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Welcome to the Humor Short Stories category on! Here, you will find a collection of lighthearted and entertaining stories, crafted by talented hobby authors. Humor is a genre that aims to bring a smile to your face and brighten your day with laughter. In this category, you will encounter stories that tickle your funny bone, filled with witty dialogues, hilarious situations, and comical characters that will leave you in stitches. Humor has the power to uplift our spirits, provide a temporary escape from the challenges of everyday life, and bring people together through shared laughter. It is a universal language that transcends boundaries and reminds us of the joy that can be found in even the simplest of moments. Whether it's clever wordplay, absurd situations, or clever punchlines, humorous stories have the ability to brighten our moods and leave us with a sense of lightheartedness. At, we celebrate the talents of hobby authors who excel in creating stories that bring laughter and joy. We invite you to explore this delightful collection of humor short stories and let the witty narratives and amusing anecdotes put a big smile on your face. Furthermore, we encourage you to share your own humorous tales with a global audience, as provides a platform to freely publish your stories. Unleash your comedic talent, spread laughter, and brighten someone's day with your fun-filled storytelling.

Short Stories and Novels Humour (english)

Title Author:
10-year-old boy dreams about being crucifiedGreg Miller
5-Day-SpiderPierre Heinen
A bizarre story: Death arrives on colorful wingsQayid Aljaysh Juyub
A Blonde MomentRay Beynon
A CelebrationKen Wasil
A Conversation in 2114Sheila Hollis
A Couple of DollarsDorsey Baker
A Really Stupid StoryTim Cee
A recipe for blackstone beer ß la Thrˇr's curseQayid Aljaysh Juyub
Adam and Eve converse with unborn CainGreg Miller
Adam names the animals in the Garden of EdenGreg Miller
All┤s well that ends...Nick Jordan
An Irish Family ReunionScott Wahrenberger
Animals in a Forest Deal with Problems with Human CommunityGreg Miller
Another Irish Family ReunionScott Wahrenberger
Ants Witness Jesus' ResurrectionGreg Miller
Apokryphtica insanis: The Parable of Dumbo and TarzanQayid Aljaysh Juyub
Ark building a daunting taskGreg Miller
Bears are hyped up over honeyGreg Miller
Bears Dream About and Discuss Violence in the Human FamilyGreg Miller
BEJEWELED POM POMDonnetta Williams
Best Friends Volunteer at Nursing HomeGreg Miller
Bible memorization contest draws unenthusiastic responseGreg Miller
Boy Dreams About Being Two of Jesus' DisciplesGreg Miller
Boy encounters adventure at international zooGreg Miller
Boy Wants to Help Teach Sunday School ClassGreg Miller
Caboose knows his train jobGreg Miller
Cat LoverRˇn Ginn
Celebrate freedom on Independence DayGreg Miller
Celebrating chocolate on Valentine's DayGreg Miller
Children's Sunday School Class Bakes Valentine's Day CakeGreg Miller
Choice of HeadsJoseph Trance
Choice of Heads IIJoseph Trance
Christian Author Says God Always Has Her BackGreg Miller
christian Meteorologists Gather for Special RetreatGreg Miller
Christian Newspaper Helps Pastor Celebrate Birthday MilestoneGreg Miller
Church gets a new memberGreg Miller
Church Mouse and Congregation All Love CheeseGreg Miller
Church's members share singing abilitiesGreg Miller
Circus elephant prays for wingsGreg Miller
Common SenseBruno Huber
Community asked to share feelings about the BibleGreg Miller
Community Responds to Unusual CornfieldGreg Miller
Couple Begins Bible Reading AdventureGreg Miller
Couple prays for a sonGreg Miller
Couple Serves as Church CustodiansGreg Miller
Couple Thrilled About the Upcoming Birth of Their First ChildGreg Miller
Crazy Stupid SheAnupam Das
Daughter gets dad new study Bible for Father's DayGreg Miller
David depends on the LordGreg Miller
Doctor writes unusual prescriptionsGreg Miller
Don't forget to tell God Happy Father's DayGreg Miller
Face TestingJoseph Trance
False Prophets Discuss Their Accuracy RatesGreg Miller
Family Plans Annual PicnicGreg Miller
Fatso's Dilemma SolvedUlrica Dias
Films can be too demandingQayid Aljaysh Juyub
Fish team up for recording projectGreg Miller
Fools and Wise MenBruno Huber
Forest Residents Tackle Problem With Nearby Human CommunityGreg Miller
Four-year-old asks for siblingGreg Miller
From the sublime to the ridiculous...Volodymyr Knyr
Full-time surgeon begins part-time veterinary gigGreg Miller
Garden of Eden Teems With AnimalsGreg Miller
God calls young man to mission workGreg Miller
God Double Blesses JobGreg Miller
God gets Jonah's attentionGreg Miller
God is Always FaithfulGreg Miller
God Kicks Lucifer Out of HeavenGreg Miller
Grandfather, Grandson Make Big PlansGreg Miller
Grizzly Bear Hankers for Robin's FoodGreg Miller
HealthBruno Huber
Heaven and HellRainer Tiemann
Heroes' Halloween PrepJoseph Trance
High School Freshman Discusses Plans for Future With His DadGreg Miller
Husband and His Wife Take Special Care in Naming ChildrenGreg Miller
Husband surprises wife with special Mother's Day giftGreg Miller
I Didn't KnowJoaquin Cajiao
Idiot or WiseguyBruno Huber
In The GardenJoseph Trance
InvestingBruno Huber
It's never too early to prayGreg Miller
Jacob Makes Coat of Many Colors for JosephGreg Miller
Jesus' resurrection: A perfect solution for all evilGreg Miller
Kid Wants to Become World's Best DadGreg Miller
Land of Rocks and Stones Holds ElectionGreg Miller
Local Madness in MumbaiUlrica Dias
Lost LovesMelody Joy Letford
Make use of your trunk before buying a suitcaseGreg Miller
Man embarks around the world walk for charityGreg Miller
Man Loses Valuable CoinGreg Miller
Man pursues career as shepherdGreg Miller
Media Ministries Join Forces to Start New TV OutreachGreg Miller
Members of Christ's Church should use their talentsGreg Miller
Mickey Mouse's Adventure Part 1Nick Jordan
Milk is Important Physical and Spiritual FoodGreg Miller
Modern LoveChris Hewitt
Moms and Dads Get No Time Off for Vacations and HolidaysGreg Miller
Monetary units praise the LordGreg Miller
Monkey Puppet Man Participates in VBS ProgramsGreg Miller
Mouse wants to become church mouseGreg Miller
My dim-witted Sister, AnneMark Hibberd
New airline promotes Christian ministryGreg Miller
New Year's Cruise Begins Couple's Missionary CareerGreg Miller
NewsworldBruno Huber
Old BreadBruno Huber
Pastor and congregation thankful for blessingsGreg Miller
Pastor befriends church mouseGreg Miller
Pastor Judges Beaches' Beauty ContestGreg Miller
Pastor's Final Meeting with Deacons Takes the CakeGreg Miller
Pastor's mom starts breadmaking classGreg Miller
Pastor-Teacher conducts seminar on the Last DaysGreg Miller
Pastors discuss global warmingGreg Miller
PoliticsBruno Huber
Prayer important tool in growing gigantic pumpkinsGreg Miller
Princess AnnabelNick Jordan
Reactions to Life Experiences Show Our Level of JoyGreg Miller
RentersBruno Huber
Robin family discusses baby bird's futureGreg Miller
S. M. poorly revisedMaria Theresia
Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus Dream About Visiting Baby JesusGreg Miller
Santa invites Father Time to special partyGreg Miller
Satan acknowedges God as super terroristGreg Miller
Seasonal Changes for Blades of GrassGreg Miller
Second grader listens closely to story of David and GoliathGreg Miller
Shopping deal from messiah same druid Qayid Aljaysh Juyub
Silly With SassyJeannine Philibotte
Sir Dudley WhuppinGerry Shorey
Some apparition!Erika Seetzen-Woods
Spiders witness Jesus' resurrectionGreg Miller
Spring is in the airGreg Miller
Tales from the Pumpkin Patch: The Strange Tale of B BennoitGerry Shorey
Tame Horse Teaches Unbroken Horse the RopesGreg Miller
Ten accepts role of God in Labor Day productionGreg Miller
The Bi ble: A Book of TruthGreg Miller
The DiaryRonja Lagerqvist
The Evolution of JohnGreg Stringer
The goats, the man and his music: a one act playKim Tyler
The Human Nature of Trash and the Trash of Human NatureMark Urich
THE KNITTERIngrid Armstrong-Boehk
The little boxMary Diana
The moustache on the stairsChris Ricketts
The perversely cruel truth about NessieQayid Aljaysh Juyub
The Pizza'sTim Cee
The portraitTofan Gheorghe
The Revenge CarJoseph Trance
The Weird SquirrelsTim Cee
The Weird StoryTim Cee
There Are No Fairy Tales in God's WordGreg Miller
Tio SatitaGiovanni Di Cristofano
To Dream A DreamRufus Murry Jr
Traveling evangelist and wife love to driveGreg Miller
Triplets Open Amusement ParkGreg Miller
Veterans Participate in July 4th CelebrationGreg Miller
Walk ends with unusual observationGreg Miller
We nail Ali anewVolodymyr Knyr
We should just stay HomeSandy Lindahl
What's in a number?Ray Boorman
White Water RaftingDenise Galasso-Liedlich
Woman is Anticipating Thanksgiving Day Baby Next NovemberGreg Miller
WorkBruno Huber
Writer Decides to Pen New BibleGreg Miller
Writing On Bathroom WallsBrent Youngs
www.PrayForRiches.comJ÷rg Sprave
Young boy says grandfathers are miraclesGreg Miller
Young Girl Asks Her Mother, 'Why is God Good?'Greg Miller
Young man discovers the right reasons to attend churchGreg Miller
Young Man Wants to Join a Women's Bible StudyGreg Miller
Youngster enjoys almost everything about churchGreg Miller
Zentralmatura Parodie: LEAKED (!!!) Englischmatura AufgabenKat Mirabile
Zero is very important numberGreg Miller