Mathis H.

Outside of the Box


I look around, look in their eyes

They look at the ground and they feel disguised

And they simply can´t see, the world that we live in

The think they´re happy, but they´re spuriously driven


We lost the control over our emotions

And we strongly consume their tools

Like a venomous potion

We can´t figure out at all

If they´ re supposed to help us

Or to control our minds

Nevertheless, we feel helpless


It seems like a never-ending hunt for distraction

We look at our screens, to see ourselves in a reflection

We hesitate to talk with our friends

Are scared of communication

Because we have no idea what to say

So we use are phones for salvation


And I am walking down the streets

As a stranger in a strange world

Outside of the box

And I wonder why the world turned

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Mathis H..
Published on on 01/04/2021.


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