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„Switched on and of ....?💔“ of Ursula Rischanek

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freude (

Pictur Author
It is what it is Uschi,
your\'s sincerly Adalbert

Answer by Ursula Rischanek (05.01.2020):
...Bertl, to be or not to be - perhaps the question of all questions ? Best regards - Uschi

Pictur Author
Nobody can stop us now, dear Uschi...
Blackout moments are everywhere,
everytime only for special people(s)...
presented by Falco
still keep my favorite song ;-))
Have a nice sunday...
in this new year 2020
Yours, sincerely Jürgen

Answer by Ursula Rischanek (05.01.2020):
Hi Jürgen, have a nice start to the new year for you too. Don't worry, not everything is autobiographical, but certainly the poet's freedom only! Nice sunday to you! Uschi

Horst Fleitmann (

Pictur Author
Dear Uschi,

who thinks too much. loses time for the important things in life.

Best wishes with a \"hihg of poetry\"

Answer by Ursula Rischanek:
Der Horst, there were always dark times in my life, but luckily they are over now!!! Best wishes with \"a high of poetry\" and its not a joke Uschi (01/04/2020)

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