Saskia Charlotte Junker


Written in 2019 about all the ongoing persecution

and their corruption...

Still up to date unfortunately what they do..

As well my reaction to it however.


They know no limits they bought them all.

Full of hypocracy.

They cheat, they lie And yearn me to fall.

They don’t know love,

no love inside.

Inside their souls,

they sold all light.

Only abuse,

power, money And Possess,

Spreading Anger & Harm,

Wars and fights Without any regeret.


But I will walk ahead leave them all behind

Once and for all- Because towards me, they have no rights.

Freedom is priceless

And empathy my religion

any attention to them was Energy draining

and fowling prison.

I’ll walk ahead and remain me.

Loving and caring for truth

for real personalities in empathy.
Leave them behind and breathing deeply,

enjoying life and remaining ME.

There will be a day,

the nightmares are gone.

Not forgotten but out of zone.

In the meanwhile I’ll live

Appreciating true beauty in nature around me.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 07/06/2022.


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