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Poems Love & Romance (english)

Title Author:
(different summer)Velinka Petkovic
(free)Velinka Petkovic
(having you)Velinka Petkovic
(how can it be)Velinka Petkovic
**For you**Aleksandra Bilcane
- if -Ditar Kalaja
..... to be continued --->Alec Murray
5 WordsMelanie Bösing
A babe and her admirer Volodymyr Knyr
A beauty lover..Ndim Muhanad
A ComplaintSonali Roy
A DreamJan Wendler
A Gentle Killer..Ndim Muhanad
A Gentle Liar..Ndim Muhanad
A Glance in ViennaMathis H.
A KissMichael Glauer
A kiss hidden from the worldRob Hanna
A nearly commonplace TaleIrene Beddies
A part of your lifeStefanie Haertel
a quiet prescienceElisabeth Heilos
A thing called loveJanine Benkert
A very unusual way.....🌠Ursula Rischanek
A waste of airVolodymyr Knyr
A Yoni DreamRichard DeMars
Absolutely Impossible!Jutta Knubel
Addicted To Your SweetnessDorsey Baker
AdviceIrene Beddies
AfterglowMichael Glauer
AgainClaudia Stechmesser
Again and again and again...Nika Baum
Ale and loveVolodymyr Knyr
AllSabine Lau
ALL I SEE....Ingrid E. Patrick
AlleycatSamoa Rider
Allways on the runHanneke
AlwaysNatascha Sifnakis
am waiting for youDelphinne Medabalimi
Amor meets cute womanJoe Stuckenschnieder
An Arabian Lover..Ndim Muhanad
An excuse to liveMiguel Rijo
an unforgetable loveOumnia Nejda
Ancient MagicSonja Nic Rafferty
Angel of the nightMatthieu Stange
Another try and we'll dieFelix Kretschmer
as long as you love meDitar Kalaja
As these stars aboveMike Arnold
At the Back PorchIrene Beddies
Awakened with The SunInge Offermann
Away For Too LongLars Schmitt
BabyStefanie Haertel
Baby, I love youBriana O´Donald
Back to lifeSabine Müller
be the oneBahia Baya
Beautiful DateCarmen Schordie
Beautiful in loveTobias Funke
Because of LoveMaddiie Vali
Beginning and EndingAnnkatrin Rothe
Beginning of LoveIrene Beddies
Best friends do not make loveInes Wertenbroch
Bird song - A short poemBernhard Pappe
Black SoulMonika Schmeinta-Maier
blessedStefanie Haertel
Blind people walkingSebastian Pillkowsky
Breath of HeavenJan Wendler
But I just can´t make you love meStefanie Haertel
But I´ll never take this ring offStefanie Haertel
ButterflyChristian Werthmann
By my sidePatrick Rabe
Can you feel the love!Sue Honig
Can you find it in your heart?Mike Arnold
canceldLea Reich
CANNOT WAITJoshua Akinwande
changeKlaus Lutz
Change of tideRamona Zolke
Changing loveInge Offermann
closeKlaus Lutz
closes the doorSam Lagerblom
Cold kissesAndy Klemm
Colour of LoveSonali Roy
Come With MeMichael Glauer
ComposedIrene Beddies
cookiesBill Piccolo
Corona Town, where I was born (Two more versions)Patrick Rabe
Crimson Lies..Ndim Muhanad
Cupids last standSamoa Rider
Cyberspace HopesErika Seetzen-Woods
Daily RoutineAriane Hofmann
DaydreamsIrene Beddies
Declaration of LoveArne Bister
DeirdreSonja Nic Rafferty
Dew of a rosePetra Ewering
Different ReactionsIrene Beddies
Different, But The Same WayJoe R.
dip & turnRebecca Harris
DJ ScullySarah Horgan
do you love meJohanna Goegele
Dolly girlsVolodymyr Knyr
Don't teach me to cry...cuz time's already doneAkka Khelelaine
Don't You EverLars Schmitt
Don´t Forget MeCamila Lizzi
Dream girl!R. S. (male)
Dream OnHayley Hartmann
Dreamland WarriorNatascha Sifnakis
EchoesIrene Beddies
Emerald ButterflyInge Offermann
Engulfed In PassionRichard Rodriguez
Eternal loveFrank Sperling
Everlasting LoveGrainne Osullivan
Face of an angelNika Baum
FAKEFergal Dunne
FamiliarKegan N.
FantasyOlli Tyynysniemi
Fated LoveRichard Rodriguez
FeelBritta Jungclaus
FeelingsJoana Angelides
Feelings...❤️Ursula Rischanek
Female EroticismJustine Knolle
Fields Of GoldIvana Herrmann
find it outDitar Kalaja
Find MeNatascha Sifnakis
First datePradip Gore
First LoveKarl Wiener
First they adore...Volodymyr Knyr
flashlight .........................Steven Bell
flyKlaus Lutz
for A.Katharina Zwior
for R.Katharina Zwior
FOR YOUJürgen Wagner
ForeverSteven Craft
FULL MOONJens Marquard
GlitzerMonika Schmeinta-Maier
Good For MeNatascha Sifnakis
graftingRebecca Harris
Green ShoreInge Offermann
Grey ButterflyInge Offermann
Handle with CareIrene Beddies
happinessSonja Nic Rafferty
Have you been lately in love?Ndim Muhanad
HeartbreakJames Woods
Hearts in partsSukejna Haracic
hell of rideDitar Kalaja
Hold on this moment forever.Sven Calmon
Hopelessly lostErika Seetzen-Woods
HORIZONSTilman Otto Wagner
How do you feel tell me...Motsamai Maqadika
How I wish you were hereKatja Heinrich
How IronicFelix Kretschmer
How to heal a broken heartStefanie Haertel
I can only singHanneke
I cant help myselfJanine Knop
I dance for meÉmilia Francine Rennart
I feel your soul on mineStefanie Haertel
I lied and said No..Ndim Muhanad
I love youEdda Graedener
I love youKristian Goldmund Aumann
i love youMelissa Vanbecelaere
I LOVE YOUAmine Moussaoui
i love you babyBas, Rosie and Dan XxXxX Healy
I miss you Monika Schmeinta-Maier
I stand before youJames Woods
I want to keep our love aliveStefanie Haertel
I wanted to sayWendy Farfan
I wanted...Irene Beddies
I will never say goodbyeStefanie Haertel
I wishLeonarda Hommersom
IC REMJustine Knolle
If I kiss youDitar Kalaja
If I was blind...Joe R.
IkarusSonja Nic Rafferty
ImbueWendy C. Barton
In disguiseJune F. Duncan
In loveDaniel Dietze
IN MY MINDMauro Montacchiesi
in the gardenBill Piccolo
Indian SpiritPetra Ewering
Inside Of MeJoe R.
InsomniaSinem Sezen
Into the Never-EndingIvana Herrmann
Is there some hopeSabrina Görlich
It is love...Jutta Knubel
It was a wild rideStefanie Haertel
It's Not LikeLars Schmitt
It´s you I asume Sukejna Haracic
Jeanny's workPatrick Rabe
June FlashesInge Offermann
Just another Love PoemJasmin Räbsamen
Just for youThomas Kalbitz
Just give me a chanceChrista Katharina Dallinger
kind of loveNorman Möschter
Kisses and pisses (Temporarily a strange poem)Bernhard Pappe
La Punta de OroBarbara I.
Last SummerIrene Beddies
Leave..Ndim Muhanad
Lesson on LoveIrene Beddies
let me create somethingÉmilia Francine Rennart
LETTER TO MY VAMPIREMauricio Santiago Boulogne
letters to DjannaRobert Fischaleck
Let´s escape the truth for tonightStefanie Haertel
liebe ist....Robert Kretschmann
Lies..Ndim Muhanad
lik2e a liquidDitar Kalaja
Listen To Your HeartIngrid E. Patrick
Little BitchRebecca K.
Long distance relationship Angela Feiertag
longingConny Kirsten
LongingTina Meier
LongingJürgen Wagner
LongingsYasleh Rita Ayu Mat Yassin
Look at the LoveBirdsDorsey Baker
Lost in a trackStefanie Haertel
LoveStephanie Grothues
LoveNadine Tietz
LoveTamara Heid
LoveAnna Höfler
loveMohd Salman
LOVE DRAGON BLUETilman Otto Wagner
Love IsMaddiie Vali
Love is...Jacqueline Kaiser
Love ist moreDelila Scorthen
LOVE LETTERJens Marquard
love magicDitar Kalaja
Love me tonightMelanie Lietz
Love SongMichael Glauer
Love SongJürgen Wagner
Love SonnetJasmine Shaw
Love With ObstaclesRolph David
Love You Like The OceanNatascha Sifnakis
Love's seasonsSaskia Egli
Love-Hate Hate-LoveStefan Schlupp
LOVELANDJoshua Akinwande
Lovingness TryThomas McQuitty
luluKlaus Lutz
Mad LoveStefanie Haertel
MagicJutta Knubel
MagicFergal Dunne
Magic FormulaSonja Nic Rafferty
MEETJens Marquard
MemoriesNatascha Sifnakis
Midnight Queen (lyrics)Benjamin Tamboer
Mister Good-ThoughtStefanie Haertel
Mister Matchmaker MoonDorsey Baker
Moon lightRami Timani
MoondogWerner Kemper
MoonlightRay Beynon
moonlightMonika Schmeinta-Maier
Moonlight shiningThomas Kalbitz
Morning SongInge Offermann
Move onAnna-Luise Franke
MUSEOlivia Chevron
My Best FriendBrittany Walker
MY DEARIvan Sokac
My Girls (With german translation/mit deutscher Übersetzung)Patrick Rabe
My heroSamoa Rider
My lifeSandra Mahr-Perchinenna
My LordJutta Knubel
My Love proclaimedJason Hatcher
My Mexican DreamRufus Murry Jr
My Muse..Ndim Muhanad
My Odessa..Ndim Muhanad
My Own Lies..Ndim Muhanad
My PrinceIvana Herrmann
My smileNika Baum
My suave MuseMauro Montacchiesi
My sweet salvationChristian Werthmann
My wishSam Moore
MyAllJoseph Trance
NakedSamoa Rider
NeverKlaus Lutz
Never cryRami Timani
Never Ending LoveSylwia Sroka
No ordinary manChrista Katharina Dallinger
Nocturnal RomanceIvana Herrmann
Not only SunshineIrene Beddies
nothingKlaus Lutz
Now-todayEdda Graedener
obscurityBill Piccolo
Ode to a Helpless LoverSonali Roy
Oh For The GloryJoseph Trance
Oh Yes !Martina Schmolke. Dr. med.
OneFergal Dunne
One Last KissPetya Ivanov
Only LoveTobias Zimmermann
Only one thingJutta Knubel
Only three words...❣️Ursula Rischanek
Orange BlossomsInge Offermann
Orfeo's SongPatrick Rabe
Ottawa SundownInge Offermann
Our Eternal MythTom Conrad
Our SongStefanie Haertel
Our wayJulia Wallis
ParadiseMani Junio
paying the priceRalf Weitzel
pearl open burnedFelix Abegg
PERFECTJens Marquard
PetalsRichard Rodriguez
PigeonMichael Glauer
PleaseKrunoslav Setka
PoemAnne Creutzburg
POEMTilman Otto Wagner
Poem XXIIIBrandon Balderas Rocha
POEM ZERO / ZERO POEMTilman Otto Wagner
PossessionWendy C. Barton
Precious MomentsClaudio Micale
Promised manJutta Knubel
Protest poemSusan King
ReasonsGodfrey Kedogo
RecollectionIrene Beddies
Remember meStefanie Haertel
RenewalJason Hatcher
Revenge..Ndim Muhanad
Right loveVolodymyr Knyr
Rise or FallRebecca C.
river of tearsNika Baum
RomanceIrene Beddies
Roses in your headVeerle Vanspauwen
Roses on beachesSamoa Rider
Score the ballTanja W.
Scruffy feetElisa Leschek
Secret WishesIrene Beddies
seen through my eyesHanneke
shadow in my dreamsDitar Kalaja
SHIPSIvan Sokac
ShipwreckedRafael De Dios García
ShiverAlison Hurney
Shores of LoveJames Reeves
Show me.....Jutta Knubel
Silence..Ndim Muhanad
Silent MoodInge Offermann
simply complicatedMJ Hamilton
Since you were goneIrene Beddies
Smile of a rainbowInge Offermann
Some of my own words..Ndim Muhanad
Something like homeStefanie Haertel
SonnetKaroline Goldberg
Sonnet for JanetMichael Glauer
soul can breathDitar Kalaja
SoulmateLion Kroeze
SpellLupita Mueller
Spring stirs my BloodIrene Beddies
SpurnYvonne Schroeder
Standing strongSamoa Rider
StillnessJoseph Trance
Stolen TimeNatascha Sifnakis
Sublime!Jutta Knubel
Summer loveJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
sundownMartin Hünniger
sunset to sunriseBritta Johnson
SuspenseSue Honig
Take a ChanceWendy C. Barton
tell itKlaus Lutz
That DressRichard DeMars
that Piece is Your HeartFergal Dunne
The Black Pearls Of Bora BoraWolfgang Appell
The Colour of LoveClaudio Micale
The dance of feelingJoana Angelides
The diaryKaroline Goldberg
The Essence of MeNatascha Sifnakis
The four ElementsKarl Wiener
The greatest thing...Pamela Pradt
The huntSamoa Rider
The invisible touchStefanie Haertel
The last ButterflyMJ Hamilton
The Legend of Naoise and DeirdreSonja Nic Rafferty
The LetterIrene Beddies
The little girl from far awayKaroline Goldberg
The little happinessJoana Angelides
The Little MermaidMichael Trimmel
The LoveThomas Kreuter
The MeetingFergal Dunne
The moment you feel lovedStefanie Haertel
The Power of LoveDagny Kraas
The rumbleMauro Montacchiesi
The SecretFergal Dunne
The Silent DispairJoana Angelides
The silent WayIrene Beddies
The ToastIrene Beddies
The undying cowardiceMichael Jacob
The unionJudith Beiten
The Way of LoveIrene Beddies
The WindAnna Burstedde-Raptis
The Woman of my DreamsAnton Bradinger
The woman who tooks the ways of freedom whith happinessChristian Merle
The YOU inside MEAndreas Schulz
Their secretIrene Beddies
There is only lightMike Arnold
There You AreJoana Angelides
There'll be the sea!Anna-Luise Franke
Thinkin' of youShirley Ehling
Thoughts on a DreamRón Ginn
Three WordsFergal Dunne
THRUSTRichard Rodriguez
TightropesKim Gray
Time goes onSue Honig
To LoveRufus Murry Jr
To My Dream boySonali Roy
TogetherJürgen Wagner
TonightStefanie Haertel
Too crazy in thinking!R. S. (male)
TornJan Güldenpfennig
Touched by the sunRoland Haus
Traveling Down Life’s HighwaysE. C. Montana
TRUE THATRichard Rodriguez
trustingConny Kirsten
Un nombreAriel Forestale
UncertaintyIrene Beddies
Under the Cottonwood TreeIrene Beddies
Unholy UnionOliver Zajac
Unimprotant ThingJanine Benkert
UnreasonableIrene Beddies
Until You Find LoveDorsey Baker
Vampiric DreamAndy Klemm
Walking down that roadAtul Aherwar
wasting beautyAnnette Schoene
We wanted to treatIrene Beddies
We will overcomeIrene Beddies
What do you do at this moment I think of you..Ndim Muhanad
What I doHannah Kaukauwa
what I want her to knowNadine Glink
What is Love?Erika Seetzen-Woods
What Love is all aboutAsit Kumar
What the hell happened to me?R. S. (male)
When first we metIrene Beddies
When you sleep....I still love youSebastian Pillkowsky
When you whisper along to your favorite songsJan Güldenpfennig
whereKlaus Lutz
Where are you?Andreas Galambos
Who can travel with the wind?Jürgen Wagner
Why did you made me ...?Hannis Eriksson
why don´t confess to you?Hicham Kassi
Why is threre no fairy tale for me?Stefanie Haertel
will you ever knowStefanie Haertel
With youJasmine Eigenbrod
with youMarco Werner
Wood SpiritRobert Gatewood
Words and eyesChristiane Mielck-Retzdorff
Would you teach me?Ndim Muhanad
YET LIFE FLOWSMauro Montacchiesi
YouStefanie Haertel
youKlaus Lutz
YouÉmilia Francine Rennart
You and IMaddiie Vali
you angelSophie Rebholz
You are my angelJill Ackermann
You are my manStefanie Haertel
You lived, my heartSamoa Rider
You were here for me!R. S. (male)
You would be perfekt for meStefanie Haertel
You...Saanika Amembal
Your dreamboatChristine Kapeller
YOUR EYESGuadalupe Carrera Vidal
Your heart in my handsAriane Hofmann
Your HeroAnna Burstedde-Raptis
Your kissStefanie Haertel
Your loveErika Seetzen-Woods
Your love is meaninglessUrsula Brieke-Brinkmann
Your Magic ArtIrene Beddies
your smileTaiwo Oluwadamilare ojat