Anna-Luise Franke

You came to go

You came to tear my heart apart,
but you failed and broke your own,
I was just the plastered bastard,
screwing up your well practised show,
You came to win him for some fun,
but now you lie there crying,
I didn't get what was going on,
I was busy with not dying
You came to proof yourself,
but now you lost your face,
I threw up begging for felp
and longing for personal space.
You came to fullfil the signs,
but you didn't read carefully,
my own hopes were high,
to get more than a hang-over finally.
You came to find me surrealised,
but you didn't understand,
first time I'm not supervised,
I'm biting your cold hand. 

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Anna-Luise Franke.
Published on on 03/05/2006.


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