Antonio Justel Rodriguez


… By my chest I carry and feel the throbbing of gods and their stars, and of pain and death,
and, what an inexorable seal of light; also, also the latent triumph of these forces and their echoes;
ours are, therefore, the joy, the joy and effusion of the song and its joy,
our the quantum glow or spark of divine impetus,
that of the immortal lamp or living pool,
with which we will have to urge and innovate the incomprehensible infinity,
that of the Being unthinkable, the absolute, that of the Being without corporeality or law, without limitation or name…
… Give us, then, honor and lineage to love and courage,
to hope and faith, to righteousness and patience, to temperance:
and do it, do it and they will help us to the flower of the olive tree,
to the total republic, to the virgin synthesis of the cosmos and the earth;
….… ..

… And so, so they will be able to live to live three shirts, two pants and two plates
for these titans and shepherds of cows, sheep and flies that I bring here today and present them:
because - apart from the sublime heroes of the Mariúpol Steelworks, the Zovstal grill,
resisting and resisting a huge criminal under the hunger and madness of the irons -
who, who how the Invisible Auxiliaries, who materialized, or in their body-soul,
work between flames or in sea beds, or suspend gravity, and at night
- floating in the mist and using any tongue from heaven or earth -
carry people or fairies, boats or stones, bears, dogs, cats or elephants ...;
and all, every night of the year, my Lord, every night of the year healing in the act
and helping our realms of life, every night, every…
………… ..
… But what about their usual bodies, those of blood-fire?
in their beds they sleep,
they live on their embers.

Antonio Justel Rodríguez

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Published on on 05/07/2022.


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