Steven Bell

you will only see greatness with your heart

Its a struggle,

sometimes every day,

sometimes i struggle if i am worth it,

and ask myself is this really me?


I mean the real me,

in what my destiny has in store for me?


Doubt crosses my mind,

till the moment kids see me,

because those are the only ones,

that can still see with their hearts.


And they see the real me,

the loving person,

the goodhearted person,

the caring one,

they see all that.


So they give me their hands,

and i led the way because they trust me,

without a shadow of a doubt – but some grownups don't.


I wipe away tears,

help them thru emotional struggles,

clean up their vomit,

that's my job - and hey i love it.


Every day i connect on a new level,

a new pattern,

and i am so proud of being the one to connect with them,

leading the way,

because sometimes,

its not me that holds them,

it's them holding me – but they don't know.


I will tell them,

once they leave the kinder-garden.


Thank you so much for seeing me,

the real me, and excepting me as I am.






All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Steven Bell.
Published on on 11/07/2020.


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