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Bad year 2021

2021. What a bad year! The UK called "See EU later". Alas, the English Channel became a deep water, that will separate us for the future.

We grew up with the wonderful idea of Europe - a diverse Europe, that preserves regional cultures, but united! And this includes, too, London and the Scottish Highlands, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Cliff Richard, New Wave and Punk, British humor and the typical lust of civil disobedience.

Our world would be a poorer place without Shakespeare, the Spice Girls or Harry Potter ... The list goes on.

But the government of the UK has decided to go back to their chosen isolation in 2021. Sure we will be friends! But it feels so different now. More distant, non bonding, like a spurned love, that was once so beautiful.

And the worst incident beside the Brexit: My oldest and best friend in the UK, Peter I., King of Chislehurst, died in Kent, because he had no vaccination against COVID-19 ...

What a bad year 2021!

RT 2022

Liebe Margit, danke für deinen zutreffenden
Kommentar. Yes, it 's a pity and so sad. Liebe
Grüße vom Lyrik-Freund RT.
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Sehnsuchtstage: Poetische Gedankenreise von Rainer Tiemann

Der rheinische Autor Rainer Tiemann unternimmt mit seinem Buch „Sehnsuchtstage“ gereimt und ungereimt eine sehnsuchtsvolle, poetische Gedankenreise durch das Leben. Liebe und Leid spielen dabei eine wichtige Rolle. Auch Impressionen der Fußball-EM 2012 in Polen und der Ukraine wurden zeitnah festgehalten.

Es appelliert daran, sich dankbar an das zu erinnern, was jedes Leben so facettenreich und einzigartig macht.

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