Poems of Category "Thoughts" in English language

Poems Thoughts (english)

Title Author:
2021 - Forever Over!Rolph David
7/5/1992 and 7/5/2010Meike Schrut
A birds taleHans Peter Strassl
A new king is bornBernhard Pappe
A Night OutsideKegan N.
A Prayer of LoveInge Offermann
A Rainy DayMartin Hünemöller
A tough autumn blues (Good day for a dark sun)Bernhard Pappe
A tree of memoriesStefanie Haertel
A turn is necessary - An inner psychedelic songbook (2)Bernhard Pappe
A view of a winterwonderlandHelga Edelsfeld
About Dark SidesBernhard Pappe
All The Sounds Of The EarthAnna Regen
Alphabet Soup ChildrenJoseph Trance
An Eyeful of PromiseDennis Eteng
An old foolVolodymyr Knyr
An Undeserved Social EnnoblementRolph David
Angels for youKlaus Thomanek
ANGERJens Marquard
Autumn duty cycleBernhard Pappe
Back and forthJürgen Wagner
Because He KnowsJoseph Trance
Black And WhiteRonald Kohls
BottleneckSven Eisenberger
can you keep up ?Dani Rogers
ChangeJürgen Wagner
CLEMENCYJoshua Akinwande
Contempt drips from his eyes,Brigitte Waldner
Coping with conflictsKarl Wiener
DarkKlaus Meier
Darkness of a wayHelga Edelsfeld
Deep inside meKlaus Thomanek
Devil in disguiseVanessa Thöni
Every daySam Lagerblom
Fade awayPhilipp Moisel
FallIrene Beddies
Fire and DaoBernhard Pappe
ForgetfulKarl Wiener
FreeRufus Murry Jr
Freedom...Frederik Kloiber
From Thoughts To Your DestinyRolph David
Frustrations I Could Have PreventedMaddiie Vali
Get A LifeDorsey Baker
God Made For Me An I.LP.Joseph Trance
God of the InternetJoseph Trance
God’s MirrorBernhard Pappe
Have A Merry Christmas! - A sad story.Rolph David
HeartbeatsBernhard Pappe
Hey Mister Death!Bernhard Pappe
How much does a life cost?Bernhard Pappe
I am what I am 💝Ursula Rischanek
If God Was Not, A Lovng GodDorsey Baker
Image as the World You SeeDorsey Baker
Impatience – in front of spring timeBernhard Pappe
In A State OF MindDorsey Baker
It needs…Bernhard Pappe
Jesus and The Common ColdJoseph Trance
Keep MeJoseph Trance
knowledge is no enemyDorsey Baker
Lack of ThoughtKarl Wiener
Learn Inner Peace Through Our Battered EarthRolph David
Life and HonorThomas Kreuter
Life's MissionJoseph Trance
little wordsLela Nadreal
Living in a universe (An inner psychedelic songbook (9)Bernhard Pappe
Living in Jazz - An inner psychedelic songbook (5)Bernhard Pappe
Me and GodMichael A. Fischer
MemoriesIrene Beddies
Milky clouds in black coffees and other storiesBernhard Pappe
Milky SkiesAishabella Sheikh
More ThanJoseph Trance
Musical SelfKegan N.
My IslandIrene Beddies
NERD vs. FLIRTJens Marquard
New YearIrene Beddies
NightLars Schmitt
Night LightsJoseph Trance
No Rainy ForecastDorsey Baker
Not My Cuppa! - A LimerickRolph David
NotesIngrid Lehmann
OctoberIrene Beddies
Old AgeIrene Beddies
On My KneesJoseph Trance
One YearJürgen Wagner
Only one prayerStefanie Haertel
PoetryLaura Prigge
Poetry obscured by minds – An inner psychedelic songbook (11)Bernhard Pappe
PoppiesInge Offermann
PresumptuousKarl Wiener
PrinceLion Kroeze
Publishing A PoemBernhard Pappe
RAINFALL; the Earth answered prayersJoshua Akinwande
RapidsSimone Goertz
Rather go blindBernhard Pappe
relevantBodo Mario Woltiri
RitualsBernhard Pappe
RuinsJürgen Wagner
sanguineDoris Groiß
See Me Dying HereDirk Schumacher
Self-RealizationLothar Schwalm
ShineMeike Schäfer
Simile (1)Lars Schmitt
something´s wrongPetrina Renk
Spiritual v/s spiRITUALSaanika Amembal
Spring is comingHelga Edelsfeld
Springtime LoveKaren Halloway
StardustKarl Wiener
TerribleIoana Geier
The Angry WorldDorsey Baker
The Body SongBernhard Pappe
The circle is closedBernhard Pappe
The DoorwayBernhard Pappe
The Elephant in the China ShopKarl Wiener
The Gift of YouJoseph Trance
The gods of false promisesFrederik Kloiber
the golden table Doris Groiß
The Last Day of AprilMaddiie Vali
The Love of GodJoseph Trance
The Matter of RebirthJürgen Wagner
The Odd KidLars Schmitt
The place where I belongStefanie Haertel
The Power of No:Frederik Kloiber
The UnknownLouise Grätz
The Very Air Itself Joseph Trance
The Voices in My HeadMJ Hamilton
Them and meSergio Lubel
This is meMeike Schäfer
This thing that I think ofLars Schmitt
ThoughtsKathi (ICAT)
Today is the dayJürgen Wagner
Tornados In AlabamaJoseph Trance
TransfusionJoseph Trance
True OnenessGrace Hope
Truth and Illusion (A lesson for the soul)Fergal Dunne
TweensVolodymyr Knyr
Ubuntu!Rolph David
Umbrella WonderBernhard Pappe
UnexpectedJoseph Trance
Unexplained ContradictionsMaddiie Vali
Virgin’s mind – An inner psychedelic songbook (12)Bernhard Pappe
What CountsJoseph Trance
When a blind man criesBernhard Pappe
When You Think You Can'tJoseph Trance
WHY THE RUSH?Joshua Akinwande
With all the Joy our little Soul beholdsLars Schmitt
WoodsJürgen Wagner
WordsIrene Beddies