Poems of Category "War & Peace" in English language

Welcome to the War and Peace Poems category on e-Stories.org! Here, you will discover a collection of deeply poignant poems written by talented hobby authors. These poems explore the profound themes of war, the suffering endured by humanity, and the enduring hope for peace. They serve as powerful reminders of the devastating impacts of war on individuals, communities, and societies.

Through evocative imagery and heartfelt verses, these poems capture the pain, anguish, and loss experienced by those affected by war. They shed light on the profound human cost, urging us to reflect upon the futility of violence and the urgent need for global harmony. These poems serve as a testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity, while also evoking a sense of hope and a longing for a world free from conflict.

e-Stories.org celebrates the power of poetry to inspire, provoke thought, and foster dialogue. We invite you to immerse yourself in this moving collection of war and peace poems, each one offering a unique perspective and insight into the human experience. We also encourage you to share your own poetic expressions, for free, as we believe in the transformative power of art in addressing important issues and promoting understanding amongst diverse voices.

Poems War & Peace (english)

Title Author:
A french and a trenchVolodymyr Knyr
A war lamentationBernhard Pappe
American DreamF. N.
Among StrangersNatascha Sifnakis
An air raidVolodymyr Knyr
B E L I E V EMarlene Remen
Band of brothersAnthony Walton
Brutal attacksVolodymyr Knyr
D-Day! An Elegy For The FallenRolph David
Dear bride and bridegroomHans Raasch
DestroyedLyraLyra Gabriel
Even to deathManuela Schneider
Freedom On the wayBalthazar Nzomono-Balenda
geloeschtVeronika Polke
gun treeNorman Möschter
InheritVadim Pryde
I´m sorry MomRuediger Lambert
Land of confusionRoland Haus
Life will endIris Feller
LOVE DIDACTICSJoshua Akinwande
Man Of The WarDagny Kraas
Neptune and sea monstersVolodymyr Knyr
nightsConny Kirsten
No war, no cryStefanie Haertel
Nothing Compares To YouKim Haslam
On closing the skyVolodymyr Knyr
On one neighbor of UkraineVolodymyr Knyr
patientJürgen Jost
Pesky*Volodymyr Knyr
POETRY out of the BOX - PEACE MESSAGESiegfried Fischer
poppy flowersIngeborg Jansen-Buchen
RainOlivia Chevron
Red skies dancingPatrick Rabe
Refugee Children at the AirportIrene Beddies
Rip offConny Kirsten
Saoirse EireannAstrid Droll
Slightly warriedSven Eisenberger
Sniper's EyeSven Reinfrank
Stop ViolenceShweta Kelkar
Strong, stronger, weakestSusanne Bruschke
Sweet DreamsKaroline Goldberg
sword and daggerConny Kirsten
Sworn To The BladeRufus Murry Jr
the admonition!Doris Groiß
The endIris Feller
The GladiatorJames Woods
The Invasion's Toll (Russia-Ukraine War)Andre M. Pietroschek
The nature and the humanity, who survive?Alexandra Vowinkel
The yellow frontlinePierre Heinen
They are shootingNorman Möschter
Three wishesBettina Boston
Today's worldSandra Würdig
Unknown SoldierFelix Kretschmer
WarClaudia Stechmesser
WarmaschineBen Kirch
We have to announceAnton Bradinger
When you stare at meFranziska Haselwanter
Who is not with us Volodymyr Knyr
WindJennifer Uhle
WITHDRAWALRichard Rodriguez