Patrick Rabe

Magdalene's brain


Well, you don't think that you're Jesus,

you just live inside a flat,

but suddenly there's people,

who want their money back,

you say, "You did'nt owe me any",

he says, "It's a crime.

I had none and you had many

women, bucks and wine."


Time and time arrives,

this mad story's goin' on,

but then, a girl is knocking

at your door, she was long gone,

but you know, she was your lover

and the feelings, they return,

you tell her all your problems

and in love again you burn.


You lock the door, live with her,

don't answer to the phone,

only your closest friends know,

that you are not alone,

they whisper on the streets:

"There's something cooking, boys!"

But you and her enjoy the time,

as both of you rejoyce.


One day, there's funny noises,

like they have never been,

inside your flat, your friends discuss,

"Could this be Magdalene?

She always gives her brain to him,

when the times around get bad,

she never understood at all,

that it's this, that makes him mad."


They kick the door and run right in,

shocked deeply, as they see,

a drug addicted woman

crying psalms upon her knees:

"He's gone, he is the gardener,

he travels land and sea.

We kissed and kissed a thousand times,

he gave his brain to me."


"A woman cannot rule the world!",

St. Peter was quite sure.

St. Paul said, "Let's give her a try",

showed Peter to the door,

St. John said, "Mad, but beautiful",

St. Matthew, "Not again!"

The romans conquered all the town,

Police said, "They're insane."


Few people know, not everything

a writer writes, is true,

a novel is no prophecy,

a hat is not a shoe,

and nothing happens twice at all

the same way, than before,

keep open eyes and open hearts,

go to your best friend's door.




© by Patrick Rabe, 7. Februar 2020, Hamburg.

In rough times, cristianity has got both the power to heal and to make people insane. Never get so involved into thougts beyond your own times, that you can't figure out anymore, what is happening around you. But don't give up things that encourage you, either.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Patrick Rabe.
Published on on 02/07/2020.


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Book by Patrick Rabe:


Gottes Zelt: Glaubens- und Liebesgedichte von Patrick Rabe

Die Glaubens-und Liebesgedichte von Patrick Rabe sind mutig, innig, streitbar, vertrauens- und humorvoll, sie klammern auch Zweifel, Anfechtungen und Prüfungen nicht aus, stellen manchmal gewohnte Glaubensmuster auf den Kopf und eröffnen dem Leser den weiten Raum Gottes. Tief und kathartisch sind seine Gedichte von Tod und seelischer Wiederauferstehung, es finden sich Poeme der Suche, des Trostes, der Klage und der Freude. Abgerundet wird das Buch von einigen ungewöhnlichen theologischen Betrachtungen. Kein Happy-Clappy-Lobpreis, sondern ein Buch mit Ecken und Kanten, das einen Blick aufs Christentum eröffnet, der fern konservativer Traditionen liegt.

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