Poems of Category "Sorrow" in English language

Welcome to the Worries Poetry category on e-Stories.org! Here, you will discover a collection of heartfelt poems, crafted by talented hobby authors. Worries are a universal part of the human experience, and they can take various forms. They can stem from personal experiences, observations, or even be a product of the imagination. In this category, you will find poems that delve into the realm of worries, exploring the depths of human emotions and the challenges faced by individuals. These poems offer intimate glimpses into the complexities of life, examining the anxieties, uncertainties, and fears that weigh heavy on our hearts. However, they also offer a glimmer of hope, reminding us that there is strength within us to overcome and that better days lie ahead. Poetry has the unique power to express complex emotions in a concise and impactful way. Through metaphors, symbolism, and rhythmic language, poets can capture the essence of worries and transform them into beautiful works of art. Each poem allows readers to connect with the shared human experience, to reflect and find solace in the words. At e-Stories.org, we celebrate the talent and creativity of hobby authors who skillfully express worries through their poetic expressions. We invite you to explore this captivating collection of worry poems and immerse yourself in the emotions and reflections they evoke. Moreover, we encourage you to share your own worry poems with a global audience, as e-Stories.org provides a platform to freely publish your poems. By sharing your experiences, observations, and fictional imaginings, you have the power to offer comfort, understanding, and hope to others who may be facing similar worries.

Poems Sorrow (english)

Title Author:
A Darkness AwakesMarina Mura
A heavy nightJürgen Wagner
A real blue Blues, Depression BluesHartmut Wagner
A Snake Sheds Its LifeDorsey Baker
A WOMAN´S FATEJens Marquard
An earthquakeVolodymyr Knyr
ApocalypseNiamh + Oona Hasbach
Apocalypse nowHeino Suess
at least someoneSarah Klee
AwayJill Ackermann
Believed in a FairytaleMaddiie Vali
Big Eyes, Big LiesMarina Mura
BillyGloria Harris
BlindfoldedSven Eisenberger
Caged inParrish Broadnax II
CancerIrene Beddies
ConsequencesMaddiie Vali
Consuming ThoughtsWendy C. Barton
ContrastGina Grimpo
DadPetronella Steevensz
DaddyKatharina Franziska Becker
dark side of lifeConny Kirsten
Dear SisterErika Seetzen-Woods
Death's Callin'Carolin Schwab
Disturbing SilenceRebecca C.
Drug Session of a Depressive GuyOliver Zajac
Ecstacy of the bladeManuela Schneider
Empty PromisesMaddiie Vali
Even ifLinda Ruthenberg
First attempt - TFASebastian Schwöbel
For You And All I Have LostMichaela Wallat
Forest of despairKegan N.
Fun back thenNorman Möschter
Game OverThomas Dreischhoff
Ghost Have I becomeDavid Vanlandingham
Golden Ways and Times of Sorrow - for V. v. GoghJürgen Wagner
H O P EMarlene Remen
HARSH LOVESue Armstrong
Homeless SoulIngrid Baumgart-Fütterer
HopesPetrina Renk
Hunting Safari Jürgen Wagner
HushIvana Herrmann
I sing my songNorman Möschter
Imprisoned (Version 1)Larissa Lamadé
Imprisoned (Version 2)Larissa Lamadé
In a falling planeVolodymyr Knyr
in love with an automaticHendrik Sollich
Ironie of lifeSarah Niethammer
It's a Trap!Karl-Konrad Knooshood
I´m not like you !!!Carolin Schneider
JAKERay Boorman
january windSonja Nic Rafferty
Just warmth...Jens Schriwer
KindergartenErwin Maramat
Lack of a jewelVolodymyr Knyr
Lack of serotoneJustyna Stanisz
LamentAnita Joseph
Lapse Of Memory !!!Abderrahmane Ouacham
Light and ShadowSonja Nic Rafferty
Little Black MonstersJustine Knolle
Live onStefanie Haertel
lost am INorman Möschter
LOST FRIENDRichard Rodriguez
lost paradiseHans Witteborg
Love River ForeverHicham El Qendouci
MemoriesJustyna Stanisz
Need For BloodCarolin Schwab
Night of sorrowMaik Hollenberg
NOSY BEERichard Rodriguez
Odyssee Of Hope - A Refugee's TrekRolph David
Oh sisterNorman Möschter
Pain and other punishmentsHendrik Neumann
Perpetual ReposeMike Arnold
Play a blues for meBernhard Pappe
PurifyKristina Korus
Racketeers and tearsVolodymyr Knyr
REDLIGHTJens Marquard
Reflection - Brother and SisterSonja Nic Rafferty
RemorseJanine Benkert
RepentanceNatascha Sifnakis
Sad dark eyesIris Feller
Search of a FatherSonja Nic Rafferty
Sold soulClaudia Bachmann
STOP THE POINTINGRichard Rodriguez
SunsetKristina Korus
The CrisisPaul Rudolf Uhl
The furious TempestIngrid Baumgart-Fütterer
The man's last restVolodymyr Knyr
The meaning of lifeJürgen Wagner
The nuclear ageVolodymyr Knyr
The SummerTheresia Weissgerber
The worst of allVolodymyr Knyr
Trying TimesRolph David
UnderRebecca Harris
Upon sun and sadnessS. Stein
UtøyaMargret Silvester
W H Y, W H Y, W H Y ???Marlene Remen
W i t h o u t y o uMarlene Remen
Wavelength ApartSonja Nic Rafferty
WavesAnna Weithaas-Lachtrup
when sometimesNorman Möschter
Where are You?Sonja Nic Rafferty
WhyThomas Dreischhoff
Will GodGracy Stone
Willy's Wise Advice - A Limerick!Rolph David
WordsLinda Klauke
WORKBirgit Börner
Xing The Bar...on Tennyson's TracksRolph David
You Are Missed Still!Rolph David