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Welcome to the Sorrows Short Stories category on! Here, you will discover a collection of captivating stories, crafted by talented hobby authors. Worries are an intrinsic part of the human experience and can take various forms. They can stem from personal experiences, observations, or even be fictional in nature. In this category, you will encounter stories that delve into the realm of worries, exploring the depths of human emotions and the challenges faced by individuals. These stories offer glimpses into the complexities of life, examining the anxieties, uncertainties, and fears that plague our minds. However, they also offer a glimmer of hope, reminding us that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. The beauty of short stories lies in their ability to capture a moment, evoke intense emotions, and transport readers into different worlds. With each story, you embark on a journey, diving deep into relatable narratives that reflect the universal human experience. Through the power of storytelling, worries are not only expressed but also processed, creating an avenue for growth, understanding, and empathy. At, we celebrate the talents of hobby authors who explore the theme of worries in their writings. We invite you to immerse yourself in this compelling collection of short stories, where you will encounter different perspectives, insightful reflections, and tales of resilience. Moreover, we encourage you to share your own stories of worries with a global audience, as provides a platform to freely publish your writings. By sharing your experiences and narratives, you have the opportunity to provide comfort, inspiration, and hope to others who may be facing similar worries.

Short Stories and Novels Sorrow (english)

Title Author:
A Pain Time Can┤t HealNicole Whitney
An Awful PastDavid Olusanya
Apocalypse nowPaul Rudolf Uhl
Being freed like the fishCathleen Huang
Broken GlassJoel Henderson
Cat CryJoseph Trance
ChameleonAnne-Katrin Clemens
DarknessAriel Green
Death and SorrowMeagan Hightower
EmptyAnnkatrin Rothe
Forgetting the ReasonsMikayla Powell
GeoffryKlaus Albers
Grace Nichol, RNJoy Oakey
GuiltSamantha Rhinow
I Hate YouTaylor Birch
Lake of BluesJoseph Trance
Let It DieTeena Nagy
Maybe Angels have to dieMichael A. Fischer
Morning afterHendrik Sollich
MOTIVATION Joseph Trance
My brotherAnnkatrin Rothe
only hopeDani Rogers
Sad eyesAngela Beltz
Shadow-Friends - A Cyberpunky Story Of DoomAndre M. Pietroschek
The other side of the Rainbow MeadowKlaus Albers
The StrangerAnnkatrin Rothe
This has no titileTeena Nagy
Tick - tick - tick...Anne-Katrin Clemens
VengeanceErika Seetzen-Woods