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chriAs (

Pictur Author
Dear Jürgen,
A very good poen! I also think, God is everywhere and in all the nature, and should be in all other people- but there somethimes I cannot find God. Most of them think, they are God.
Best wishes to 2020,

Answer by Jürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez (25.01.2020):
Dear Christa, God is everywhere thats right but you must belief also in yourself, you are a part of it. Greetings from Tunesia Jürgen

Goslar (

Pictur Author
Hallo Jürgen.

My name is Karl-Heinz Fricke. After living in Germany for 28 years I immigrated to Kanada where i live since for 62 years. Since 2005 member in e-stories with almost 2900 poems and 56 short stories. You should know me by now.
I wish you a Happy New Year.

By for now

Answer by Jürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez (25.01.2020):
Dear Karl-Heinz, thanks for your comment and my greetings to Canada. Really a remarkable work I must say and yes I know you by reading from time to time your poems. Greetings from Tunesia. Jürgen

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