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Level Seven is really an interesting story to me. I think it crosses horror with Sci- Fi. In some instances, I think that the story should be fiction. I intended to use short story and novel writing at the same time - for instances certain parts of the story goes into the main character: Charles's life, in areas where I feel may not be needed, in short story form, for this story. I wasn't trying to confuse readers, I was really just trying to expand short story writing mixed with novel writing. That's why theres an area of the story which is pretty extensive. Also there's more than one part to this story - so this story's ending may be plight,or prevaricated. Also some things that are stated are narrated but in reality would've been what was actually said by each person. I like to thank any one who's reading, thanks for taking the time to read my story...Or maybe reading it later.

Regardless is an author who has been published in multiple way's, he has a book called Reading Virginity 1.1. Published by Publish America. The book can be ordered threw www.spotcost.com using the book title key word: Reading Virginity 1.1. and it's I.S.B.N. Keyword:1604748087 - The book is of poetry written by the author.

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Level seven12/22/2010 Experimental
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