Volodymyr Knyr (Ukraine)

Volodymyr Knyr (was born 13 December 1955) - Ukrainian writer, film director, philosopher.
As a poet he versifies in Byelorussian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian (mainly in his own literary genre called aphorhyme http://ru.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=aphorhyme).

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Du sublime au ridicule01/28/2021 Humour
From the sublime to the ridiculous...01/25/2021 Humour
We nail Ali anew11/05/2020 Humour
È attuale11/19/2015 Psychological
Un poeta pazzo e un poeta da strapazzo11/06/2015 Thoughts
Un son et une chanson04/24/2015 Humour
A babe and a breed09/06/2017 Marriage and Relationships
A babe and her admirer 07/18/2017 Love & Romance
A baby of a mermaid08/21/2017 Fantasy
A bad advice01/09/2017 Humour
A badman and a batman05/06/2017 Politics & Society
A bean-feast table02/02/2017 Humour
A beautiful lies01/04/2017 Psychological
A bed rest05/21/2017 Humour
A beefeater's fast 05/29/2017 Humour
A career person06/22/2017 Psychological
A check-lock04/12/2017 Humour
A chess piece09/20/2017 Psychological
A cold (st)eel01/21/2017 Humour
A common snail12/06/2016 Humour
A consolation05/25/2017 Politics & Society
A current07/04/2017 General
A dame11/09/2016 General
A damsel in distress01/22/2017 Marriage and Relationships
A deaf daredevil02/18/2017 Psychological
A deal02/03/2017 Psychological
A dum-dum02/12/2017 Philosophical
A fan of garlic05/09/2017 Humour
A fart02/13/2017 Psychological
A female figure03/17/2017 Marriage and Relationships
A fere and a sphere07/16/2017 Marriage and Relationships
A find03/20/2017 Humour
A find01/20/2017 Politics & Society
A fist-fucker06/21/2017 Humour
A french and a trench10/16/2023 War & Peace
A gang04/17/2017 Psychological
A gang01/25/2017 Politics & Society
A Gaul and Gaullism12/09/2019 Humour
A golf(-)club07/11/2017 Humour
A good device07/07/2017 Philosophical
A greedy Dick's seed06/23/2017 Birthdays
A grip of steel05/08/2017 Humour
A gym and regime07/01/2017 Psychological
A heifer and a bull calf03/10/2017 Marriage and Relationships
A horribly deep rest 06/25/2017 Psychological
A human and a humanoid04/20/2017 Humour
A Jewish meal03/28/2017 Psychological
A leader06/26/2017 Humour
A leader01/14/2017 Politics & Society
A leek and leakage12/04/2016 Humour
A lone maniac06/20/2017 Humour
A long state09/18/2017 Humour
A man and a witch08/02/2017 Marriage and Relationships
A moll04/26/2017 Marriage and Relationships
A non-idol03/25/2017 Psychological
A otta a otta01/13/2016 Marriage and Relationships
A pacifist11/04/2017 Psychological
A pacifist03/11/2017 Politics & Society
A palm06/04/2017 Marriage and Relationships
A paranoid and a pair annoyed06/13/2017 Psychological
A patient04/14/2017 Humour
A peach and a speech05/19/2021 Humour
A pedo03/26/2017 Humour
A peep-show04/13/2017 Politics & Society
A peer 07/15/2017 Humour
A piece of ice-cream01/26/2017 Humour
A piss pot04/23/2017 Humour
A piss-pot 07/09/2017 Humour
A pretty shit07/14/2017 Lovegrief
A proper time06/05/2017 Marriage and Relationships
A queen and a quean05/28/2017 Marriage and Relationships
A rep05/22/2017 Psychological
A reputation stain07/02/2017 Humour
A retailer11/03/2019 Humour
A rife strife03/03/2017 Humour
A sadistic poetaster12/13/2016 Satire
A sex extreme04/24/2017 Marriage and Relationships
A sexist08/01/2017 Humour
A simpleton06/30/2017 Loneliness
A sole and a soul01/16/2017 Philosophical
A sophisticated wit04/11/2017 Humour
A Spaniard and Hispanics04/02/2017 Humour
A (s)plash 06/06/2017 Psychological
A s(tic)k07/10/2017 Humour
A stool and a tool02/21/2017 Humour
A streetwise12/25/2016 Psychological
A tail09/19/2016 Psychological
A thunder cloud03/05/2017 Humour
A tressed gal05/23/2017 Humour
A troublemaker05/10/2017 Satire
A true individualist06/27/2017 Psychological
A vanity fair05/16/2017 Marriage and Relationships
A voice05/07/2017 Psychological
A wail and a wale05/20/2017 Humour
A warfare05/27/2017 Politics & Society
A waste of air01/29/2017 Love & Romance
A wean07/17/2017 Psychological
A wimp06/17/2017 Psychological
A woman's health06/07/2017 Psychological
A worm12/31/2016 Satire
A young lad06/19/2017 Psychological
Accesso ed sesso02/12/2016 Humour
Adozione01/27/2016 Psychological
Ahasver 09/14/2017 Humour
Ale and love12/23/2016 Love & Romance
An ace and a face02/23/2017 Psychological
A(n af)fair07/24/2017 Marriage and Relationships
An aid12/04/2019 Humour
An aim02/15/2017 Psychological
An aim and a fame02/24/2017 Psychological
An air raid12/17/2016 War & Peace
An ally05/24/2017 Philosophical
An antialcohol campaign-208/16/2017 Drugs and Addiction
An antialcohol campaign08/12/2017 Humour
An arrest and a rest05/11/2017 Humour
An ass and the mass05/13/2017 Fantasy
An assache01/03/2017 Marriage and Relationships
An assassin 06/15/2017 Psychological
An ass-kicker07/08/2017 Humour
An ass-kicker06/08/2017 Humour
An attack as a tack03/24/2022 Humour
An earthquake11/14/2017 Sorrow
An easiness12/29/2016 Psychological
An eel and a reel03/07/2017 Philosophical
An effective work05/30/2017 Philosophical
An egocentrist05/01/2017 Loneliness
An escapist03/27/2017 Humour
An expert04/19/2017 Politics & Society
An extremal sex stream11/12/2019 Humour
An implementation and a lamentation05/19/2017 Psychological
An individualist09/24/2016 Loneliness
An itch01/13/2017 Marriage and Relationships
An oculist and a ridiculist07/27/2017 Humour
An old fool12/10/2016 Thoughts
An ordeal06/18/2017 Psychological
An unheated school 04/05/2017 Humour
An X-ray07/12/2017 Psychological
Anche un bambino ama12/25/2015 Drugs and Addiction
Antes del sexo07/15/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Aquele que não tem dinheiro11/08/2016 Psychological
Argents et sergents04/01/2015 Humour
Armani e le mani02/11/2016 Humour
Art fakes03/23/2017 Humour
As fir(e)01/19/2017 Humour
Asas e massas11/13/2016 Philosophical
Asses and classes04/07/2017 Humour
Auteurs et admirateurs04/06/2015 Psychological
Autre âge et autre entourage07/17/2015 General
Autre mentalité02/27/2015 Psychological
Avalement04/20/2015 Humour
Avis et vies03/25/2015 Life
Bajo burkas08/16/2016 Psychological
Banchetto luculliano11/25/2015 Humour
Belonging (the shortest holorhyme)04/29/2018 Experimental
Bere e donne libere11/11/2015 Marriage and Relationships
Beware!08/28/2017 Philosophical
Bien d'autrui06/07/2015 Humour
Bitching and pitching04/09/2017 Humour
Bomba e catacomba03/09/2022 Humour
Bombe et catacombe03/08/2022 Humour
Bombs and catacombs03/07/2022 Humour
Bonne mine02/02/2015 Humour
Brains07/05/2017 Psychological
Brides must know that07/13/2017 Humour
Bruno11/02/2015 Sorrow
Brutal attacks03/18/2022 War & Peace
Buenos días y buenas tías07/30/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Buone monne01/03/2016 Love & Romance
Cada cual que no entiende nada08/28/2016 Psychological
Cada ordem03/31/2022 War & Peace
Cada orden10/12/2016 War & Peace
Cada quien nos convida11/19/2016 Humour
Capas sociales marginales10/09/2016 Politics & Society
Champagne and pain12/24/2016 Drugs and Addiction
Chaque votre joyeux anniversaire06/01/2024 Humour
Che è normale11/28/2015 Philosophical
Che connota la moralità04/15/2016 Psychological
Che un uomo magnifica05/18/2016 Love & Romance
Cheerleaders04/10/2015 Humour
Chi è sfortunato03/15/2016 Birthdays
Chi bene ride03/29/2016 Emotions
Chi ha la tetta02/03/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Chi non sa un iota12/10/2015 Philosophical
Classes and glasses01/05/2017 Humour
Close-stools04/22/2017 Humour
Combien un poète est pervers...01/27/2015 Psychological
Comics 07/26/2017 Psychological
Communication by touch07/03/2017 Marriage and Relationships
Comodo11/12/2015 Psychological
Conscrits05/11/2015 Psychological
Cuando un gato engata11/23/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Cupido12/11/2015 General
Dante06/28/2015 Birthdays
Dante y un comandante08/29/2016 General
De dieux02/07/2015 Philosophical
Del grembo04/17/2016 Mother´s Day
Dentiste prudent02/24/2015 Humour
Desconocidos y buenos cides08/31/2016 Politics & Society
Di nettezza12/30/2015 Philosophical
Dirigenti, dipendenti e denti01/04/2016 Humour
Disputas íntimas12/08/2016 Emotions
Dissidenti e sui denti11/10/2015 Politics & Society
Dolly girls09/08/2017 Love & Romance
Donkeys and monkeys05/26/2017 Politics & Society
Dos en uno11/29/2016 Love & Romance
Dualism and individualism06/17/2016 Humour
Dualisme en individualisme06/18/2016 Humour
Dualismo e individualismo06/20/2016 Humour
Dualismo ed individualismo06/16/2016 Humour
Dualismo y individualismo06/30/2016 Philosophical
Eating03/24/2017 Humour
Eboli e deboli01/29/2016 Sorrow
Eden12/18/2016 Humour
El amor y el humor11/06/2016 Love & Romance
El Cupido y un cupido08/19/2016 Love & Romance
El diario y el ordinario09/11/2016 Philosophical
El egoismo y el altruismo08/10/2016 Philosophical
El espíritu de rutina10/27/2016 Life
El hedonismo09/06/2016 Life
El marrón color09/30/2016 Politics & Society
El no rezador08/21/2016 Philosophical
El pujo09/29/2016 Satire
El queso y un hueso11/30/2016 Philosophical
El sexo experimental09/05/2016 Marriage and Relationships
El sexo vaginal09/08/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Elle et Il04/16/2015 Humour
En búsqueda de un idilio07/21/2016 Politics & Society
En mangeant04/17/2015 Humour
En morgue03/31/2015 Humour
En nuestro medio09/25/2016 Drugs and Addiction
En parfaite intelligence05/23/2015 Psychological
Enemigos y amigos09/16/2016 Psychological
English to French01/16/2015 Humour
Entre autres05/14/2015 Humour
Eroine12/08/2015 Emotions
Es malo09/27/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Eschimese e sari04/28/2016 Fantasy
Estetas y tetas07/12/2016 Humour
Eve 02/19/2017 Mother´s Day
Eve12/16/2016 Remembrance
Extraveils03/30/2017 Marriage and Relationships
Fairy-tales01/28/2017 Politics & Society
Fallout03/22/2017 Psychological
Fear and greed06/24/2017 Psychological
Feux07/02/2015 Sorrow
First they adore...12/24/2019 Love & Romance
Food as a source02/26/2017 Drugs and Addiction
Food on a tray01/18/2017 Philosophical
For sophists07/25/2017 Philosophical
Forbidden Eden04/24/2016 Philosophical
Forse02/06/2016 Thoughts
"Friedenskaputt"05/05/2016 War & Peace
Frights 03/16/2017 Psychological
Fuertes contendientes09/02/2016 Politics & Society
Fugitive03/19/2022 Humour
Galletti ardenti05/25/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Giù le mani!02/05/2016 Emotions
Gli amati05/12/2016 Love & Romance
Gnomi e fisiognomi01/23/2016 Life
Gnomos y fisiognomos07/13/2016 Philosophical
God and folk 04/03/2017 Politics & Society
Goede interviews01/22/2015 Thoughts
Granti ed emigranti04/22/2016 Politics & Society
Grave perdita11/04/2015 Sorrow
Grazie ad Astarte02/25/2016 Life
Gusanos y sus anos07/08/2016 Philosophical
He who was... 03/15/2022 Humour
He's slimmer04/29/2017 Philosophical
Hoe verder, hoe dichter 10/30/2019 Humour
Hombres y nombres08/22/2016 Philosophical
Hormonas y monas10/26/2016 General
Hungry occupants03/14/2022 Humour
I bianchi ed i neri02/15/2016 Humour
I lazzi ed i palazzi04/30/2016 Politics & Society
I liane e gli ani12/22/2015 Humour
I nostri mostri12/04/2015 Satire
If I were in your shoes03/16/2020 Humour
Il coronamento04/18/2016 Politics & Society
Il disorientamento01/12/2016 Drugs and Addiction
Il disturbo02/20/2016 Fantasy
Il dominio03/30/2016 War & Peace
Il generale01/16/2016 General
Il intervento03/16/2016 Psychological
Il peso netto05/15/2016 Humour
Œil pour œil03/02/2015 Humour
Il sesso esperimentale04/09/2016 Love & Romance
Il stabilita04/25/2016 Life
Il truismo04/13/2016 Lyrics
Il vento ed un evento03/25/2016 Humour
Il vero aneddoto02/01/2016 Humour
In a bear's lair01/12/2017 Humour
In a falling plane09/26/2016 Sorrow
In form06/11/2017 Psychological
In memoria della fregata militare russa05/08/2022 War & Peace
In Sherwood Forest03/18/2017 Humour
Incendiarios10/21/2016 War & Peace
Invalidi e bolidi06/10/2016 Humour
Istituti e gabinetto11/23/2015 Satire
It fails04/06/2017 Psychological
It's a snap12/03/2016 Humour
It's hot11/06/2019 Humour
Jove et Putin10/18/2019 Humour
Judas y ayudas11/14/2016 Philosophical
La arma ed il karma02/28/2016 War & Peace
La aroma de Roma10/18/2016 Philosophical
La belle femme01/28/2015 Humour
La belle ivre05/31/2015 Love & Romance
La belle ivre et le livre06/02/2015 Humour
La bourgeoisie comprador06/20/2015 Politics & Society
La classica scultura03/17/2016 Sorrow
La comparación08/25/2016 Marriage and Relationships
La cura11/13/2015 Humour
La dama nuda06/27/2016 Love & Romance
La dama vacante07/05/2016 Marriage and Relationships
La detta e la vendetta02/04/2016 Psychological
La différence06/26/2015 Humour
La discusión10/08/2016 Philosophical
La diva01/18/2015 Loneliness
La divisione dell´Inghilterra03/12/2016 War & Peace
La dolce vita01/14/2016 Life
La estabilidad09/10/2016 Psychological
La fin et le vin04/29/2015 Humour
La gada07/14/2016 Philosophical
La gente coronada10/16/2016 Satire
La gente deligente07/11/2016 Philosophical
La gente di t...06/02/2016 Humour
La gente diligente08/27/2016 Psychological
La gente ordinaria03/24/2016 Satire
La gran nonada09/18/2016 Philosophical
La grande arme07/04/2015 Humour
La hospitalité03/21/2015 Humour
La inevitabilità12/01/2015 Christmas
La lingua04/10/2016 Philosophical
La mejor carnada07/24/2016 Philosophical
La mejor mano08/08/2016 Politics & Society
La moral y el sexo oral06/23/2016 Satire
La moralité05/27/2015 Humour
La morfina e la endorfina04/21/2016 Drugs and Addiction
La mort et la vie04/07/2015 Sorrow
La nana y una banana06/24/2016 Loneliness
La noblesse de sang06/30/2015 Lovegrief
La notoriété03/18/2015 Humour
La pandera y la bandera07/02/2016 Politics & Society
La pelata e la palata02/07/2016 Humour
La perversión09/04/2016 Lovegrief
La più bella persona11/20/2015 Humour
La plage05/20/2015 Philosophical
La plus belle tirade07/11/2015 Humour
La pénétration05/13/2015 Philosophical
La popularité07/05/2015 Humour
La rima esatta03/18/2016 Marriage and Relationships
La rue et la grue02/19/2015 Humour
La satire03/24/2015 Satire
La servilité06/05/2015 Psychological
La sexualité06/10/2015 Psychological
La sposa e la posa02/22/2016 Marriage and Relationships
La squadra di sogno05/27/2016 Fantasy
La sœur07/07/2015 Marriage and Relationships
La table06/09/2015 Humour
La tranquillità04/26/2016 Sorrow
La vie03/19/2015 Life
La vie est un jeu05/12/2015 Life
Lack of a jewel06/10/2017 Sorrow
L’aidant03/22/2015 Satire
L’argent urgent02/08/2015 Humour
Las aves y los pelados10/17/2016 Humour
Las bastardas06/29/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Las grandes pelotas y la pose de lotos07/07/2016 Psychological
Las musas06/26/2016 Love & Romance
Lazzi e palazzi01/31/2016 Humour
Le besoin04/25/2015 Humour
Le calibre06/01/2015 Politics & Society
Le cose lette03/13/2016 Humour
Le court âge06/15/2015 Sorrow
Le dream team03/01/2015 Humour
Le leonesse ed il leone04/23/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Le meilleur manière02/18/2015 Psychological
Le meilleur voyageur02/12/2015 Humour
Le mont Sion et une mission07/19/2015 Politics & Society
Le nonne05/13/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Le pharisien et un Parisien06/08/2015 Psychological
Le plus beau01/25/2015 Fantasy
Le point de contact06/18/2015 Humour
Le ragazze ed i ragazzi11/27/2015 Marriage and Relationships
Le rappel05/15/2015 Humour
Le rideau de fer02/22/2015 Psychological
Le sexe appel06/12/2015 Humour
Le tableau02/03/2015 Humour
Le trame lette06/06/2016 Satire
Le vent07/09/2015 Humour
Le vite (La vita e la vita)04/16/2016 Life
Le vrai amant03/14/2015 Humour
Le vrai sage06/19/2015 Philosophical
L'eau02/09/2015 Humour
L'eleganza06/04/2016 Marriage and Relationships
L'enivrement05/16/2015 Psychological
Les avis05/17/2015 Psychological
Les bonnes lunettes04/08/2015 Humour
Les consequences04/12/2015 Humour
Les femmes fatales05/30/2015 Lovegrief
Les hommes et les amazones04/28/2015 Humour
Les hommes et leurs malheurs04/27/2015 Humour
Les honnêtes témoins04/13/2015 Philosophical
Les mauvais pacificateurs07/13/2015 Humour
Les meilleurs03/16/2015 Psychological
Les poètes pauvres05/29/2015 Love & Romance
Les rôles et les paroles05/10/2015 Life
Les traîtres07/20/2015 Politics & Society
Les vrais caricaturistes01/31/2015 Sorrow
Less curvy, more scurvy01/08/2017 Psychological
Let's call a spide (anti-proverb)03/13/2020 Humour
L'humoriste02/01/2015 Humour
L'immunité07/01/2015 Humour
L'invidia05/03/2016 Emotions
Lioni e coglioni02/14/2016 Valentine´s Day
Lips and slips12/30/2016 Humour
Literato y liderato08/26/2019 Psychological
Lo sbraitio ed il mare12/19/2015 General
L’objet d’usage courant01/15/2015 Humour
Local de nascimento01/19/2015 Humour
Loquace putte11/17/2015 Humour
Los amantes ardientes07/04/2016 Lovegrief
Los buenos condones11/20/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Los evangelistas08/05/2016 Humour
Los hombres y sus penas08/18/2016 Lovegrief
Los (ll)amados09/28/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Los malos libros11/27/2016 Humour
Los productos de Cervantes10/05/2016 Humour
L´uomo non nell´età tarda03/03/2016 Psychological
L´évitement05/26/2015 Humour
Maires et intérimaires06/06/2015 General
Malheurs et rimailleurs06/03/2015 Humour
Marals et non-marals04/02/2015 Humour
Maturidade10/29/2019 Love & Romance
Meeting a dill09/15/2017 Psychological
MH1710/31/2019 Humour
Minuti05/10/2016 Lovegrief
Minutos10/04/2016 Lovegrief
Misses12/11/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Mitos10/10/2016 General
Moda11/21/2015 Satire
Modestie02/13/2015 Psychological
(M)oral laws04/10/2017 Humour
Morfine ed un fine12/12/2015 Sorrow
Mérito05/11/2022 Humour
Mucho jerez06/25/2016 Love & Romance
Nel'asilo notturno05/14/2016 Life
Nelli notri porti05/06/2016 Politics & Society
Neptune and sea monsters04/18/2022 War & Peace
Nero e bianco03/11/2016 Humour
Ninguno africano10/13/2016 Philosophical
Ninguno de mogatos11/18/2016 Philosophical
Niños desobedientes07/22/2016 Childhood
No cada boca10/11/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Não cada grande boca10/07/2016 Marriage and Relationships
No cada par10/23/2016 Marriage and Relationships
No cantantes y cantantes07/09/2016 Fantasy
No de Erato09/01/2016 Loneliness
No toda la farsanta07/25/2016 Satire
No Turkish meal 06/01/2017 Humour
No-fly zone03/11/2022 Humour
Non beneficenza02/08/2016 Sorrow
Non stato interessante01/02/2016 Mother´s Day
Non un nourrisson03/15/2015 Humour
Non-­dits03/23/2015 Humour
Non-vliegzone03/12/2022 Humour
Nos actions05/24/2015 Friendship
Noses, diagnoses and prognoses02/25/2017 Humour
Nostro istinto divino01/21/2016 Drugs and Addiction
Not a friend12/05/2016 Friendship
Not no one08/30/2017 Psychological
Notre avis06/21/2015 Psychological
Notre mont Sion03/12/2015 Humour
Notre progrès04/23/2015 Friendship
Nous et Préverts02/26/2015 Humour
Nuestra anestesia general12/02/2016 Satire
Nuestras tías07/19/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Nuestros jefes07/20/2016 Satire
Odeur et maraudeur04/12/2022 Humour
Ojo por ojo (anti-proverbio)03/19/2020 Humour
Old jak07/06/2017 Marriage and Relationships
On bad diseases02/27/2024 Philosophical
On closing the sky03/17/2022 War & Peace
On (f)rigidity12/18/2019 Humour
On him who isn't in time05/14/2017 Humour
On how to have a rest02/11/2017 Travel Stories / My Home Country
On making a jest06/02/2017 Humour
On one neighbor of Ukraine05/04/2022 War & Peace
On those who often plight09/22/2017 Psychological
On twitting02/07/2017 Satire
On what a baby-kisser aye retails12/09/2016 Politics & Society
On what disfigures figures03/01/2017 Humour
On what's behind-the-scene04/15/2017 Philosophical
On who can be tricked02/01/2017 Psychological
On who makes ends meet03/19/2017 Philosophical
On/la nuit04/11/2015 Experimental
Our (r)age04/08/2017 Emotions
Paradenti e perdenti06/03/2016 Philosophical
Parecer y ser09/13/2016 Psychological
Parente ed un figlio12/24/2015 Psychological
Parigi03/20/2016 Travel Stories / My Home Country
Peaches and cream12/06/2019 Humour
Pepitas y pitos10/20/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Perdenti e denti11/26/2015 Life
Pesky*10/14/2022 War & Peace
Pinocchio02/29/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Plastic surgery 10/02/2017 Psychological
Por denario09/12/2016 Love & Romance
Por un lado... por otro lado...08/15/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Porto geese01/17/2017 Politics & Society
Pour odeur05/22/2015 Humour
Pour ta hygiène orale03/28/2015 Humour
Poutine01/21/2015 Humour
Pressing a brake 08/07/2017 Psychological
Professorial glasses12/28/2016 Humour
Psicologia esperimentale04/07/2016 Sorrow
Que es no mal09/09/2016 Life
Que nos interesa07/16/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Que para mujeres es sado11/04/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Que puede atraer al macho07/23/2016 General
Quem vivem em espaçosas casas11/11/2016 Philosophical
Quest orientation02/06/2017 Politics & Society
Qui devient riche04/05/2015 Psychological
Qui se mit dans l'étable02/25/2015 General
Quien corre el dado11/15/2016 Sorrow
Quien no ora09/17/2016 Philosophical
Quien no pasa de la edad11/02/2016 Psychological
Racketeers and tears01/06/2017 Sorrow
Ranks and pranks05/31/2017 Satire
Rats et pirates04/30/2015 Psychological
Relitti umani e mani11/05/2015 Psychological
Ridi, palazzo! (Un anti-proverbio)02/29/2020 Humour
Right girls01/02/2017 Humour
Right love03/06/2017 Love & Romance
Rimer ou trimer06/27/2015 Psychological
Roma e il aroma02/21/2016 Life
Roma ed un aroma05/29/2016 Humour
Romani e domani05/30/2016 Philosophical
Rome et son arôme05/18/2015 Travel Stories / My Home Country
Sa truie03/10/2015 Philosophical
Sage comme une image03/17/2015 Humour
Scene di balletto03/06/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Sclerosi11/14/2015 Humour
Scènes06/16/2015 Love & Romance
Senza sesso12/18/2015 Psychological
Senza (s)posa02/19/2016 Humour
Sesso12/31/2015 Lovegrief
Setting a trend05/04/2017 Politics & Society
Ship and rats04/20/2022 Travel Stories / My Home Country
Si l’époux est trop assommant05/04/2015 Psychological
Si tu fais comme il faut04/18/2015 Philosophical
Signore e muse12/03/2015 Psychological
Sisyphus 04/18/2017 Humour
Some ale12/22/2016 Drugs and Addiction
Some best ale01/31/2017 Drugs and Addiction
Sotto burke06/08/2016 Politics & Society
Specchi nostri01/09/2016 Psychological
Spilungoni e nane05/26/2016 General
Stalloni06/14/2016 Love & Romance
Steaming02/17/2017 Emotions
Ta chute libre02/11/2015 Humour
Tabou05/01/2015 Humour
Takes and mistakes02/09/2017 Psychological
Talloni05/09/2016 Philosophical
Tette ed estete01/26/2016 Satire
The best job03/12/2017 Philosophical
The biggest flaw04/29/2016 Satire
The biggest treat01/23/2017 Life
The bras(s)05/02/2017 Humour
The breast and the rest02/08/2017 Marriage and Relationships
The coevals03/29/2017 Philosophical
The (des)ire05/17/2017 Lovegrief
The dread of light02/20/2017 General
The esteem04/25/2017 Psychological
The finest place01/10/2017 Growing Up
The grandpa02/28/2017 Humour
The grasp and the gasp12/14/2016 Marriage and Relationships
The highest top03/31/2017 Philosophical
The hot coffees02/14/2017 Humour
The lack of lore02/27/2017 Humour
The least delicious part03/15/2017 Humour
The lost05/05/2017 General
The man's last rest01/27/2017 Sorrow
The moral taint01/11/2017 Psychological
The moving body03/09/2017 Humour
The nuclear age04/04/2017 Sorrow
The olds04/21/2017 Marriage and Relationships
The oppressed02/10/2017 Psychological
The peach and the speech12/12/2016 Humour
The pockets of Armani03/04/2017 Humour
The poor12/27/2016 Marriage and Relationships
The prisoner's pace12/15/2016 Travel Stories / My Home Country
The richest (st)ore06/09/2017 Philosophical
The same box03/21/2017 Psychological
The scent of lair01/30/2017 Philosophical
The sharpest eye and ear04/01/2017 Politics & Society
The skin peel12/01/2016 General
The (st)age06/29/2017 Psychological
The synergy04/27/2017 Humour
The task11/08/2019 Everyday Life
The truth and ruth04/30/2017 Psychological
The vocal local02/16/2017 Psychological
The weather04/28/2017 Humour
The worst of all02/22/2017 Sorrow
There's no waffle03/14/2017 Psychological
Time to relax09/04/2017 Psychological
Toilets 08/13/2021 Humour
Tom and Jerry05/12/2017 Everyday Life
Ton flair02/17/2015 Humour
Tu vista09/07/2016 Politics & Society
Tweens07/19/2017 Thoughts
Um argumento10/28/2019 Humour
Um mento10/02/2016 Humour
Uma "pequena" pessoa12/30/2022 Thoughts
Umor nero02/26/2016 Humour
Un acceso y un exceso10/03/2016 Satire
Un accesso ed un eccesso06/05/2016 Psychological
Un adottante12/07/2015 Humour
Un aforista ed un affarista04/11/2016 Humour
Un agente e la gente03/22/2016 Politics & Society
Un agente y la gente07/26/2016 Psychological
Un alternativo09/21/2016 Philosophical
Un amato ed un domato02/23/2016 Love & Romance
Un ami enviable01/30/2015 Friendship
Un amico01/07/2016 Friendship
Un amico pessimo03/05/2016 Psychological
Un animale01/25/2016 Psychological
Un aparato operado08/17/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Un apparato ed un operato03/28/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Un argomento01/11/2016 Humour
Un ario08/02/2016 Politics & Society
Un aspetto02/10/2016 Humour
Un auto06/09/2016 Satire
Un beccamorto12/27/2015 Love & Romance
Un becco05/24/2016 Humour
Un bell'umore04/19/2016 Lovegrief
Un beso y un peso08/04/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Un biglietto03/14/2016 Psychological
Un bon achat06/25/2015 Humour
Un bon bonbon07/21/2015 Humour
Un bon échanson04/21/2015 Humour
Un bourreau03/09/2015 Humour
Un bravo addetto03/08/2016 Satire
Un buen asistente10/29/2016 Satire
Un buon agente04/12/2016 Politics & Society
Un buon cultore06/07/2016 Humour
Un buon impiegato01/10/2016 Humour
Un caillou04/03/2015 Humour
Un can(n)one05/20/2016 War & Peace
Un canone11/18/2015 Satire
Un cante provocante07/10/2016 Politics & Society
Un cante y un alicante10/24/2016 Psychological
Un cante y un musicante10/30/2016 Growing Up
Un capelo10/22/2016 Psychological
Un cattivo dottore11/16/2015 Psychological
Un cavalier errant03/05/2015 Humour
Un cavolo ed un tavolo12/16/2015 Humour
Un cazzo a motore 03/23/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Un certo altro scenario05/11/2016 General
Un chanteur05/08/2015 General
Un chien enchaînè01/24/2015 Philosophical
Un cónyuge11/17/2016 Love & Romance
Un comun furunculo08/24/2016 General
Un consesso ed un sesso03/09/2016 Humour
Un contingente03/27/2016 General
Un contrapeso10/25/2016 Humour
Un corps03/13/2015 Humour
Un cosmétique06/29/2015 Humour
Un créature humaine03/07/2015 Humour
Un declaration d’amour03/27/2015 Love & Romance
Un degenerato01/20/2016 Satire
Un demostración08/07/2016 Humour
Un défunt07/12/2015 Humour
Un diente sacado08/30/2016 Philosophical
Un directeur03/03/2015 Humour
Un domani ed i mani12/21/2015 Fantasy
Un don06/21/2016 Love & Romance
Un duel03/04/2015 Humour
Un ebete01/05/2016 Psychological
Un eletto04/14/2016 Love & Romance
Un encelado enculado09/15/2016 General
Un et deux02/05/2015 Humour
Un eufemismo02/16/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Un exceso de mente11/28/2016 Psychological
Un finale12/09/2015 Satire
Un genitaliano03/31/2016 Humour
Un grosso culo12/15/2015 Humour
Un hombre de nada y una hembra donada11/24/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Un hombre de verdad07/03/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Un homme qui nage et un drainage07/03/2015 Humour
Un homme qui s´effémine04/04/2015 General
Un incesto03/19/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Un inconformista09/22/2016 Psychological
Un individualista06/15/2016 Psychological
Un ingrediente09/23/2016 Humour
Un instinto divino08/14/2016 Drugs and Addiction
Un intendant05/06/2015 Humour
Un jeune sapeur01/26/2015 Psychological
Un killer ed un safari04/20/2016 Life
Un leader et une laideur05/03/2015 Satire
Un león y un Napoleón08/26/2016 War & Peace
Un letto ed un pistoletto03/10/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Un literato11/12/2016 Love & Romance
Un luengo espeso cabello10/14/2016 Humour
Un mal aguardiente08/09/2016 Drugs and Addiction
Un mariuolo03/02/2016 Psychological
Un metamorfosi01/06/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Un misérable02/23/2015 Humour
Un morituro01/22/2016 General
Un multitueur07/15/2015 Humour
Un natale04/01/2016 Christmas
Un naturista y un turista08/01/2016 Psychological
Un nemico ed un amico05/31/2016 Psychological
Un nevoso11/26/2016 Philosophical
Un niño púber07/27/2016 Love & Romance
Un no buen especialista09/03/2016 Satire
Un no-colectivista07/01/2016 Psychological
Un non collettivista04/08/2016 Loneliness
Un obstacle03/06/2015 Humour
Un orante05/16/2016 Philosophical
Un patito ed un appetito12/29/2015 Love & Romance
Un pauvre verrat05/28/2015 Humour
Un pedofilo05/04/2016 Lovegrief
Un pene12/17/2015 Psychological
Un phénomène d´Afrique06/22/2015 Humour
Un pillo diestro08/12/2016 Psychological
Un pipa01/28/2016 Humour
Un poeta ed Erato03/26/2016 Humour
Un précédent04/14/2015 Psychological
Un prediletto01/19/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Un problème certain02/10/2015 Love & Romance
Un provocateur07/06/2015 Psychological
Un quillotro10/01/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Un rebelle02/28/2015 Humour
Un recién nacido y la vida08/23/2016 Childhood
Un regolare rigoletto05/21/2016 Love & Romance
Un renegado11/22/2016 Politics & Society
Un rimeur06/24/2015 General
Un rinnegato04/06/2016 Love & Romance
Un roi et une croix02/06/2015 General
Un roto condon10/28/2016 Philosophical
Un érudit06/23/2015 Humour
Un sans-cœur03/20/2015 Humour
Un scarica12/02/2015 Humour
Un scemo02/09/2016 Life
Un secret et une secrétaire02/21/2015 Humour
Un seguro07/29/2016 Psychological
Un soliste et tous en chœur05/25/2015 General
Un son et un klaxon07/18/2015 Humour
Un étalon05/19/2015 Humour
Un tartaglione01/17/2016 Fantasy
Un tic03/29/2015 Humour
Un tranquillisant06/04/2015 Humour
Un traste11/25/2016 Satire
Un ultore03/21/2016 Humour
Un uomo andante03/07/2016 Philosophical
Un uomo domo12/14/2015 Fantasy
Un uomo ed un duomo05/23/2016 Satire
Un uomo senza sesso02/13/2016 Lovegrief
Un vagin sec05/21/2015 Love & Romance
Un varón y su dama07/18/2016 Lovegrief
Un vero attivista04/03/2016 Psychological
Un vero individualista11/01/2015 Psychological
Un vero mantenuto12/28/2015 Love & Romance
Un vero soldato03/04/2016 Humour
Un vero uomo02/24/2016 Love & Romance
Un voyage et un maquillage06/14/2015 Psychological
Un vrai festin03/30/2015 Humour
Un vrai pitre07/10/2015 Humour
Un yankee01/08/2016 Humour
Una aguijón10/15/2016 Sorrow
Una bala de gran calibre08/20/2016 Philosophical
Una cara06/22/2016 Sorrow
Una cattiva diva03/01/2016 Psychological
Una disputa con una puta09/20/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Una fortuna11/07/2015 Marriage and Relationships
Una gallina ed un uovo04/27/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Una ganza06/01/2016 Lovegrief
Una lengua y un ano08/11/2016 Humour
Una mera pimpolla08/06/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Una mujer activa11/07/2016 Psychological
Una mujer encantadora01/20/2015 Love & Romance
Una nonada11/16/2016 Philosophical
Una nulidad07/06/2016 Humour
Una parola dotta02/02/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Una persona de nada10/19/2016 Humour
Una puta y una disputa06/28/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Una putta ed una disputa12/05/2015 Humour
Una rea10/06/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Una ricerca del vero11/09/2015 Philosophical
Una santa11/10/2016 Humour
Una serranada07/17/2016 Sorrow
Una sorpresa07/28/2016 Psychological
Una spina11/24/2015 Lovegrief
Una tata forte01/15/2016 Childhood
Una vaganza02/17/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Una vera asta01/18/2016 Marriage and Relationships
Una viscosità02/18/2016 Humour
Una zambomba11/01/2016 Emotions
Une actrice et son personnage07/16/2015 Humour
Un/e Anglais/e02/14/2015 Humour
Une bonne bonne02/15/2015 Love & Romance
Une brebis01/14/2015 Thoughts
Une demande06/17/2015 War & Peace
Une femme bandante06/11/2015 Psychological
Une femme folle02/16/2015 Psychological
Une gonzesse alité07/14/2015 Humour
Une leçon04/26/2015 Thoughts
Une mine romantique05/05/2015 Humour
Une orgie06/13/2015 Humour
Une peur02/04/2015 Psychological
Une réponse07/08/2015 Emotions
Une vache04/22/2015 Humour
Un'idea02/27/2016 Fantasy
Uno alternativa04/04/2016 Philosophical
Uno de los órganos humanos08/13/2016 Friendship
Uno specchio ed un vecchio11/30/2015 Life
Unpretty women12/20/2019 Humour
Uomini d'operato05/17/2016 Life
Votership06/03/2017 Politics & Society
Vrai commandant03/28/2022 Satire
Welcome to fairs!02/04/2017 Philosophical
Whatever boy-friend11/04/2019 Humour
Who goes to long rest11/05/2016 Philosophical
Who is not with us 03/20/2022 War & Peace
Who makes the biggest wrong01/24/2017 Humour
Your IQ12/21/2016 Friendship
Your nose05/03/2017 Humour
Alki und Holismus12/13/2019Humor - Zum Schmunzeln
Asphalte und Gesaßfalte08/30/2015Fantasie
Bazille von Koch09/03/2015Ironisches
Begossene Verfasser08/06/2019Aphorismen
Beim Umgang mit dem Sadist08/14/2019Humor - Zum Schmunzeln
Bomben und Katakomben 03/06/2022Humor - Zum Schmunzeln
Brot ohne Butter12/09/2022Aphorismen
Das dritte Geschlecht08/21/2015Ironisches
Das dritte Geschlecht und das Dritte Reich09/22/2015Wortwörtliches-Wortspiele
Das ist Neptun04/19/2022Krieg & Frieden
Das Zitat und die Tat09/07/2015Ironisches
Der Gaswagen09/11/2015Trauer & Verzweiflung
Der Genom und der Gnom08/22/2015Ironisches
Der Kanon09/21/2015Aphorismen
Der Lachte08/31/2015Besinnliches
Der Onan-Name09/28/2015Ironisches
Der Perverse08/06/2015Tabuthemen
Der Schaffenskonflikt09/15/2015Ironisches
Der teuer Abenteurer10/17/2015Ironisches
Der Weltnabel und der Schnabel10/08/2015Der gereimte Witz
Der Wettstreit09/05/2015Ironisches
Die Absorption08/12/2015Ironisches
Die Albatrosse und der Matrose09/24/2015Aphorismen
Die echte Individualisten08/07/2015Autobiografisches
Die echte Pazifisten10/18/2015Ironisches
Die Hauptrolle07/30/2015Weltpolitik
Die Immunität08/23/2015Allgemein
Die Kleinigheit10/12/2015Gesundheit
Die Last und der Blast08/28/2015Gesundheit
Die Last und die Rast09/16/2015Tabuthemen
Die letzte Reise08/09/2015Tod
Die persönliche Distanz07/26/2015Ironisches
Die Rankheit09/17/2015Ironisches
Die Rückreise09/13/2015Absurd
Die Schlaflosigkeit08/16/2015Ironisches
Die Sklerose und die Rose09/23/2015Gesundheit
Die Suche09/10/2015Liebesgedichte
Die Suche07/27/2015Liebeskummer
Die Tat und der Resultat10/14/2015Aphorismen
Die Tat und der Resultat09/26/2015Aphorismen
Die Tiere09/14/2015Tiere / Tiergedichte
Die Trudel und der Strudel08/02/2015Ironisches
Die Unterschätzung08/24/2015Beziehungen
Die Welt09/12/2015Weltpolitik
Die Welt um uns herum10/22/2015Ironisches
Dualismus und Individualismus06/19/2016Der gereimte Witz
Ein Abführeinlauf09/09/2015Sport
Ein Aphoristiker08/11/2015Aphorismen
Ein Frauenarzt09/18/2015Romantisches / Romantik
Ein fremdes Boot10/27/2015Ironisches
Ein Geländemarsch06/16/2017Ironisches
Ein gutgesinnte Gottesleugner08/18/2015Besinnliches
Ein Herr und ein Er01/23/2015Aphorismen
Ein Internationalist09/08/2015Satire
Ein Luger09/29/2019Aphorismen
Ein Mask-up03/13/2017Ironisches
Ein Monist09/19/2015Nachdenkliches
Ein Moralist08/08/2015Ironisches
Ein Nonkonformist08/03/2015Ironisches
Ein Prestigeaufgabe10/01/2015Liebesgedichte
Ein Putin03/23/2023Satire
Ein Revanchist09/20/2015Rache
Ein schlechter Arbeiter07/31/2015Psychologie
Ein Schwanz und ein Frauenzimmer10/16/2015Gesundheit
Ein Talent09/25/2019Aphorismen
Ein Wissenschaftler08/19/2015Ironisches
Ein überzeugtes „Amen!“08/14/2015Ironisches
Eine Eierlegende Wollmilchsau10/04/2015Ironisches
Eine Giftschlange09/02/2015Besinnliches
Eine gute Ladung Schrot08/17/2015Ironisches
Einerseits und andrerseits08/15/2015Tabuthemen
Fremde Sprachen01/17/2015Aphorismen
Fresser 10/05/2019Aphorismen
Freundsex 08/05/2019Aphorismen
Gefallen10/07/2015Erotische Gedichte
Geschrei und Gespute10/15/2019Aphorismen
Gnomen und Gnomen08/25/2015Ironisches
Heroin und Heroin (Inhaltsangabe)06/24/2019Humor - Zum Schmunzeln
Im Bett07/28/2015Liebeskummer
Im dermaligen Netz08/19/2019Aktuelles
Im Schlaf08/20/2019Aphorismen
Im siebenten Himmel10/06/2015Fantasie
In gesegneter Erinnerung an die russische Militärfregatte05/09/2022Ironisches
In Russland04/02/2023Ironisches
In und aus10/09/2015Allgemein
Kein Impotent09/29/2015Ironisches
Ladys und Gentlemen08/26/2015Erotische Gedichte
Nicht Matrosen und nicht Admirale08/29/2015Ironisches
Rauschgiftsucht09/27/2015Drogen & Sucht
Russischer Soldat04/16/2022Allgemein
Russland und Ukraine (Schwank) 11/29/2022Krieg & Frieden
Ränke und Alkoholtränke09/25/2015Drogen & Sucht
Scherze und Schmerzen08/04/2015Emotionen
(Sch)wärme08/16/2019Humor - Zum Schmunzeln
Sex und Kastraten10/11/2015Beziehungen
Sex und Sexisten08/10/2015Ironisches
Sexpraktiker06/18/2017Humor - Zum Schmunzeln
Sie sind schwach10/20/2015Aphorismen
Soldaten und Daten08/20/2015Erinnerungen
Soldaten und Offizieren10/28/2015Emotionen
Ukraine-202204/14/2022Krieg & Frieden
Unsere Raumrakete08/27/2015Ironisches
Unsre Nañhbarn10/25/2015Ironisches
Unter Freunden07/04/2019Humor - Zum Schmunzeln
“Viele sind geladen”10/23/2015Tod
Weh und Ach10/24/2015Tod
Wenn die meisten Menschen scherzen04/23/2023Allgemein
Wenn wenige Leute taugen08/13/2019Aphorismen
Wetter und Sweater08/15/2019Aphorismen
X-beliebige Arme10/30/2015Liebesgedichte
Zur Vermeidung der Neurose08/13/2015Ironisches
Zwischen Reiche und Armen08/05/2015Ironisches

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