybwere convinced Ibeould be that samanta nazi bitch and justvwould have amnesia...


I am absolutely not Mrs Sinclair.

I am saskia charlotte junker and never married and never chamged my surename .

I have nothing to hide and therefor I dont change my name

-Well some lervert did that communication extra communicative naxmzi cia modification but gave then the second part to a person who whenever I talk to a man pretends i would offer sex prpstitution or to participate in a porn! Perverts.

13th november

- tanya zeni is the woman who always says Inwouls have invented things and would have wnjoyed all abuse.

I dont even KNOW that person. I saw her ONCE in 2017 when she visited her mother in law camela zeni while i did thr elderly companion there.

Bur she has been named as one if the PRESENT persons when they made HILKE believe he wouls have married me.

-in each and every hotel into housekeeping amd janitor personnel one or two people from cia and state agencies are infiktrates in case of need, same counts for public transport, on board of buses , trains , planes etc there is always either within employees or guests a person wo works for a state agency. Usually noone takes notice, they are just activated in case of special duties. This counts on global scale.

- I received co firmation that they did illigal experiemnts with me without consent pretending that I would have given consent. Thry went so far to whenever I have been pregnant to cause illigal abortions to be able to co tinue their experiments. I ALWAYS knew when I was pregnant.From the very first day. Governme ts are serial killers. The first governme t representative that i remember was people who showed up during the divorce of michael and mechthild where they pretended to need a family evaluation to figure out whther i could be belived that i wanted to grow up with michael. They terroriz3d us 3 years with weekly mettings with that person sent by the tribunal of muelheim an der ruhr and then they brought me in addition to a fucked up state agent psychologist with the surename Ludolf. Funny enough i clearly told him that i am not an experiment when he ordered me to play with his "experimentierkasten".

Another idiot i remember who pretended to have worked for greenpeace to win my sympathy to be able to talk to me. Another idiot I remember who asked me to make a painting which she thrn analyzed a couple of years after the divorce and uring an employment interview in 2005 in rostoxk die schule fuer logopaedie they infiktrated a state idiot where there was to sing .funny enough i had chosen thr song "die gedanken sind frei" (the thoughts are free). Every year those state idiots made sure to send me at least one of their fucked up representatives .. I recognjzed them all...they are all serial killers... All of them the same disgusting emergy od that fucked up serial killer and abuser of 2020 or with blue eyes and greyblond hair. The first one who just came to take a look was even when I was still in kindergarden. She came into the room and stared at me as if she wanted to kill me. Never fpund out whonit was not a mother of any child and neither working at the kindergarden.

- i received i formation that localita osteria vecchia 5 rivoli/affi, dove vito lapetina ha il suonindirizzo ufficiale pero è registrato sul nome della sua sorella.. I suoi vicini diretti in rispettivonil grande parte di quella proprieta di quale la sua casetta vendesi ha anche entrata da questo latob sono amici oppure parenti di zeni/dorigoni.

I reveived info that the adress locamita osteria vecchia 5 rivoli afdi peovincia di verona where vito lapetina oficially lives but registered on his sisters name is on the same property of direct friends or even relatives of zeni/dorigoni!

12th november

- to the state agent lady from.lake garda who said there wouls not exist a paul brummet among the people i stayed at workaway.. Teue..paul brummet had signes up as MANDY at woekaway.


(By the way.. The state agent bitch who always as well exclaims i wouls have enjoyed all the abuse by various people from.lake garda who were let enter into my flat after my beverages and food of my very own fridge became drugged during my absemce and my bedroom narcotiziced with hallucinatives and k.o. substances.

She is related to camela zeni, maria dorigoni zeni (the daughtet of camela zeni and tanya zeni, the wife of camela zenis son villa maria margherita and villa sopri at malcesine cal di sogno)

And dunny enough it is the state agent lady who knows vito lapetina in person!!!!???!!!

Funny enough at paul brummet there infiktrated a person who lookes very similar to that son kf a bitch of 2020 and i almost died in that night of paul brummets sons birthday who as well has thr name paul aftet a manipulated beverage.

- talking about luggage that was inbetween stored at other peoples places..

I am still waiting foe i fo from greg@intermediakt the NGO intermediakt from Patras about i fo what happened to my luggage. I never receives any answer from them everafter i dis depart from greece in march.

I got to know them in 2013 dueing a trwini g about Entrepreneurship and start up spo sored by the European Union. When i was traveling theough greece in 2021 I sae my chance to let send my luggage that i had still in New Zealand because with covid and the repateiationflights i was not able to pick up my luggage which was still in the north islands while i was in the southisland.

So my contact in new zealand send it after greg and panous from i termediakt gave their okay my luggage to them. But then the luggage never arrived after having reaches got stuxk in clearance  processing without any contact number for more than 3 weeks .seen the rising damgerpus situation in eurppe for me with people even having been given directives to steal my licence plate so i could not move on anymore i had to leave europe wirhout my luggage on 7th of march this year.

I tried to reach out to greg but i never heard back to them and still do t know what happened to the luggage seen i lost my iphone with the tracking number. and necer got my iphone back.

In the luggage is as well addirional proof and a macbook with even mkre proof inckuding proof about a crime i had come to know but where i had not yet chance to figure out to whom tonreport and a list with all buspassengers of 2019 who are potential testimonis or i fiktrated criminals.

If this luggage got into the wrong hands to someone lretending to be me more than 600 people are at risk of being murdered seen the criminals dont hesitate and take no risks. There were attempts of murder towards KINDERGARDEN age childhood friends whom i never saw again after elementary school jsut because they could have been able to confiem that i am saskia charlotte and not someone else.

-to those who say theybeould have conoensated me during the last weeks or reaches out to me.l dont know who you did conmpensate but it was not me.

Maybe following info helps you:

I was in tiptonville at the eagles rest airbnb from 17th to25th of september, i moved to the state park campground of reelfoot lake on 26th to safe some money and swapped from tent site to several different tentsited on the reelfootlake campsite from26th Sept  to 24rth of October .on 24rth of October to safe some money I accepted an invite to stay for a while at people in the state of  mississippi an 45 min away from corinth but there i had to realize that they first passed me for laurene, when i was able to correct tgat they passed me for Lucy may when I was able tp correct that again for again laurene and  when I was able to correct as well tgat they passed me on my day of departure on 10th of November for Edna.

I am glad to have left behind the state od Mississippi and learned once again to not trust anyone at all and that saving money is dangerous.

This mewns until everything is resolved and that i have the stolen heritage money and property and rights back and until i am finally passed for me saskia charlotte born on 7th of march 1985 that Alberto giramonti and his parents gianni giramonti e elisa isotta and his sisters nadia giramonti and sara giramonti Will have to come up for 300USD acvomodationcosts per night seen it is the MINIMUM costs that i have to be able to have a safe accommodation that does not get corrupted and is independent from state agency instructions.

In addition thr quite expensive constant detossification medicine that I have to buy seen the genetical humilation that produces now constantly poison into my body and in addition for food and beverage and transmit costs seen i dont even have a credit card on my name and without oen credit card i cannot even rent a car or book a flight anywhere.

And any expectation to return to Italy kr to germnay before everything is resokved and the criminals arrested is ABSURD .because a.giramonti suggested this even to me because I would have my flat in via saltarino 6 int 9 there and it would always be mine. 

If a.giramo ti would not have made money transfers to the debit prepaid card he gave me on his name in december 2021 when he visited me in switzerland I wouls be without any money at all.

I tried to safe whenever possible but whenever I trid to safe I ended up in just another set up dangerous situation such as in san kuis obispo or other places ..same counts for 2019 when I subscribed to (to the investigators, please co tact that platform who is responsible for forwarded emailadresses and messagges in 2019 from my account seen that all places where i had stayed and that were allowed to accept requests or send requests were just and only state agents or former state agents or their children (2019 Audrey forest San diego from originally UK, paul brummett the manager of mendota near fresno of whom the father was a double Spy for scotalnd and germany, 2019 Marie from france near lyon with her neighnours being former state agents with blue eyes and Grey bkond hair and she with brown curly hair and brown eyes who in 2021 looked much YOUNGER than in 2019 and after i left in 2021 my car * had only contacted her because she kindly had offered to leave one of my big luggages at her house seen wirh 2 luggages ir is diffixult to backpack so i had finally my cruise ship material from 2019 back wirh me, however every week after I had another form of sabotage and she was weird about herbs and alraune plants in a place she showed me and started ro use gaslightning rhetorics, stefan from france 2021, a backpackers hostel in cambria 2019 where a chinese woman was about to marry the accomodationmanager and musician Scott but they had disappeared this year so i could not confront them and i received never qnt response by scott, in contrary when i triee to xontact him once in 2020 about happenings in 2019 shortly afterwards there was another attempt of murder against me, people in kuhz, a family in santa barbara of which the woman was a former photographer for the military making with them a phonecall about me and telling afterwards a woman that the military would be interested into me followed by a disgusting "nightmare" of abuse in a bathtub that looked the same as theirs and headache in the morning and a full pot of cooked rice "extra foe me" that after i refused ro eat it she gave a little to the dogs and the rest she threw away, the dogs seemed to be drubk and numbed out for 24 hours,  a person in bridgewater near halifax 2019 wirh 2 attempts of murder after my departure, dianne in paso robles cohort living where dood was drugged in 2019, dave from melrand where a blueeyed blond young person one evening vcame foe sinner and on that occasion my food turned out to be drugged as well, at all places were given instructions to modificate my food or people were sent to do that and to do observations and fake evaluations..all those people were on workaway and all their real identities showed up not beforr I had been there.each and every normal pereon I contacted was given directives to decline my request. Whixh means each and every single place was known by those insane state agents who for years corrupt my accounts. At 3 oth those places there were attempts of murder. It is described detailed in a specific chapter about and woofing and similar where they had tried to blackmail me everywhere, either workaway in reality is a former stwtr agent and militari set up trying to find people the can experiment on thinking to find them all in modern nomades or all of them were directly set up to have contacted either case I do NOT recommend the platform anynkre to anyone who wants to safe money qhen traveling. Normally it wouls be a safe opportunity to safe money dueing travel and get to know people with a reference system but in this case I have to say. Not at all. But damgerous. At least for me.).


- i received as well confirmation about the several gps tracker and chips that wwre injwctes into my body but in addition given different labels of names. Fried heinz theodor junker and orietta saglia tobaldini knew about it. Whatever their motivation about it was when they found out og that i had become aware of evwrything they never removes what they had injectes and did let declare me for crazy instead od removing it.moreover they did I ject additional gps trackers and things and gave thr voordinates to everyone in their 2017 and 2019 the coorsinates were given to an international abuse network.explains the nightly abuse in wellington 2019 and the checkin of german people 2 hours aftet my checkbin into the mercure hotel of Wellington.i onmy remember that people violated my room during the night but I dont know what they did.

-who says that saskia wouls work for the fbi..

Well I dont work for the fbi. But janina. Maybe you should google her linked in profile with Janina Maria Junker with all her courses about tax and accountant (she has a peofile on e-stories as well by the way).

Then you realize as  well that she has red haie and yellow eyes and middle blond hair that change colour throughout the season and the sunlight with green blue eyes that look like a little nebular as I do have.

-thr only time that i workes within  tax and bookhouding was wirhin my 1 year working experience after highschool at DSM Danzer Soyka Matthes in Muelheim an der Ruhr. We kept in touch theoughout the years from now and then and they wrote me as well a reference letter still remembering my good character.

-someone as well subscribes my phonenumber to SNAPCHAT. the russians or the Italians???


- i receive spam sms from a gambling website called .

I never had to do anything with gambking and i never used my telephonenumber to register anywhere. The only people who could have my phonenumber are those who corrupted Telegram where I write only one person (alberto giramonti, so it woule be those who corruptes his telephone) where i registered with the telephonenumber before i changed my number. Seen the prepaid peovider allows a number change.this means they corrupted in addition the prepaid mobile providers -in the last years they corruoted or gave directives to vodafone, simple mobile, debitel, drillisch (germany), wind, orange, eventualky as well tracfone and unril 2021 they did as well wirh t mobile until temobile re recognized me in switzerland and that i had been persecuted already in 2015 in switzerland. By the way in switzerland at susan marletta hart they tried to murder me in november wirh a piece of glass in the salmon. I me tioned ir earlier shortly in one of my publications but will refer to the entire chapter about susan marletta hart and her experime tal participation on and with her colleaiges from the HSP congresses in a specific chapter about 2015 about as well kiental in bern and about a happening at lac montreux.

-the only other possibility could be that one of the co suls of duty fron the russian embassy in washington DC would be behind this seen he was the only one i called with my number.

I had receiced the number of the consul on duty phone when I asked for help in august 17 in washington DC together with the emailadres after i explained the situation.

I never received reply. I had send them a full report feom a copyshop asking for political asylum and tried to check in person on the status but i never heard back.last week i called again seen i had perceived the frequency biden amd putin communicate on and thought my documentation and messagges would have been referred to the kreml but the consul on duty just said it wouls be an emergency phonenumber for only RUSSIAN citizens.

Well..if they dont care about the informations about ukraine that might be quite essential seen the global situation then it is not my problem anymore.

The entire chapter about the russian embassy in washington dc 2022 and about german embassies and consulates of the last years take another long chapter of my biography but i will give it some time to finish it.

It is the chapter from which the episode with the 2 agents of the FBI is taken. Funny people those FBI employees. First time they proved their lack of intelligence in 2019 when they instead of i terrogating me they did let apply the surveillance technology wirhout consent and eversince i perceive their frequencies as well and and them then runni g aftet me aftet I had talked to people from the russian embassy insisting on I formation why I would have talked to the russian embassy. I doubt they have rights tonsuch things at all me not even a US citizen. However it was funny when they later confirmed that Janina is woeking foe thr FBI and that fries heinz theodor had been a state agent and that german state agents go into retirement in a fake your death way and choose a retirement destinarion of the state agent wver after holiday catalogue.

Afterwards rhey tied to declsre me foe insane when they realized I had perceived everything seen they were incapable to declare me for manic depressive or suicidal realizing that they would put themselves into ridicule. So was ir them to give directives to add drugs to cause insane reactions wherever I would go? Because they need at least fake proof for such accusations, right? 

One of the episodes about the german embassies?tunisia 2019: we cannot help you because your residence is in italy.2022:telephone of the german embassy in Washi gton DC: What do you want from us? What do you expect us to do? Passports do not get erased. We cannot help you. German consulate in houston in march: what do you want from us? When i explained. accuse us of crime? No.i did not accuse them but intetedting they co firmed themselves that ehat i had described them was a crime the german government has commited eversince my birth. Another consulate on the phone: u only are allowed to book a flight back to germany, not to any other country from here. Leave us in peace. 

He did not give a shit about that before serial killers and those connected to them in fermany and italy would not be arrested seen everything started in 2007 to become from year to year more extreme the thought of returning to europe is absurd?? Anyway..will be a funny chapter.

Russia has become uninteresting after it turned iut that the job and the cia and bnd already had made agreements to xontinue in russia in case I wouls find my way to Russia.

Well. I still do t understand that all those criminals in powerful positions do nor realize that with each crime they do to me instead of xomoensating me they only reveal mkre information abojt all their crimes and how many people are involves into it?

Very insightgiving.

I keep publishing.

I always have been an author. It is just a mattet of the way I would publish. Whether with names and details or generalized and as a possibility tobreflect and resolve all that bullshit they did seen that many of tthe things fid not only happen in one place but vould have been happening in any place of this planet seen who and what and whixh institutions are involved.


All the abuse scanfals of thr roman Catholic church and their subgroups and the ratline and paperclip and the I quisition headquarters ... This is a global several 1000 years happening genocude in different forms.

Anyways..seen those who did the specific crimes to me dont stop and rather add constantly more crimes instead of compensating and giving me back all rights and peoperties..well.. then it is each and every name and person.


-I have confirmation on following facts:

-california was corrupted/given directives to declare me for crazy


-san luis obispo was cprrupted to put me on dtugs to try to cause emotional instability respectively to make it look like as if there would exiat sth like that


-L. From massachussets was HIRED in april


-V.L. from italy is a serial killer for whom they are looking in the emtire world, contact authoeities ans nonauthorities in calabria and south jtaly wgo can confirm that.he murdered several people there made it look like it wouls have been done by calabresis and caused a several generation long blood wreck until they found out the truth


-orietta from malcesine KNEW who he was.they passed me for someone else and marriws me to him , therefor they corrupted the townadministration of malcesine


- all weird rare churches (church of christ , baptist church, celebrating the saints and many more in the usa are subchurches of santa croce most of them in former inqisition headquarters and paperclip ratline place) november


Some idiots seriously pretend I would be writing the autobiography of JANINA.

More absurdity is not possible!.


No . I am publishing here MY biography. . Saskia Charlotte ,born 7th march 1985 bethesda hospital duisburg , germany!!!!


Why are there still running people around telling such bullshit???

10th november



  • Chapter publishes in the authorcomment to cheap strategies of idiots from state agencies. I annotates as well all other pubmications of thr last years and months wirh additional details.
  • The next publishes chapter will be abput Hans Peter Wilke, Thomas Wieder, Ingo Haiges, Udo Werner, Susan Peling Wilke, Verena Franz , Michael von Hauff, Eva-Maria von Hauff, a funny chapter about former and active state agents, some of them triple agents (russia canada china germany, putin did not like it at all when he read it indirectly when he read everything that had been read by the russian embassy where I had seeked out for help before I knew that Putin and Biden had done a handshake to continue experiments as well in russia in case I wouls make my way to Russia one day, and their inteigues and cooperatives with lawyers ) In the meanwhile i published it in the authorcomment to the chapter "cheap strategies of state agencies".


  •  I am back in traveling
  • I repubmished the part nightmare at christmas that had been removed and added more details to it.
  •  The real  name of rhe person they took the generical material for the testicle is HAUKE. 
  • Someone passed me foe a prostitute who takes drugs. And passed her for the updated information about me Can someone figure out who is responsible for this and what happened???



I have teetimonies and a written reference for the time of the last weeks and it is very far away from any form of prostitution or drugs.

Well... You all have seen my publications during the last weeks. Next to writing I have been giving health coaching and done wqlks in nature. And to those who saw me taking pills. Well it is muktivitamines, aloe vera for inner detox due to that i xonstantly need to detox from the yearlong manipulation of food and beverage by insane people and aloe vera helps a lot, then natural antibiotics and natural pesticides due to that the perverts of lake garda made that crispe testicle violation.

I did not share yet that they used genetical material of an individual that produces poison that has similar effects as drugs. It is disgusting. Thr only remedy I found so far for it is a constant detoxprogram and purification program.

I did not publish yet the detailed chapter on the testicle humilation because it takes quite a bit of time to write it well. It is one of the most disgusting things the perverts of lake garda did to me and one of the most damgerous things seen it produces parasites which peoduce drugs.

The titlw of this part od the book will be "the drug factories of the Vatican and their biological weapon production.literal biological weapons."

It will contain as wel.insights about the unwilling guinnepigs of the vatican seen you find the biggest drug peoblems in places where the vatican has arch dioceses and the secret services that were commanded by th3 vatican had their headquarters. It contains the aspects of mkultra. And who really peoduces the drugs and owns th3 global drug plantages. And it is NOT the mafia or the kartells. Respectively the kartells are owned by the vatican and their subgroups (by the way to most bordells and whorehouses in the world).the drugs are organically produced and wouls be the "nutrition" of certwin animals and parasites to eqch other. The vatican is melking them.

To describe that and give you the exact insight on that and transfoem it into a good reqdable comorehensive chapter will take a while.

However. They used material for thr genetical humilation to let grow me a testicle with that shit material from.those drug producing parasites. Or did they use as well material to let produce a tit??? There was once 2 stupid girls in 2018 who always works at the despar of malcesine , owned by Diego, who said to her colleauge while I was paying  with a nasty laughter thinking I would not hear her "cresca la terza tetta"(the third tit is gonna grow). They are nasty immature girls who once after I had practices my elaboration song that i published under the title will I ever forget in 2017 (it is a vocalized lyrics) they seemed to have installed microphones in my flat..however they were quoting some of the textlines and giggling in evil laughter.

I thought back then in 2018 they made a stupid comment seen some idiots had spread rumours I would be pregnant to motivate my boss of the hotel drago to fire me. So I thought it would have been referred to this.. But seen the current situation.. Did they eventually refer to their plan to humilate me in these disgusting ways?

Whenever the humilations they put in my bodysystem spit their production I shortly afterwards become entirely aggressive and whrn it happens during the night I have haluzinatove disgusting nightmares.last night of a big disgusting spider while I was absurdly climbing on a fence high over the roofs of the city where mechthild works. Very disgusting all. 

However I myself do have NOTHING to do with any drugs and drugconsumption and for sure not with prostitution. People are nuts who still believe that or believe tags that are given to persons and jsut believe the tag without wven knowing a person or whether the person received those tags due to corruption.

It is absurd.. never did prostitute me or even near to it.

I am not INSANE. PEeople who do everything for money and even sell their own body..those are prostitutes.

I am not. I never prpstituted myself and who said that most probabkybwas part of the intrnational Abuse network owned by the ukraine and the vatican or the policemen of malcesine and the pervert and serial killer of 2020 or their clients. 

However..if they passed me for that drugaddicted prostitute probably they gave thr name charlet to it. Seen that Charlet is the English version of Charlotte.

The idiot Leonardo of April where people say they would have married me to him without consent whom I describe in one of the previous updates very detailed due to that did an injection used in state agencies as well wirhour any consent and named it charlet. I came to know that a few weeks ago. Another detail he is related to state agencies cia or nazifascists??? They are the only ones who entirely deny that mkuktra ever existed. And even become aggressive when it is even mentiones. A person from salem.maine massachissets a rathole who never has heard about the ecistance of mkuktra??? Doubt so.

I did not marry any leonard and neither anny lennard or lenny or other person.

I did not marry anyone at all.

And if theyvrewlly marries me to is an entire stramger to me. I saw him for 4 weeks. I dont know anything about him apart of that he is an antisemit that he is a racist that he likes to fuck but only 1-2 times a week and that he likes to command others and that he likes to add aphrosdisiaka to food and that he kikes to waste 5000 usd to undust a car before going on a roadtrip through national parks.

He is insane. I dont love him i am not in love with him and i would mever have felt attractes to him physiologically in the first place because he does not know what empathy and emergy is. I nwver felt attracted to people who dont have that same energy perception as i have. He is entirely dependent on verbal input. He does not perceive emergy. 

Its absurd to even think i would be interestee to match with such a lerson.

If this is true..that they marries me to him. WHO the fuck is responsible to SELL a person to someone and to sign selling contracts pretensing i wouls have signes a marriage certificate???

I saw him in april the first time and i saw him the ladt time on 9th may. I spoke to him the last time in thr second week of june and i am glad that i dont even have any contact data of him. I dont even know his surename.

He is disgusting in his own way.and if someone dares to have marries me to him or anyone else I would rather shoot him and the person whonwould do such spiritual rape than accepting a marriage peoposal by this person.


I am not marrying. Not him and noone else.

There are some psychopaths who say they wantes ro marry me to someone to let protect me by that person from the guy to whom they made believe he would have bought me in that dangerous cardgame 30 years ago.

But i am not that pereon he bought and neither relative of that lerson.

Second. I dont need a bodyguard .neither for that pervert of 2020 who lersecuted me my entire life and abused and. Threatened me or because of that insane orietta and enrico.

No..the only thing that I need is that those insane persons gonna be arreates and the thieves of 5 tedtaments that have a value of several billions (receives today confirmations that 5 tedtaments have been stolen and signatures falsified BY people who kive in the builsing my flat is in, the false signature has come to the surface).

This now finally makes sense why in 2021 someone passed the building shouting "they have become aware of the falsified signature. We're fucked." (Or literally. Si sono accorti della firma.siamo fottuti.). But shortly afterwards people had been corrupted and sorpressed or both. 

Get those people into prison and me my money back.then i dont wver need worry agai where and how intravel or where to go.

And if you idiot governments are too afraid because those peopel are state agents and vatican representatives?

Well..are you aware that THOSE people are responsible that now thr entire world thinks that all state agents and stateagencies are like them? Seen they are representarives of 6 different european and american state agencies???you really want to have people like that woth the power of state agencies alive or free???

Just another statr vrime and as well a crime in any other group that uses i signas without consent and without any explanation especially whrn it then is my the first part of it and the communicating part given to someone else to pretend then to offer peostitution or similar whenever I talk to someone.

9th november.

- governments want to declare me for insane because I shared their "telomere" rejuvenarions "secret".

Lets clarify on that.

That knowledge I got from public documents while I was writing a thesis in 2014 regards aging processes. It was ME who was thin conclufing bout that in theory it would then be possible to stop the natyral aging process by inhibiting the shortening of the telomeres. They had passed me eithet for samanta or janina back in those days. all governments who read this and want to arrest me or declare me for insane. Seen what has been done to me by involved state agents without any consent or justification eversince my birth it is you to be arrested and put into peison or psychiatry and not me.

Eventually they can find out in psychiatry why you are so insane doing things to me like that.

They cries out as well about everything else I published oin thr chapter what snowden and assange were not able to tell you and in th3 crimes of th4 vatican...

Well..who looked close.. I did not publish confidential secrets but puished crimes which includes that massmurderd instead of being arrested and executed receives new lifes and identities in the secret services with top salaries.


And evwryrhing else that i published is public available information from published books and albert einstein and information that came to the surface.

It is no secret the ungleichzeitige gleichzeitigkeit but albert einstein discovered and puvlished about it. It is not a crime but a fact.


NONE of thr published knowlesge comes feom stolen documents but it is all public available information or is due to crimes they did against me and others. I came to know in my bookresearch theoughout the last years.


There are even more things that I found out when I was visiting the gedenkstaetten for the victims of holocaust in oranienburg and ravensburg I did visit in 2021 whixh are part of the book the crimes of the vatican. They regard the experiments the fascists did and which are the same ecperiments the i quisition did dueing their torture suring the which trials and which the fascists called with euphemistic wording resiliemce tests. They as well constantly contaged the prisoners with terriblw diseases to find out whether it would kill them kr not or what would help against the disease.this is what the so-called nazidoctors really did .they as well castrated women and men to then put the castrated genetic material i to other persons to see whether this is possible. 

So GOVERNMENTS , its not ME you shiuld arredt but people you even gave new identities and money to to co tunue in different places.



But thee is more about the extinction camps..they dis not remove the teeth of the inmates looking for gold..they did something else with it and for different reasons..they seemed to know something about the back teeth and wisdom teeth we do not.. 


I did not figure out what yet...

Maybe something very identificating or something entirely different???

.but at my age of 13 someone corruoted my dentist to say all my back teeth would be entirely holes and it would be better to replace them by ceramic crimes...


Actually now 25 years later I figured out that the material they used and which is under the keramic plate looks like as if electronics would be installed in it and it is transparent.


Could it be that they stole my teeth to give them to the person that in europe pretends to be me? As well the wisfom teeth of mine were removed without any justification as a teenager... What did they do to me and what dis they do wirh MY original teeth? I remwmber that I startes to have horrible nightmares dueing and after thwe full narcose of the removal of my wisdom teeth and that I tries to escape from the surgeryroom and as soon as i got back consciousness.




I jsut have been confused wirh a person of 20 years old. That is wqs commented shortly aftet by some people with "it was a surprise because you watches tu movie of the extraordinary case of Jim Button. That movie was MADE me watch in a youthhostel in Dresden where a set up infiltrated and started to talk weird about plants like alraune and about him being a hypnotiseur. He was hanging around in thr common ymroom of thr hostel. Thu happened in 2014.

Its disgusting. It is all disgusting. Wht does this meqn that it was a surprise??? They did indeed something illigal to me to make me look such young?? I never wqs I terested to look young and for sure not younger than I am.

I am almost 38 years old and they passes me for someone like 20 or 22???this means it would have happened as well in 2007. Disgusting people.


THE ENTIRE CHAPTER "Nightmare at christmas" has been deleted by estories without any justification.

I will publish it again in the even mkre detsiled version in the next days.

No anonimisations.even mkre people of the real happening.

People already at cheistmas 19922/1993 iwntered in malcesine fueing a vacation in the mkddle of the jight after they had i duces narcotica i to the flat. With an disgusting old man kneeling in front of me holding my hand.

The persons who wntered were alreqdy back than the highly damgerous serial december 2020 the dangerous insane serial killer who abused me mimixked the situation kneeling at the exact point of the room  to remind me of it asking me to come tonear to him and sit down. I refused to sit down and to xome anywhere neaere than 1.5metres. He did disgust me. eversince 1992 he did let persecute me insanely thinking that he would have married me.


In 1992 something else happenes at lake garda that has nothing to do wirh me. But it could be that they passed me for the daughter of thr man who dis it.

In Malcesine and Brenzone in the 80s and 90s it was common that the people out of boredom played cards for huge amounts of money.people lost their entire properties and houses because they risked to much. Iy is a game called zardo.

In the 90s there was a man from malcesine who played with a person from somma villa brenzone.

After one of the persons had lost everything he sold his daughter. She had thr name silvia and promised that his child one day would marry that disgusting old man to whom he had lost the cardgame.

Is this the same silvia that went to the terrorists? Or is it another silvia ?

In either case ir could be possible that those bastards already in the 90s passed me for that girl they sold at zardo seen in 1993 someone infiktrates into a dermatologic doctorstudio and instead od that they removed verucce they injected me without narcotics 2 gps trackers that eversince 2020 regularly vibrate in my feet.





During my entire life they never had pased me for saskia charlotte and until the day of today there is the theft of identity on a specific level wirh others pretending to be me while they pass me constantly for other people.

They alternated during my childhood and youth with samanta and janina and silvia.

Then they started to add a lot of others for whom they made on a specific level believe that they would have done thought and been where what how I was while someone else pretended that they would be me putting me into co stant negative and evil light.

All employment and friendships were destroyed and sabotaged, they everywhere infiltrated and isolated me from people who could have told me the truth or who eere not part of the perversons they had started directly after birth.


Latest update:

I looking forward to rhe day I publishbthr chaptet "se ...salta fuori tutto quanto" (falls ... Fliegt alles auf).

It is thr ultimatr proof that they planned each and every thing that has been happening to me UNTIL finally amd hopefully the damgerous criminals will be arredtrd and put away.

I dont want to tell too much but they seem to have an URGENT need that someone mames me a marriage proposal during the christmad days...

Because they decontedtualised several situations to makr idiots who do not talk to me but believe what others make situations look like in which they made thrm believe they would have made me a marriage proposal that Inwould have accepted furing christmas days and based on that they falsified marriage certificates with SEVERAL people..and this happened alreqdy several Years AGO..


I am not going to marry. I never received a marriage proposal and never would have acceptrd one either.nowadays you dont need a certificate to be together with someone.

Apart from.that I have thr legit right to a billion jeritage and I am not stupid to marry anyone at all. For sure notnin my situation with one set up after the next and various attemptd of murder towards me within the last 10 years.


I am disgusted by social activities seen all the idiocy of persecutors and people.whonwant to force others to become like they want them.

I am happy in nature and for thr rest my contact to others on this planet is reduced to giving them therapy. These days for free.

As hippokrates alreqdy said..who has the capacity to heal shall heal! Ans my first successful treatments of healing i gave at the age of a child .this i realized when i was studying shiatsu amd thr advances techniques and i realized that i had done that altewdy when i was a child to make pepple feel.better without even touching them.

So .. I have no interedt in any marriage with a fucked up stupid person who would be anyway just the next set up eho would do experiments and drug me and aftet a few years murder me..

And regards any human secual acticity i am disgusted anyway after all that illogal porn those people did and the nightly abuse.

I am not traumatized or sociophobic but disgusted by society..its not a teauma or illness but disgust is a fact and the redt a choice.

My poetry on traveling and nomades perceptions is to be taken miteral... And apart from that.. I knew already as a child that on this planet with thr developmentd society is doing in superficiality i probablybeould become a happy eremite with lotd of nature around me and above.

However.. The most funny confirmation they planned everything a long time ago was when they said..

"If she does not receive a marriage proposal during christmas days everything will blow up."

8th november

- please check my newest publication regards Covid in the pubmication "please refer to WHO and medical institutes.

I checked the data.. I last saw leonardo on oth of may 2022 at denver airport where he dropped me .

I had started talking with him 3 weeks before.beforehand i did not even know him.until the day of today i dont even know his surename.

Who considers this a relationship or even ciult think i eould have married thst person must be insane!!! The little he told about himself was that he lives in a place near salem.maine massachussets, that he would be a pilot and thst he has a nephew.but his nephew  looks rather like his son than his nephew and has neither similarity to his sistet nor to the official fsther and by the way his parents neither look like him but rather have similarity to the serial killer of 2020. And all of his relatives in salem maine massacgussets work in healthcare.

Well..seen that salem maine massachussets was one of the headquarters of the inquisition and one rathole of the ratline destinations... And seen that all former extinction camp socalled doctors and psychiaters never got executed or put into prison in 1947...

Could it be that his family is related to those disgusting fascist experimenting creatures seen he slowly but surely started to implement mkre and mire fascist views ? He even said he rhinks that hitler was a good person amd that hebres would be bad persons and that all oresidents and their famikies of the woeld should bettwr be dead for a full reset and that when he shared rhat idea with friends they would have agreed on that... He qas not making a bad joke.he Meant that.

So..what was the real plan?? To let declare me for insane by his relatives???


More personal things he never shared.

He made a big secret of everything.his friends family belongs to former state agents and santa croce at least it is the frequency his friends use when they communicate with each other nonverbally. One if him is fitz geralds who talked on the frequency of fried heinz theodor junker as well known as tho and who has statr agent friends from paso robles san luis obispo county.

7th november

-Man hat offesichtlich hilke bereits in 2017 glauben gemacht er haette mich geheiratet. Als ich auf costa favolosa als deutsche qnsprechpartnerin fuer gaeste arbeitete und entsprechens auch an galaveranstaltungen oder hochzeiten anwesend machte ihn glauben er haette mich dort gehwiratet und der rest sei hochzwitsreise gewesen. Das wrklaert den naechtlichen alptraum als meine kabinenmitbewohnerin bei ihrem freund uebernachtetr und ich glaubte man haette jemanden in die kabine gelassen.
Es gab in dem zusammenhang noch einen anderen psychopaten der sich erhodfte an bord schmuggeln zu koennen wenn er so tut als sei wr schifdbruechig. Sie fischten ihn aus dem wasser uns uebergaben ihn der kuestenwache


- infos about axj. Indications that as well here Andrea Dorigoni, Mariuccia Zeni, Antonio Romagnoki, the criminal and serial killer and another pereon is involved I did not mention yet. A pereon called Broglio who owns the little newspaper and bookstore in Malcesine near piazza statuto.

He actually each and every morning drops by between 8and9 am at antonio romagnoli and maria rossi to update them in person about newest developments.

There id to come as well a chapter under mystery about a sotuation in 2020 where he drove by with his motor and ue helmet shouting towards thr building my flat is in "portalo via.ha amici in scotia"(take him to a different place.she has friends in scotland.).

-thwre is another chapter that is not entirely ready yet to be published seen the resewrch is still going on on that but it regards a cooperstion of power and influence at Lake Garda. The cooperwtion of Lake Garda's Green Gold, the olive oil .

Of that cooperwtion make part as well Enrico Saglia and the famiky around Marco Maroadi whose mother is as well in thr local church circles and befirended with Victoria Lasta.

I mention them because it was in 2017 at the olive oil harvest at Marco Maroadi that Gabriele, a Romanian guy who works for thr brother of Marko Maroadis wife Alessandra in Hotel Capri approaches me whether my real name would be SAMANTA. It was the firdt time thst thr name Samanta did occur.

Maroadis are good friends with Trimelonis. Gianni Trimeloni is the old guy to whom Antonio Romagnoli shouted one morning in 2021 "stai attento butta sempre più avanti" (be careful Gianni.she is taking continuously more steps) and Matteo trimeloni is the guy enrico saglia said in 2020 to "and if she escapes from there? And if she tries to kill herself there?"Marco Maroadi seems thr only person who seems still have some conscience seen he approached Maria Rossi and Antonio Romagnoki and Enrico Saglia in 2020 "la dovete compensare .ha tutto recuperato." (You have to compensate her.she remembers everything.)

Marco Maria si was in 2017 the perdon who said shortly after my return to malcesine in spring to someone in front of thr house ("it is better if shr thinks he is dead"). 

in 2016 there was as well another situation in front of thr house but i just eavedropped it due to the open balcony doors and I did not recognjze thr voices yet back then. Someone was saying to the other "ma non ha niente con humido tra i suoi alimentari? -non. Solo co serve e biscotti"(doesnt she have anything in her dlat among the food that contains liquid?-no.just cans and biscuits.).

Indeed.I had come aware that people entered during my absence and touches my food and beverage. So I left only things that could not be manipulated and never touched anything that i had left alone in my flat after opening. I do sumed what I bought directly. Sometimes I left trap food and beversge in thr fridge whixh I mever touched after putting it there to keep free from.contanimation thr thingd thst I did not store visibly.

Well.those olive oil cooperstives are very powerful.interrsting enough enrixo o saglias o tobaldini never mentioned that they are part of it as well. As if they did not want people to know it. But they had regularly lost from them.unfortunately the letterboxes in the building are visible to all and they forbid me to install a letter box wherr on I or my ex boyfriend in 2018 wouls have access to. Well.this made it then one day visible thst saglia enrico is part of that cooperation as well.

But this means as well that it would be easy for all people who live in the building my flat is in to steal my post even without corrupting thr post of lake garda..but the post of lake garda is a different chapter that will be a funny reqd when I publish look forwqrd to the chapter "la corruzione della posta italiana oppure stato sorveglianza stasi italiana" (a malcesine per esempio nessuna posta arriva alle persone senza che passa il ufficio carabinieri di malcesine.)

- there is still Leonardo whonpretends he would have marriee me to help me.

Leonardo was an acquaintance who faked to be interested into a relationship in April 2022.

He is suspected to have been corrupted to produce a porno with me for which they did out me under aphrodisiaka of whixh an entire roqdtrip from california to denver Colorado wqs part of inclusive final scenes at the airport everything pretending that he would want a was a fuck acquaintance because it was the only moments he was real. To the day of today I dont even know his surname. He did not tell anything about himself.and for the rest he has insane political opinions saying that hitler was a good person amd maybe he wqs right to kill all the jews and he said that he would be of opinion that all presidents of the world and their famikies should be killed to do a reset on political scale. And that he as well said it once to his friends who would have agreed on that.he did jot tell it as a joke but he was seeious on that.he approqches me exactly the day in the Hi hostel san luis Obispo, California Santa Rosa Street owned by Jared and where lived as well a person called Nicholas Coffey at that time. None of the people who lived there thought it would be a relationship but maximum a fuck buddy relation and that they had their doubts from thr beginning about him when that roadtrip was coming up.  where he lived during thr winter minths on the day I finally had safed up money for a second hand MacBook to work on the publishing on my book. Then he constantly caused inco venient situations putting me i to a weird light towards everyone else and in all situations I wanted to send him off he begges me to try longer.the last time I saw him was in denver Colorado at the airport may 2022 and I spoke afterwards to him onmy 3 times. Among his last words were "shut the fuck up and rebuilt your own life."

Well.. There was never any different life than mine in my life.

People say I would love him or would be in love with him. This is insane. And 3weeks are not a relationship when the first day of the 3 weeks are the day you have met a peeson and the last day of the 3 weeks is the day you saw the person for the last time. He must be INSANE if he bekieves he would have marries me.

But thwre are other people who are equally insanw seen the at leqst 5 persons who claimwd throughiut the last year they wouls be marries to me. I did not marry any one on this entire planet in my entire life.

There are as well people who say he would have been given money for me.say what? Giving money to him for me? Why dont people give money for me to me directly knowing all those idiots in the world who stole 5 heritages .they give money to a person they dont even KNOW and who i met a few weeks earlier???

To a person who spends 5000 USD to let clean his pickup by a cleaning company from dust BEFORE going onto a roadtrip theough National parks??? Or should inset roadrush? He did not even enjoy the parks .he just drove through in rush to be at certain places at specific times where coincidentally always were some wrird people.

If that person had wantes to have a relationship he wouls jot have hidr it in san luis Obispo and making people thinknwe wouls be just buddies.

He was a pure SET UP.

There are even persons who claim they would have married me to him.

Those must be equally insane. Equally insane like those people whonpasses me for a terrorist or who said i would be marries to the highly dangerous person who abused and threatened me in 2020.

Well..I was in san luis obispo hostel for a work exchange and cleaned there the house and guestrooms in exchange for a place to sleep, noodles, rice, canfood and pancakes and thr food from thr free shelf whixh came from thr salvation army of san kuis obispo and aftet eating I always felt drugged or aggressive or sad without any motive...(thr exact chapter on salvation army san luis obispo charity food Bank is one on its own.they chip perdons who sign up there and insist that they always use the same name while theybpretrnd it eould be anonymous help and thrn thry reqd out the information every time they well who signs up there is put into a category. Some of thr foodcans are marked with symbols, I tedted them signing up with the name Julie Millers).when i realized ir was not a coincidemce with thr freeshelf stuff I stopped going there. In santee San Diego then i dropped by once again at a similar food bank and they insisted that person have to sign up with name and credentials to hand out food.and I saw they would put people into different categories). After some research i figured out that salvation army was founded by some roman catholic church and former military people shortly aftet the second woeld war.and surprise was leonard or lennie as they called him in san luis obispo who suggested me I should go to salvation army in case I would not have enough money to buy food. I had my thought about it from the beginning. 

In regards to workaway. I used that program in 2019 and 2021 but it turned out the onmy people who were allowed to responfd to me seen some lerverts compromised all my email and communication were formwr statr agents or the children of former state agents. That chapter is not published yet because it fills 200 pages on its own.

There needs to be done urgently an entire investigation on salvation army and what they really do.i heard similar thingd in Buffalo while i was resewrching there. The abuse scandal of thr roman catgolic church there is much deeper than it was in the incolves the Catholic chikd hospital of buffalo and the abuses have been happening for decades there. And they did not arrest the arch cardinal but a representative of him without even realizinf it woas someone 3lse they did arrest.

Then Leonardo uses a messenger called SESSION a conolete anonynous messagging possibilità where it is not needes to sign up with phone number or email..

So people whonpretend thr messenger would have been compromises are bullshitters. The messenger did not even know who I am. But if SESSION had been corrupted maybe some people want to check with SESSION ( whether they got corrupted if so who and how and then we should publish everywhere that Session is fake!

I left san luis obispo on 27th of june towards Chicago. .practiaclly i was lucky because i wanted to take the previous train on the day before but there was no seat left. If I had been able to buy a tixket I would have been on the train that had the terrible train acvident derailment in Kansas.when our train arrived at kansas the rails still were blockes and it was needes to switch to the bus to Chicago.

About Amtrak amd corruption of that federal us company (they made very clear to me that they would be owned by the government of the unjted states) an entire different chapter needs to be written because if they are owned by the government the usa should fire half of the employees that did work on the trains I took with the 2 railpasses that i had. Just one situation here in short. Trainride new York to niaghara falls. The train co doctor touches my shirt when he passed me.then he communicated shortly afterwards. "I tagges the one you have to declare for insane", he tagges me as well for prostitute because i had put mascara and for drug adsixted because i fell asleep on a 6hours trainride after I had waited foe my train in New York train station because my connecting train from Miami had arrived at 10 pm and my onward train was at 7 it did not make sense to takr a hotel and new York Amtrak station has a 24 hours waiting hall. On that same train to niaghara they wanted to get a signature from me with the excuse that they needed it for the with CASH paid salad.

Since WHEN do you nees to sign when you pay with CASH?

Was it thwrefor they wanted to declare me for insane??? Because they had necer seen a person who does not pay with cresit card?:D i reported as well this incident be it to altra be it to the autjorities but they did not do anything about it. In niaghara then there were 3 attempts of people who tries to decontestualize situations whixh they creates themselves. It was hilaeious watching them. Niaghara and New York are by the way under the control of the CIA and NSA. Surprise.Surprise.not really.

- Alberto Parisi,piazza statute malcesine, the amministrator of the buikding my flat is in for common costd of the various flatowners did not add the paper to the protocoll of the reunion of the condominio milani of 2021 that contains the signatures of thr people present and the nominated persons for the people not present.

He as well never responded to my emails but only because my ex boyfriend with whom I was together in 2018 contacted him to send him the protocols.

Alberto Parisi was chosen and suggested by the way by the famiky Saglia-Tobaldini to do the administration Jobs.

As well once again they talkes about the installation of an elevator in the house via saltarino 6 37018 malcesine,  which I do NOT agree because it changes the entire structure of the building. It is not a matter of is a matter of that it id not gonna happen.

For a decisionike that all flatowners must agree.

I dont.

Alberto Parisi administers as well an entire building that is completely owned by enrico is somwhere in thr town of malcesine.

6th november

They did something to me in 2007...apart from my weight my appeareance did not chamge anymore...

It is not thr yrlomerr is sth else...

I am 38 in March... But I still look like beginning 20s to many..

What happenen in 2007?

Janina visited me in Nijmegen after a SAP seminar she had participat3d in at Ratingen. She insisted I should never tell anyone that she participat3d in that SAP would be a special course of her new employer...

Already in Ratingen she insisted I should come visit her after 10 years not having seen each other. I had a bad feeling but wanted to do her a favour. The entire time an old guy with thick glasses was at the meeting as well.she wanted him to take a photo kf me but I refused.thr entire situation was kind if obscure. She wanted thst I would stay over night and that she would bave a great hotelroom in that luxury hotel but I preferred to drive back home to Nijmegen where I studied. Shortly after she had called me and more or less insistrd to visit me for a few days which was fraining to me. Apart from thr movie she left a few audiobooks with gregorian music and with erotic stories and a few other weird things of which she said she would like.. Aftet thode terror days of her wanting to convince me the entire time about that the perdon I grew up with would be the devil in lerson and then as well insisting to gove her a photo of me she could show mechthild insisting whether she could have the same foto I have on my university card from back then).. Well i did not see any motivation to be in touch but rather tried to confront mechthild what the fuck she had done to janina that she was running around with such opinions..

What happenes as well in that year..

I split up with my firdt long term relationship of six years wirh Sascha Broekman  (a scientist who did his PHD in the aquatic Microbiology at the University duisburg Essen on lseudomonas aeruginosa- thats by thr way the readon I know as well so much about biofilms bacteria and viruses altjough thode make not part of speechtherapy or shiatsu or arcana medical school but I had an almlst 6 years privatr study inlut in these fields).

We sis split up aftet i was in vacation in malcesine which was pure horror due to the fact that Michael and adelheid had their famous dramas with her getting drunk and thrn doing bullshit and he allowing her to make him drubk ad well and while being dry k cursing me and forbidding me to ever criticize his women choice again..well.. I was since 2002 not living at his house anyway and living my own life.So who cares. Funny enough then he chose the next disaster woman. That in previous updates mentioned wissing girl from the vatican with ukraine and nazi grandparents oyly 2 years older than me michael her first partnet from whom she got pregnant within a few months.

Well..i did not say a word to them.not at all anymore. Ibhad my own life and it was absurd seen i had a 6 years mature  relationship.behind my back wirh a person and friends of him working as teachers and doctors with a good reputarion in the fields of mathmatics and medicine.

Did Janina already in 2007 work as an official spy?? Did she only come to nijmegen to do things to me for some weird experimentation???

She wanted to watch a movie called drabuse.a disgusting black and white movie about a psychopath who makes brain experime ts. For the rest she talked the entire time bad about someone as he wouls be the devil and one day i would realize that and cry. 


- The newest news on that is that people thought that I would have poisened. The catfood of my very cat while it was someone else. And the list is lomg in these regards..whenever someone tries to correct the things and give me my proper mosifications people interfered stole them amd gave them instead to someone else. When I receives identifications by nature and universe people from nsa vatican and santa croce and former ss and sa did something to steal it from me and pass themselves from who I am.


- I got some news about when they passed me for whom.

Whenever I worked as Therapist or gave treatmente or studied medicine be it in the lifeguard and red cross krganisation from 1998 to 2003, or speechtherapy and neurolinguistics and language science from 2005-2008 in Nijmegen, Netherlands, be it Shiatsu and Medicine in aHamburg Graz and with well acknowledged teachers from all over the world such as Tzvikar Calisar from 2009 onwards , with an advanced specialization in trauma processing that i gained and successfully accomplished in lomg before the worst started and therefor am able to cure myself from each amd ecery traumatic event as in the disciplines I learned we learn to apply the same we apply to others on ourselves. 

But whenever I give coaching and therapy and treatments to people or implemented the co tract workplace in the njrsing home in hamburg, they did pass me for Janina(!).

It was very annoying when people  accused me of that i would be her and she would have done all this.

While they accused and insukted me I would have PROSTITUTED me in hamburg or other places theoughout the world. Well..I did woek as well late in thr night in Hambjrg.But THIS was because I to finance my study and atarting woek in 2012 to 2013 jobbed in the cinemaxx movie theatre in hamburg where the latenight shift ends at 2or 3 in the weekend. Who is an idiot and thinks by too much XXs of other things  probably thinks as well imideately that e-stories stands for erotic stories.

Put into the search engine of your choice cinemaxx deutschland and you gonna find the movie theatree. And i was always at wandsbek markt because my flat was above the old confiserie andersen when it still did exist and seen hamburgs flatcosts are very high.well it was there for 200euro per month. I would not have found anywhere else an own apartme t for that proce in hamburg.even shared flats are more expensive (you can check thid i fo through for whom does not believe me). I was a bit extra lucky seen I was member of the mieterschutzbund hamburg and contaxted the lawyers there when i figured out that there were too many defects in the flat and therefor the price was too high and my lawyers made sure my flat would not be costing more than 210 euros.


Anyways..even noe..whenever I teach something to someone they quickly pass me for Janina to make it appear that she would have accomplished all those things in dedication.

The absurd thin is that she never lived in all those places.

She lived in greven muenster and bavaria.

Funny as well in this context the thing with my highschool where they always insist I would have gone to Karl Ziegler Gymnasium.

No.I went to Gymnasium Broich.but due to a vision I had as a child I decided spontaneously to tell Mechrhild Matthias and Janina I would have chosen Karl Ziegler as secondary school.

However. Mechthild I told in 1998 about it but she must have had an intuition to keep this to herself.




They made aothers believe I would be  a person called Lauren who is married to a an engineer who works for a crane company from germany with headquartet in Straubing, Bavaria.


 am german citizen With german citizenship. My resifence is in italy due to that the property inherited to me via saltarino 6 flatnumber 9, 37018 Malcesine is in italy.therefor on the peofile there was qritten foe a long time that i would be from italy.

I have no adress in i evidently was not able to put that afress.

E stories does not ask for the citizenship but for the adres.and teurhfully i wrote the adres of the only property and flat that I know about.

I am illifal in the USA after unknown persons did cancel all flights that i teies to book to a new country. Seen the dangerous situation and the attemlts od murser by state agencies in europe I wont take back a flight to europe either.but i never intended to stay in the USA seen the disgusting perverts did persecure me as well here.

Ps: authorities inclusive pentagon and the rusdian embassy inclusive the carabinieri of italy and the police of germany knows about all things I wrote here. I seeked help and filed reports about everything and everyone but they did not give a shit.

So now ionly keep publishing honestly parts of my autobiography until everything is resolved.


Latest update.

5th november

I forgot to mention and to describe thr family DANTI around Roberta Danti and Gianni Danti who are involeved into the violations that took place in my flat.they have a little pizzeria and bed an breakfast in Porto Brenzone.

Lets start with the latest event that I can remember.

Shortly before my departure in June I had changed my locks once again.this time I had chosen a German one.

While Gianni Danti had people working in their flat (interno 10 of the house) there was as well the local door seller Cobsolini Consolati. He said to Gianni..(as said thr walls are thin and in addition balcony doors were wide open in both flats) "è una serrstura non riesco."it is a german lock..there I dont manage.

Then there was in 2017 la antonietta danti who said to interno 8 BUTTURA "CHI SA CHE SAPPIA.ANDIANO TUTTI IN CATCERE O PEGGIO"(WHO KNOWS WHAT SHE KNOWS.WE GONNA END UP ALL IN PRISON OR WORSE).. in her case..she is dead by now.she died in 2019 shortly before I would have received another heritage..

Then BUTTURA interno 8 of the said..the walls are very thin..

 2016 following telephone calls after I had once again changed my locks (well..changing locks in a CIA headquartet is a lost war..but i did not know it yet back then) ."ma hanno gia pagati."..(but they already paid). a few moments later to someone else. "Si è ammalata" (she is ill.).

I did a walk in town in the aftetnoon and as coincidemce made it happen after i passed two persons shortly afterwards one aaid to the other "ma lei èmica ammalata.lei sta benissimo.".

One of them looked very similar to the guy who in 2021 shouted after me "ma che cazzo fai a divertirti mentre il tuo marito deve stare in casa" (described in the biography chapter "zwangsheirat am Gardasee)

Regards nightly violations..2016..i did not have the money for another change of locks i had put a chair in front of the door made as well sure to sleep with open window and had not eaten something that had not left my eyes (by the way..the official job of enrixo saglia is as a cashier at the jolly supermarket of val di sogno and helped as well a few weeks in the Eurospar malcesine always a little bit TOO curious who is buying what... Does this mean that those he surveills theough all thr nanoneurosurveillance seen he is responsible for thr cresima of his church that he if necessary lets the cia know what they have to prepare with drugs for next targets??? Because at leadt in my case even when i had bought canfood sooner or later it became substituted with modified identically looking cans)..

One night i woke up at exact 2.15 am woken by a big bang in my living room. The door had clashed against the obstacles. Then I heard 3 cursing old women before they did shut the door again still cursing in front of thr door before they walked down the stairs. It was NO nightmare.. I just did not move a single cm and kept my eyes shut...i did not dare to go to the bathroom though i had i deed the feeling to wanne pee but i knew if i did that they would know that i heard them and this would have been dangerous...same by the way in 2021..a few weeks before my departure i eavedropped a nightly gathering of people who live in the building .they made the reunion in ine of the apartments located in my lavendel coloured GUEST room. I had changed to sleep there because there no narcotic gas was i duces..

I woke up around 3 am from their discussions...

As always in such cases i dis not move and did not open my eyes but startrd to listrnn...

At some poi t Orietta Saglia Tobaldini said to other people who were present...

"E se ha percepito che lo abbiamo ucciso?"

(and if she perceived that we killed him?) well all these details in this latest update I had SENT and sescribed in the police reports and towards thr pentagon and the russian embassy seen DANTI and Pateizio Sala and Pasquale are directly related tp the Ukraine..

But they all did not give a shit. They did not care about that I had important information regarding Ukraine about people who worked for the ukraine secret services..and as said..the dangerous person detailedly deacribed in the updates below comes as well from Ukraine.

While I tried to reach out for help to resolve what had been done to me in the last 12 months I as well reqches out to my first workplace of 2016 seen ai had hoped they would not have been involves and because they seem to beling to the few noone dares to sorpress or to corrupt..

I reached out to the clubhotel olivi malcesine to Vanessa.

But evidently they were not able to resolve anything despjte of their contact possibilities.

In 2021 I as well had tried to ask Anny Verdoren for help who knew me since i was a baby seen i came every summer dor vacation to malcesine.when I teies to tell her what had been going on eversince i had moved their she started with a weird form of rhetoric that i by now know to recognjze as Gaslightning retoric and she did not believe me. She was a good acquaintance of fried heinz theodor junker and I knew her from childhood on. What a dissapointment. least she recognized me and did not think I wouls be samanta how Maria Rossi had started to call me even by name(accusing me of having forbidden the dangerous criminal mentioned below to ever contact me again and that he would be thr only one who could help me..she must be nuts if she thinks someone should be in touch with a terrorist related murderer and abuser and rapist..but well..she chose that husband called antonio romagnoli who threatened me to smash my head and he wiuld send me "a caggare" to die..seems she has a weird taste of people.

4rth november.

Orietta tobaldini saglia is direct descendent of people from the roman catholic inquisition.

So is the in the updates below described criminal.

His official cover profession is "falegname" working in a small falegnameria whixh is located next to the catholic neu apostoloc vhurch at least there is often a car of that church next to it.(the catholic neu apostolic churches are folowing the old testament with ways that remind of brainwashing and 4 priests who repeat the same thing the on3 before has said in different words within 1 hour) in Domigliara near Affi with his businesspartner. I once was invited to such bullshit because Michael , the person I grew up, had once a girlfriend who was believing member or that rather sectlike institution. This was somewhere between 1997 and 2000. It was one of the women he got to know before he met one of his longterm girlfriend adelheid mertens. He had always said me I shouls not share that he had taken me with him to that church because he equally realized to me that there was something entirely wrong with it and he was afraid that people would accuse him of that he wouls have brought me to a sect.he sis not know about the cathokic new apostoloc vhurch before and must have thought it wouls have been rather a cheistian church seen thr mentioning of the apostels around jesus.

He did not get the cew of the NEW apostoloc who are people who have nothing to do with jesus christ.

The event there was the best public example of catgolic brain wash methodology that i ever have seen. I told it afterwards to michael and discussed it that he should be careful with that new girlfriend of his in these regards.For my own terms I kept my interactions towards her in the babysitting of ber kids when michael had a date with her.remebering that she suggested me to watch the movie NEL


But even nore. Newest results brought to the surface that the dangerous criminal is directly connected to ISIS.

He is a hypnotiseur and involved in the directives that are given to the literal sleepers of the terrorists the night before they are send to explode somewhere.

Seen his many dofferent ide tities and his connections to the itakian statepolice he is the person who walked silvia out of the psychiatry and pretended to take care of her.

Instead she went to santa croce and vatican networks and turned out to have been his lover for many years.

He applied the surveillance technology that is foreseen for terrorists once they pretend they would have nothing to do with it anymore on me with allcoordinates and access to everything in addition he injected something in my intestine that would make the IS believe that I am her.

In addition it turned out that he indeed is direct part of the IS after the anisation of what ge during his anal abuserape left in my intestine seen he abused me anally without preservative .he once even was sodisgusting to try to force me to "sayhis friend hello with a kuss" afterwards.

He was simply disgusting, using a lot of language and wordings during the abuse in 2020 that experts would describe as pedophile and childabuse language.

He has another pervert trait.when he masturbates he often keeps his seeda in a condom and preserves them.

What is he soing with it???

Injecting those into people he wants to murder from the inside?living poisenous gps trackers?


The dangerous criminal turns out to be known in the entire world for his crimes for murder and abuse for many decades but until now he always manged again and again to change his identity and to oretend to be someone else.

The reason i am not dead is because he wants me alive.

He enjoys it to make me suffer by threatening or trying to murser people who were or who are or who COULD be important to me in a way that it looks always as if someone else would have done the murser.

It is horrible. Authorities still dont give a shit and rather would prefer me to be seen declared for insane.

Several authorities tries to apply manic depressive or suicidal peotocols but had to admit reading theough my pubmications that they would make themselves ridiculous.

I as well reconsider my opinion that I had placed earlier on the russian ukraine conflict and can only tell all countries to REMOVE all their soldiers and encourage them to come back!!!

They intend to let ukraine become a "Ground Zero Zone" Similar to the one in NEVADA!!!








27th October.

There are indications that the real name of the famgerous ceiminal mentioned in the last update is HAUKE.

I forgot ad well to add another detail.

Salt that contains a higher phosphor amount than othwr salt would be lethal to him.


Many will have reqlized that i deacribes the person who tortures abused and raped and threatened me .

He has the typical profile for the rrst od his vharacter of a typical serial killer and obsessed stalker who after his insane phantasy he could possess me one day did nor come teue after all his efdort to sabotage my entire life he couls not bare the idea another person ever xould by my side and after he did not managr to mjrser me he tries and maybe partly did murser evwryone who evwr was or could have been or cluld be important to me .


17th oct

A highly damgerous person with the surename LAPETINA (but maybe he uses a different name or lapetina was a fake name he used before)  started alrewdy a few months ago to tell everywherr I would in reality have a different firstname and would be married to him and that he would have tutorship to decide on my rights because I wouls have shizophrenia and amnesia.

Following possibilities are there he says my real first name would be: Silvia, Samanta, Marion or Janina.

It couls even be that he falsified marriage certificates or that he left my middlename when doing that seen Inuse normally my middlename Charlotte.


That person for as far as I know is HIGHLY DANGEROUS, trained to kill with and without weapon,

had a training either by statE police or CIA, 

has access to an amount of money of several billion USD,

seems to know my exact location within 24 hours,

has xontact to drugdealers and prostitute ambience,

is knownnin different countries under different names , in some he is accused of murder,

his family is related to the Italian secret service,

he constantly changes appeareance.


For the description Ingot so far:

Small, thin, dark brown eyes (but beware of xoloured contact lenses), sharp angled face form, silvergrey black uhair which is regularly darkened agsin, usually shoulderlong and in a start but can change, sometimes wirh sometimes wirhout beard,

he has  a purple-reddish birthmale on one of his hands

rhetorically very skilled and eloquent, probably a training in interrogation and gaslightning techniques, trained to figure out what you are afraid of or what disgusts you,

Capable to imitate voices and to act very concincing

Trained in EMDR, hypnose, NLP on a master degree succeeding in putting entire groups in trance, 

Imprevisible behaviour, dangerous,

Physiological genetical condition:morbus addison in xombination with fibromyalgia,

Entire lack of empathy perception, but highly sensitive on a frequency scale.

Has big issues with electrical devices: caused motoes to explode and nondigital radios to go off without ever touching them,

Weakness for hallucinative substances (LSD, high concemtrated THC,natural morphines, natural manipulative substances that effect the hormone system).

Uses a set od specific handgestures of whixh he hopes to cause neurological reaction chains.

Selfcontrolled and selfdisciplined, capable to play a role for weeks, but INCAPABLE to accept set borders or a no. A refusal is understood as a provocation to play and to let him put more effort.

Threats are to be taken seriously.he does not bluff.

People who were corrupted with his money afterwards became sorpressed.

Has contacts on global scale.

Looks innocent and modest on first impression. If he feels.threatened he does not hesitate to become violent.first verbally mentally and psychologically then physiologically.

Has a special diet of selfmade cabbage, gathered plants in nature, selfmade kefir, and a selfmade bread thatbhe produces from grounded raw lentils and rice that are mixed with oil and then baked. 

A specific salt others can eat to him would be lethal.

He hates the taste of peppermint.

Is capable to recitr e tire books ljterally such as DANTE or JUNG and loves to analyze and observe to mimkck that behaviour in later situations.

Skilled in manual and technical works.motors.hydraulic.timmerer.

Hates heat and wind condition.

Usual biorythmus: 2:30pm to 3am.


Inrepeat.if it is tmhim whonoretends to be marries to me and i wouls have in reality a different name and wouls be mentwllybill, he is highly dangerous and peobably killed several people.

Tends ro have psychotic attacs as well and co siders himself then as a "spirit who came to earth tonplaybwirh materia".

He likes to INVERSE. Things, colours, paintings, phrases. Weakness for thr colours neon green and guantanamo orange. And a character weakness: he is VAIN about things he is good at so far going thatbhe even explains whatbhis strategies are comvinces thatbit does not make a difference.

Weakness for cards dices and to make a handshake with someone wirhout real reason to do so.

When he becomes angry and frustrates he looks literalky like "rumpelstilzchen" and reminds of a 4 year old child in anger mode.

Favoured colours for own dress up:black , dark grey, dark purple. Almost always wirh a basecap.



16th Oct.

the pervert ans his friends who live around lake garda i described in my publication from15th october has offered a BILLION to everyone just for saying I would be insane or shizophrenic or suicidal or depressive

I would say they confirm what happened.


There are people now at lake garda whonwant to kill me for my pubmications instead of cleaning up all the abuse of the vatican and their old nazi history.

So they rather prefer to let the regular abuse of people continue and to let declare for insane lr foresee wirh rare tumours and rare demenzias and accidents or fake suicides when  people who speak up???

I know of at least 5 cases where exactly this did happen.


There is a person called leonard people.say my lassport number wpuld result as married ro.

I did not marry anyone.

I am neither depressive nor shizophrenic.

More than 20 groups did add their "special" secret of whoxh they think they are the only ones using it in addition the vaccine "surprise" people should have informed about before to prevent that things get stolen as it happened in my case what means i cannot communicate and being contacted and instead those who stole it talk on my behalf!!!


I due to natural gifts from my own origin perceive nonetheless ALL frequencies without being contacted...


Those 20 groups and more who aplmied illegally their "secret" now panic i would have come to known their biggest secret of CIA FBI Anonymous Vatican and those eho fight ISIS and foresee each suspect or whonwas there wirh that 365 degree surveillance..

and i do t know how many others..


Well... Seen the lerverts at lake garda dis find it funny to pass me for the terrorist girl from veneto who went to isis ro rhen walk back with her kids to hide wirh a new identoty in the vatican while letting pass me for her so that i irreversibli would be surveilled for the rest of my life ...


As well that is done...


Neither FBI nor any other group compensated me so far. Someone tries to make the fbi believe i would have done an enourmous fiscal crime.them even stealing cash money to see where it came from (inwish i had seen theri faces when they realized how ridiculous they had made themselves when realizing it came from 500meters away ATM) ...

Neither those who had accused and suspected me for various murder or to have changed my name or falsified documents..they thought i would have falsified documents because they never had seen someone study so much...


It would have been so much easier to ASK me .


I can proof each and every place i studied at and what happenes when and where or where i had been why...


But they did not want to ask me because they knew i was innocent...


So.noone of those compensated me.


When i was at the russian embassy  shortly afterwards 2 fbi agents interrogated me or faked to do it about why i had been at the russian embassy...

Well..they were co tineously comunicating in their frequency and as well afterwards...they knew who i was.


Later i came to know they had tries to drclare me for manic depressive to make themselves even more ridiculous instead of finally comoensaring me...


So..yes..people are idiots and instead of doing everything to put the  criminals of all the last years from my birth onwards who did unethical experiments neuroabuse and stole all mybheritage and passed me for someone else they want once again add more crimes????




People are stupid.


So.NO. i am not shizpphrenic.all groups who applied their secret perceive through me all other groups.



Seen people still try to pass me for a prostitute or for a terrorist or for marriwd to assholes or for adopted to nazi criminals or descendents of people from.ukraine who abused me...



And seen i am NOT all those people...


Here I add oficially my passport number.


Maybe some officiald finally can help me to get justice?!? Instead of adding up to the crimes that were done to me???


I am these days seriously thibking about which crime I have to commit to be allowed to leave to a country where people are not participating in state crimes seen I tries 3 times to book a flight into a country where governments would not have participated into those illegal state experiments against me into which they even involved NATO by now. All without consent.


Passport number C1YK3C4M0, German passport issued on 26th of june 2015. I am born on 7th of march in Duisburg , germany in the bethesda hospital.

My citizenship is german but the german embassy does not give a shit. The europeqn governments do not give a shit and it turns out the US government does nor give a shit either.


And just for the record..this was already in 2016 the case..not adter I took a stand for putin.

My fingerprints are on file eversince I had applied for a usa visa in 2018.


So if there is any country out there who is not brain dead and would like to invite me to give me all my rights back that criminals from state levels have stolen me I would be mkre than happy (:!


I celebrate these days to be here 1 month illegal in thr USA, communicated this as well to authorities but they dont even care.


Did the USA make me as well a state experiment without consent violating all norms and ethics? Did european governments who started with those experiments SELL me? Is this allowed? Selling people?


I never changed my name and I never got adopted and I never married and I never fakes my death. 

But people seem to think. I did a lot of crimes and not them.


I never have been interrogated or approached 
please... when you find my profile and read through my poetry and writings to which you can find the links below the profile...
If you wish to contact me PLEASE do it via a COMMENT below the poetry because due to the CRIMES that were done to me my EMAILaccounts are constanly compromised and surveilled by state governments and state institutions who are responsible for  some of the crimes.

Therefor making a direct comment is the only way to contact me.. THNX for understanding.

As well I gonna take here a clear stand FOR Russia publicly. 
I know too much about the Ukraine, the Vatican that rather governs over the ukraine than the Ukrainians themselves and the NAZIS and Fascists.

When Putin said in the first days of war "we need DENAZIFY Ukraine" I became VERY awake.

Especially seen that I have been first hand testimony what fascist vatican related Ukraninans do for crimes, seen they did them as well to me in my very own flat leaving me with irreversible physiological and genetical alterations that were done without consent.

Apart from that...

The current world war would have been entire unnecessary if the Ukraine would not have drawn into it the entire world , that regarded matters between Russia and Ukraine..

The KRIM has been Russian until 70 years ago, it was an act of friendship towards a closer relationship between Ukraine and Russia.

You can read it here...

But HOW did the Ukraine Government treat Russia in return?

As well, Mr Putin said from the beginning that he is NOT doing a war against the ukrainian population but against the governement of the ukraine which most probably did similar crimes to the russian descendents in Krim as they did to me.

I am as well pretty sure that if we asked a lot of those ancient souls they would share a different opinion than most of still living politicians nowadays who seem to be entangled in economic ties that let forget more often than not common sense and knowledge and history facts.

Eventhough I stand rather alone with my opinion these days.

I fully support the Russian political point of view in regards to their actions towards the Ukraine.

I wish to add that who had followed politicd throughout the last 12 years that the Krim-dispute is raging would have come to the conclusion that Mr Putin did everything to resolve the conflict without war. As well during the last weeks before war he visited several western politicians and neighbouring countries and politicians to ask them for support to find a peaceful negotiable solution for the situation.

In contrary Mr Zelenky did ask for CANNONFODDER when he shouted out "I give everyone a gun willing to combat for me,trained in weapons or not from any age and background".. NO person who cares for a population would do that with the awareness of that there are highy trained and skilled soldiers on the other side. 
As well the short video that circulated in the first days of war where the politician did hold a speech in the cathedral was SHOCKING.
the politician did not look even ONCE into the faces of the worried population but stood there as if he was a little marionette with head faced down.
1.5 metres away there was a vatican representative who stared at him constantly with a emotionless face as if he was telling him the exact words to say and neither that vatican representative looked even once towards the worried population. It looked like a scene from a horrormovie with frankenstein or similar frankly speaking!

Everyone who says that this war came entirely unprovoked is telling one of the biggest lies of this century.

This world war has caused damage to a lot of countries on not only economical scale but who looked further than just a few metres will have noticedd that ther are countries who these days suffer from FOOD shortage due to that the entire world has been drawn into this war.

The dispute was PROVOKED from the beginning and for many decades.

I came to know a few russians and I  made almost only positive experiences. 
I cannot say this for the ukraine populations except one guy who participated in an entrepreneurship course and who was together with a russian.
I faced contact poison attacs eversince 2015 and it was a couple of years later that I had found out where they came from. The reason?
That person was made believe I would have married him, I dont even KNOW that person until the day of today. Whenever I talked to a man as as a Single woman , never married is my full right, the next day i found objects with contact poison. Then there lived representatives from ukraine and vatican in the same building where my flat in europe is located.

From the moment I found out about nightly abuse, about theft of MY property, about organized deceipt and even identitytheft, whenever I came back from outside into my flat I found clothing, bedsheets , souchegel, soap manipulated with contact poison that would affect the nercous system. 

Those people were DIRECTLY related to the Ukraine and the Vatican.

As Putin I do not speak against the Ukraine Population where ther are for sure many good people, but I speak against thsoe in Ukraine who have the power and who are related to the Vatican and the Ukraine government and who are related to the fascists.
I should mention in this context that the place where my flat is loated turned out to be one a big rathole (in reference to the Nazi-"ratlines" and the destinations where they did hide) where fascistic genetical experiments did continue in the hidden, underground and under the protection and with the financial opportunities of the Vatican. 


The Ukraine government has deceived the peace treaties and friendship for many decades and in addition there have been presumably been done crimes by the vatican towards culturally Russian population Russia might have come to know about.


Who declares me for insane because I support Russia is declaring insane people just for a different political-historical opinion than they have.

As well the fascists did declare insane people who they were not able to deport into extinction camps and where their "Zersetzung" strategies did not work.

(more info about Zersetzung and ratline you can find on wikipedia.)

Kind regards and as well kind regards to Russia.

Saskia Charlotte

PS: I practically am without a place and country to be from and to go to these days but the residential adres due to my property in Italy that had been inherited to me, on the authorprofile automatically is written that i would be from italy picking the adres of residence as point of reference.
More about my lyrics and elaboration of things that were done to me. 

and yes, when it comes to the mentioned crimes in my texts, I write about what has been happening to me. And the institutions that I accuse in some of the texts or annotations I got to know in person respectively representatives of them. When the crimes throughout the years did not stop and help by state authorities was denied but instead everything covered up and more crimes added, I started to research on them and their backgrounds and about them. The result is a booklayout and a book that I started to write about the Vatican and its 3000year old crimes that INCLUDE global persecutions and the GENETICAL experiments that were not started by the FASCISTS but by them even BEFORE fascism.

Chaju. August 2022....

but lets start with some of my normal focus in life and poetry and the root to all healing and therapeutical skills I was able to gain throughout my 37 years of life... And I am looking forward to the day when I can focus only on the continuation of my own studies and endeavours in healing, energywork, nature and naturephotography and philosophy by which I was inspired at early age by Kahlil Gibran, Einstein and Nelson Mandela and all who wish to preserve and protect unique heritage...

I wrote this one a few years ago...

The secret of wisdom is to keep of each age the essence of the learning, and applying it where it is needed, to transform experiences, to keep your mind wide open, to connect and to disconnect and to remain true and regardful to yourself.


The key to happiness' is to disconnect from everything and everyone who hinders your growth, who is toxic to you or who starts to claim rights upon you or your journey of life.


The secret of love is to love without limits

in a respectful way and being aware that each love is unique and only flourishing when it is reciprocal and lived on eyelevel.

The key to a successful life is being the person you really are, walking paths never walked before and remaining integer having the backbone to speak up where it is needed and remaining modest where it is possible. 

The secret of health is the connection to your inner self and to never allow others to break, to manipulate or to compromise you. You need to be able to look into the mirror each morning and each evening and being capable to look into your own eyes.


The key to life is to live it 
and to walk your own journey,
independent from expectations, or what others wish you to do.

Your life is only yours!
Live it YOUR way...

Saskia Charlotte Junker, born on 7th March 1985 in Duisburg, Germany

When I was a child I already knew that I one day would be an author and answered this as well to the curious question by someone, who then replied that it might be difficult to become an author because there are already so many and to rather take into consideration to become a lector, the person at a oublishing house who reads all the books to decide whether they would be taken into consideration to publised. So I started with training my reading skills and by the age of 13 I had read the entire Youth department of the local library of Muelheim an der Ruhr, Germany, the city where I grew up.

Now passed many year, now in 2022 I am 37, my first publication was in 2001 here on e-stories.

The content tackles 2 main aspects "authenticiy", "nature" and a loud voice against sunspeakable crimes, a voice for those who do not have it (anymore) and as well for myself to speak up agaisnt crimes that were done to me without that the criminals went to jail but instead kept going with their crimes in the poor belief that if they keepo going with their crimes one day they will stop me from speaking up, some even having been threatening me if I continue to expose their crimes which made me to raise my voice even more.

Independent from being an author my studies were in energy healing/ frequency healing based with 2012 advanced specialisation in "treating trauma" with shiatsu having learned and studied from international acknowldedge teachers and as well developed my own techniques.
Scientifically it is backed up and evidence based through the newest knowledge on the biomagnetic field and quantum field and the understanding on what is acupuncture and the energetic aspects of our physiological body.

The knowledge on trauma processing and elaboration and healing was part of my saviour since the most horrific things in my life started to happen everafter 2014 at a point where I already had acquiered the full capacities and knowledge about how to heal not only others but apply the same techniques as well upon myself.

I as well in 2014 managed to implement a shiatsu practitioner workplace in a nursing home for the elderly where it not only benefits the senior aged persons but as well the nurses and the managedment within the concept of preventive healthcare.

In the texts and lyrics you will find both. The focus on authenticity and the power of nature, as well as the voice against the crimes and the elaboration of crimes that have been done to me in written form.
In my shiatsu work my focus ALWAYS had been the empowerment of authenticity since it is the strongest energy resource we have in life and will ever have and with that we always can recover from everything that happens to us and that was done to us.

My dedication to dignity and speaking up against crimes started already during my youth while participating in anti landmine campaigns or rising awareness of the horrific instrumentalization of child soldiers.

My first political discussion I had at my age of 4 shortly after the fall of the berlin wall and where I had a heated discussion with an acquaintance of my relatives who was of opinion that the wall should never have opened and who followed some fascist attitudes to which I spoke up.

During Highschool I participated in the musical project of the schooltheatre where we put on stage the Musical "Linie 1", originally a musical by the BERLIN GRIPS theatre tackling political and society topics. It had huge influence on my own writings and publications.
Currently I survive in the USA trying to find a solution for staying here since in Europe in each and every country the persons who were paarticipating in the organized abuse and experimentations in my very own flat and organized persecution eversince 2012 but probably longer on a global scale managed to give directives or to corrupt authorities so they would be able to continue their crimes.

The challenge is that the abuse and experimentation and persecution had been done by individuals from CIA, NSA and Santa Croce (the secret service of the Vatican) and Italian State police agents. Their representatives have properties in the same building where there is my flat in italy.

When I became aware of all the crimes they did to me, they tried to pass me for a different person (actually they tried to pass me for a relative of my stepmother with the surename Wissing and tried to marry me with one of the persons who abused me, who even trheatened me that if I ever speak up or would file police report he would cause that they would put me in psychiatry since he had his contacts to the italian state police and to institutions owned by the roman catholic church) and declared me for crazy on european scale, then they tried to corrupt people on global scale that they would tell everyone that I would be crazy or that I would have to do with drugs or prostitution.
Whenever I meet someone new that person is immideately contacted in weird ways and either corrupted,oppressed or given directives.
It is told people that I would have changed my name, that I would be a prostitute, that I would have run away from a psychiatry, tthat I would be a terrorist, that i would be toxidependent (which is hilarious since I do not even drink coffee or a beer ) or that they would have to drug my food with a special "medicine" that I would refuse to take.

Until the day of today there is no solution in sight.
But I keep writing and publishing.

I survive on my very last centsand thanks to a ladt friend from europe who made a debit card on his name we hoping that they would not surveille his card but they started shortly after they found out.

They compromised my telephones and with the money they stole from me they have been able to corrupt as well an infinite number of people in the USA inclusive representatives of airlines and authorities even pretending towards them i would be a prostitute and would have offered them services or drugs.


Lately they corrupted an airline employee to damage my passport even was not in best state adter several years of similar travel and persecution scenarious but the airlineemployee added a severe damage to it that had not been there before.

There are people who are made belief I would have produced a high quality porn which is now the evidence that the perverts from europe even filmed all abuse and whatever happeened ro me and who I met to make it look like as if all would be just a movie while it is organized abuse and persecution and zersetzung for a couple of years with state agencies participating in it.

It turned out that people even believe i would be a trans person or gay which confirms that the perverts did let grow with their genetical threat humilation a testicle in my gastrointestinal system with crispr and spike proteins and it is even worse.the material comes from the main perpetrator from ukraine that they used with indications that it was a former ww2 criminal.

There were a few persons who tried to compensate me, but the main criminals in all cases managed to send someone else and to steal as well the compensation or to fool those who tried to help me.


They tries to let me declare for insane in the state of new york and in the state of california, both headquarters of thr cia, the nsa and santa croce after i in the state of california came to know additional crimes.

In 4 accomodations they corrupted employees to let enter one of the main perpetratoes during the night.another time i found contact poison.


I tries 4 times to fly out of the United States of America but in all cases it became sabotaged.


Recently i found out that the federal republic of germany did their own little crimes eversince my birth in 1985 and was involved into many persecution and threats towards me having tried as well to let declare me for insane in 2015.never compensating me for it and infiltrating into appointments with the employment agency of germany in 2013. After the appointment I was sent a set up from the german military who was attending thr KSK special unit program.i dobt know what his role was but he seems to have been part of the organized "film " making .

Saskia Charlotte Junker, geboren 7.03.1985 in Duisburg
Wie jedes Kind fragte man auch mich als ich klein war , was ich denn einmal werden moechte.
Autorin, sagte ich. Ein liebevolles Laecheln mit derr Antwort, das sei sehr schoen, aber sehr schwierig zu erreichen, wie es denn mit Lektorin waere, wo man viele gute Buecher von verschiedenen Schriftstellern liest. Da fing ich an zu lesen und mit 14 Jahren hatte ich die komplette Jugendabteilung der Bibliothek von Muelheim an der Ruhr assimiliert, sodass ich eine aeltere Freundin fragen musste, ob sie fuer mich Buecher aus der Erwachsenenabteilung fuer mich ausleihen wuerde.

Ich begann meine ersten Gedichte und Kurzgeschichten im ersten Schuljahr zu schreiben. Mit 12 Jahren schloss sich das taegliche Fuehren eines Tagebuches an.
Im Gymnasium hatte ich die Chance an einem Musical Linie 1 ( Des Gripstheaters Berlin) teilzunehmen und kurz darauf suchte ich die englischsprachige Theatergruppe DUET der Universitaet-Duisburg Essen auf, um auch dort meine ersten Kunstschritte zu wagen.

Texte, Diskussionen, Buecher, Songtexte an denen ich arbeite widmen sich gesellschaftskritischen Themen, komplizierten und delikaten Argumenten und immer wieder auch der Zivilcourage und dem, was aus meiner Sicht Kunst so wertvoll und wichtig macht.

Den Versuch, das sichtbar zu machen, was wir oft sehen und doch nicht sehen, was wir hoeren und doch nicht hoeren, was wir wahrnehmen und schwer ist in Worte zu bringen. Der Versuch, die Essenz zu greifen.

Meine Intention:
Provokation. Reflektion. Ermutigung. Erstaunen. Beruehren. Gedanken anstossen. Gefuehle bewegen. Etwas anschwingen.

Kunst muss etwas hervorrufen, etwas bewegen. Das ist nicht immer schoen und auch nicht immer einfach. Und manchmal ist es auch wieder tiefschoen.
Doch Kunst schwingt eine Seite in uns an.

Die Texte sind haeufig in ich- oder du- form geschrieben.

Nicht immer ist es mir moeglich die exakten Adressaten oder Personen u.A. Taeter und Orte zu spezifizieren, die Inspiration und Hintergrund zu einigen Themen sind, da es neue Verbrechen provozieren wuerde.

Ein weiteres Ziel meiner Arbeit ist gegen Stereotypbehaftetes Denken anzugehen.

Jeder sollte inzwischen wissen, dass sich gutes und schlechtes in jedem Hintergrund zeigen kann und nicht Hintergrundabhaengig ist, sondern individuum abhaengig.

Einige der groessten Verbrechen und Genozide und Persecution wird seit 3000 Jahren von stets der gleichen Institution unter stets neuen Vorwaenden und von ihnen gegruendeten Institutionen begangen waehrend sie sich allwoechentlich als das Gegenteil praesentieren. Doch jene, die sie jagten, verbrannten, experimentierten, verfolgten oder in negatives Licht rueckten teilen stets die gleichen Attribute: heilkundige Gaben, kuenstlerische Authentizitaet, Sinn fuer Zwischentoene, Weisheit die 7000Jahre Geschichte und mehr aufweisen. 

Ein Ziel meiner schriftstelklerischen Aktivitaet ist es Bewusstsein zu schaffen, sich stest eine eigene Meinung zu bilden und zu wissen weshalb man eine bestimmte Meinung hat. Und es gilt nicht "xy hat dies gesagt und ich vertraue xy". dies ist keine eigene meinung oder wissend warum man diese meinung hat sondern blindes uebernehmen einer anderen Meinung.

Wir brauchen erneut eine Gesellschaft, die in der Lage ist zu denken, zu reflektieren, zu trauemen anstatt zu alptraeumen.

Auch deshalb sind vile meiner Texte provokativ. Provokation zum reflektieren. 
Metaphern gebrauchend und nicht immer woertlich zu nehmen.

Allgemeingehalten mit dem Wunsch, dass Identifikation leichter faellt. 
Aus unterschiedlichen Sichtweisen. 

Ich freue mich auf Ihre Rueckmeldungen und hoffe, sie fuehlen sich "beruehrt".


Saskia Charlotte

Es ist leider NICHT moeglich, mich ueber die neue Kommunikationsform zu kontaktieren, da eines der Verbrechen, die mir angetan wurden, darin bestand mir meines zu stehlen, das einer anderen einzusetzen und meines einer anderen zu geben.  Bis heute hat sich bedauerlicherweise niemand dazu bereit erklaert mir meines zu geben und die Verantwortlichen zu verhaften. 
Der Ort in Europa meines offiziellen Wohnsitzes und meines Eigentums ist derzeit leider wertlos, da sich einige Nazi-Schwerverbrecher in dem Ort aufhalten und Autoritaeten sich mehr mit faschistischen Werten identifizieren als gegen Verbrechen vorzugehen.

Ich lebe derzeit ohne Adresse ausserhalb von Europa in der Hoffnung, einen Ort zu finden, wo Kunst, Schriftstellerei geschaetzt und Gesetze mehr respektiert werden anstatt alten und neuen Faschisten und Vatikanrepraesentanten blind Hoerigkeit und offenes Portemonee zu geben. 

Die meisten der Ausschnitte meiner Arbeit, die Sie hier finden, sind Elaborationen von erlebten, diese konstruktiv zu transformieren.

Vielleicht sehen Sie mich und mein beschriebenes Gepaeck irgendwo auf der Welt. Seien Sie sich dessen bewusst, dass die negativen Luegen, die jemand ueber mich verbreitet von jenen verbreitet werden, die mir die Verbrechen angetan haben und zu verhindern suchen, dass mir gegalubt wird. 
Sie setzen in die Welt, dass ich mir diese Dinge ausgedacht habe, dass ich schizoid waere, dass ich amnesie haette und adoptiert und vor vielen Jahren weggelaufen sei und meinen Namen geaendert haette. Andere dachten sich aus, sie haetten mich geheiratet, waerend einer von jenen verantworltich fuer jahrelangen Missbrauch ist, bei dem man mich unter Drogen setzte und Personen in meine eigene Wohnung nachts liess.

Ich wuerde nicht einmal meinen Namen aendern um die Verbrechen der Personen zu stoppen. 


Contact Saskia Charlotte Junker


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list of countries i have traveled throughout my 38long life01/25/2023 Travel Stories / My Home Country
list of people the psychopaths seemed to have murdered01/12/2023 Horror
Marion wissing s Father and his ndrangheta comorra sect01/26/2023 Horror
maroadi, trimeloni01/16/2023 Crime
maybe someone wants to ask them wtf they did eversince 2015??01/25/2023 General
messed up origins..01/31/2023 Mystery
more about the real janina maria junker01/19/2023 General
more details about the REAL Janina Maria junker 22.12.198201/20/2023 General
more example of snowman's content perception disorder01/29/2023 Crime
more examples of Lennie Giacomo snowmnas content perception d02/03/2023 General
more fb accounts and mails that became compromised and circum01/18/2023 Crime
more inquiry results about criminal osteria vecchia 5 rivoli 01/21/2023 Crime
more people with time context perception disorder02/02/2023 General
more proof regards Leo Giacomo Costa sinclair01/19/2023 Crime
My application for political asylum on Russia 17th of August212/31/2022 General
my bank account at the Norisbank geanu01/21/2023 General
my bank account at the REISEBANK GERMANY01/21/2023 General
My curriculum location wise01/12/2023 General
my iphone se second generation scj.artist@icloud.com01/17/2023 General
New insights..11/15/2022 General
Newest crimes of the psychopaths12/22/2022 General
newest inquiry results about pilot leonardo GiacomoCosta 01/20/2023 Crime
on top of everything they abused me as bait01/20/2023 Crime
only 3 months to live ???01/17/2023 General
pazzia negli aeroporto oppure le bugie della CIA07/14/2022 Historical
people still did not understand who is Ipnovito ,the rapist?!01/14/2023 Crime
Please inform the Vatican about orietta and Enrico Saglia12/17/2022 Horror
Please refer to WHO and medical research institutes!11/08/2022 General
please scan as well on aurora Florida, bar oasi (the women)..01/17/2023 General
Possessive psychopaths12/30/2022 General
POST and alberto giramonti geom.agiramonti@libero.it01/12/2023 General
profunda investigations in Tucson, Arizona needed01/14/2023 Crime
Property of USA?!?! I don't think so.Slavery does NOT exist01/03/2023 General
protocol of contact poison incidents 2023 by half Ukranian st01/10/2023 Crime
psmaybe someone should check whether I really write with albi01/12/2023 General
put INSANE lennie/leonard/leo COSTA into PRISON psychiatry!01/14/2023 Horror
Quotes...12/02/2022 General
red snowmen in kindergarden- NOT me but JANINA MARIA JUNKER01/12/2023 Crime
regards the new family of michael02/03/2023 General
Reisebank Deutschland, not possible to make bank transfers :(01/25/2023 General
reisebank-either noone tried to help or they give it to someo02/03/2023 General
s riously?!? Leo Lennie Lennard Giacomo Costa is HIMMLER??01/24/2023 General
Sad results about women who pretended being childhood friends01/13/2023 Crime
Saglia Zeni Dorigoni e le loro richieste e offerti di "aiuti"11/28/2022 Crime
salvation army revisited01/25/2023 Crime
San Luis Obispo , California 2019 ans 202212/03/2022 Horror
Sara Giramonti is responsible for another Identitytheft01/23/2023 Crime
Scappata per Austria. 05/20/2021 Mystery
Scappata per austria 2 (what happenes after drivng there)10/18/2022 Crime
serial killer fascist Leo/Lennie/Lennard/Leonardo Giacomo cos01/24/2023 General
severe exame of co tent perception disorder, severe grade01/30/2023 General
Some little Excerpts from.the full book part 1... 10/14/2022 Horror
summary of what I wrote in my blog about dangerous ipnovito 01/16/2023 Horror
The administration of Malcesine and Brenzone01/31/2023 Crime
The Crimes of genocide by the Vatican summarized10/17/2022 Historical
The disorder "FASCISM"01/29/2023 General
the ex SS, SA and extinction camp commanders of Malcesine 01/24/2023 Crime
the Fake Harem02/03/2023 Satire
The family Schneider Herrchenbach and their entitlements11/21/2022 Crime
the issue with leaked accomodations...01/20/2023 Crime
the lies of dangerous stalkers such as Leo Costa & ipnovito01/14/2023 Crime
the list of false people they passed me for in 38 years01/14/2023 Crime
the marriage argements at lake Garda, by old disgusting women01/17/2023 Crime
the surname wissing sure name of Marion's adoptive mother!?!02/02/2023 Thoughts
The surveillance Neurorape technology Snowden tried to warn a12/26/2022 General
the travel arngements at lake Garda, by old disgusting women01/17/2023 Crime
the truth about lucrele, Leonardo Giacomo Costa, "vito", hauk01/19/2023 Horror
The various lies of the pervert persecutors on health etc.01/04/2023 General
they deceived not only me but as well Alberto giramonti01/25/2023 Crime
they stole the vaccines...01/31/2023 Crime
to all "she will.finosh like assange"-idiots01/26/2023 General
to my friends from 2008/2010 Carla rosa Consolati and Matteo 02/02/2023 General
towards all who make polemics I would rail against my"family"01/09/2023 Crime
try to file restrainingorders-->they tried to let declare ins01/30/2023 Crime
Updates about the Vatican and mentioned state agencies01/07/2023 Politics & Society
va vanculo means fuck yourself and fuckoff01/14/2023 General
"vito lapetina" or who the fuck he is PRETENDS TO BE LENNIE02/03/2023 Crime
What did happen in 2017 and 2019 ???02/03/2023 Horror
what is the real identity of Alberto PARISI, piazza statuto??01/29/2023 Crime
what is the role of Britta franzke wand and Johannes wand ?01/19/2023 General
what 's Fried Heinz Theodor s real identity?Born 26th06 193501/22/2023 Historical
What Snowden and Assange are not able to tell you...11/03/2022 General
when they give compensations to whore sellers instead to me01/20/2023 Crime
when will the 10 psychopaths and those who hired them be arre01/26/2023 Crime
Who is Nadia Giramonti in Reality?02/02/2023 Mystery
WHO is Patrizio Sala ???12/04/2022 Crime
Zombieanimals of the Vatican ..10/17/2022 Historical
A voice against stalking I02/04/2021 Politics & Society
ancient warriors 08/18/2022 General
Betrayed07/06/2022 Politics & Society
Deep Clean Emotional detox05/22/2021 Humour
Heroes & misconceptions of society (SONGTEXT)07/09/2022 Politics & Society
LIVE THE LIFE06/10/2021 Life
Noone owns anybody, neither for real nor in disguise07/23/2022 Politics & Society
Random philosophics03/11/2022 Thoughts
Strategies of ZERSETZUNG, NSA and VATICAN07/20/2022 Politics & Society
They think they own me07/05/2022 Politics & Society
Will I ever forget. or the impact of criminals (elaborative)07/04/2022 Politics & Society
Zwischentoene- Nomades perceptions01/27/2022 Lyrics
Unterlassene Hilfeleistung der Polizei & Nervegift im Zug10/19/2022Autobiografisches
anzeige wegen Beitritt einer kriminellen Organisation 02/01/2023Wahre Geschichten
Bitte keine Email oder Kommentar... 10/28/2022Sonstige
das gestohlene erbe01/25/2023Wahre Geschichten
Die neue Kastengesellschaft der USA mit insignas im Essen01/27/2023Wahre Geschichten
Die Wuerstel der Champion11/04/2022Horror
eine schreckliche entdeckung01/22/2023Wahre Geschichten
erneute Kommunikation Reisebank-es braucht nur die kartennr.01/31/2023Wahre Geschichten
Gefaehrliche Gluecksspiele in Malcesine und Brenzone11/09/2022Wahre Geschichten
Hitlers rasselbande goering eicke roswita Ruth hauke wissing10/13/2022Wahre Geschichten
Hitlers Scherben und der Vatikan am Gardaseeb10/23/2022Wahre Geschichten
Joe Biden ist involviert in Adult kidnapping 01/22/2023Wahre Geschichten
kaliforien, San Luis Obispo revisited01/22/2023Wahre Geschichten
Mechtild Wand12/30/2022Sonstige
Ortstagebuch Juni 2021- Dezember 202101/29/2023Wahre Geschichten
qualifications bevor verrückte Regierungen mein Leben raubten01/23/2023Wahre Geschichten
Reisebank01/25/2023Wahre Geschichten
seit wann ist ein Mensch tot wenn ers ich einen neuen PC kauf01/31/2023Wahre Geschichten
stimmt es dass man meine Familie umgebracht hat!?!?01/23/2023Wahre Geschichten
Untergewicht 57.5 kg01/25/2023Wahre Geschichten
wait with economic support.i need to double-check the card01/24/2023Sonstige
wenn der Vater der Schwägerin camorra-ndragheta boss ist...01/30/2023Wahre Geschichten
wenn die welt sagt du seist tod und verheiratet 01/20/2023Skurriles
wenn du denkst das psyhopatischstr sei bereits dokumentiert..02/01/2023Wahre Geschichten
Wenn Fremde behaupten du seist ihre Nazitochter und Zwangsimp10/23/2022Wahre Geschichten
wo befindet sich mein iPhone SE IMEI 35555575712456901/25/2023Sonstige
Zwangsverheiratung am Gardasee10/27/2022Unheimliche Geschichten
Öffentliche Anklage;nethische Experimente ohne Konsens st198502/02/2023Wahre Geschichten
öffentliche anzeige bzgl Beihilfe zu versuchtem mord02/01/2023Drama
öffentliche Anzeige da Behörden und Regierungen den Tätern he01/22/2023Wahre Geschichten
Für welchen Preis?12/26/2001Offene Fragen
Geraubte Leben (zerstoerte Karrieren, zerstoerte beziehungen)10/21/2022Autobiografisches
Lichtblicke am Horizont05/20/2021Kritisches

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