Anna-Luise Franke

There'll be the sea!

There'll be a sea
between you and me:
sharks and tons of water,
I think I got to try harder,
to keep you and me,
all over the sea!
There'll be so much sky,
more than an eagle's flight:
clouds and wind and rays of sun,
I think we just have to hold on,
sending words on this flight,
to travel through all this sky!
There'll be no islands
to meet each other's hands:
just universes of nothing,
we have to keep on running,
with the life all in our hands
our thoughts creating islands!
There'll be a whole world
between me and my girl:
sea and sky and miles of land,
I think we got to pretend
to be each other's world,
not just another girl... 

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Anna-Luise Franke.
Published on on 02/23/2006.


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