Saskia Charlotte Junker

Heroes & misconceptions of society (SONGTEXT)

Society wants often to believe,
that heroes never cry,
that they are made from steal and stone,
but it might be the Opposite.

The opposite.

Cause without sensitivity
without capacity of empathy,
to perceive the pain of the world,
heroes would'nt be
with awareness for dignity,
or humbleness,
to wish progress.

People are stupid,
when they believe
that heroes would be bulletproof,
that they would never feel weak
and that they never would grief.


Society wishes to see only this, right?
Who knows why they do...
maybe to free themselves
from their part of own responsibility,
and to hide within giving no shite.

Could that be?
Could that really be?


Society seems to think
heroes were bulletproof
and that they themselve
were too small,
to help, or to make the move.

So when a hero shows their
shows their very own sensitivity
and feels like to shed a tear,
cause a day just sucked too much,
stupid people turn often their heads and think
"oh my gosh", this cant be a hero,
hasnt it been too often like that?

Though when society acts like that,
most probably they did forget,
that the hero
gave all what to give,
because if a hero was so rough,
he could not be a hero
because he would not care even a little bit.

People want too often to believe
that heroes never cry,
and would never suffer
when the day goes by.

But if a hero lacked all sensitivity,
he just would not care
he would not give a shit
would not comprehen
beyond stereotypes
would never see what only few do see
because he would be
just hard and rough as steal.

Without capacity of empathy,
would never see the worth of a fight
for a dignity world,
for which he strives.

But because the people want to believe,
when heroes feel down,
too often they are just on their own,
as they know too well.

MOST people are stupid.

Society seems to want to believe
heroes were made from stone,
that empathy would be weakness
that should not be shown.

They never learned,
that only strong people sense and have all the emotions
and the courage to feel and to keep feeling the entire world,
it sometimes feels as carrying rocks on ones own shoulders
and yet- feeling the whole truth makes everything worth.

Sensitivity alone isnt enough,
pure sensitivity used as a tool
would be just dumb and rough,
using it just to instrumentalize,
only fucked up fools do when they add up to harm and shite.

Heroes know empathy,
and have a true love capacity
with integrity and real honesty,
with good souls they do align,
authentically they do shine,

Heroes know empathy.
This is the key.

And real empathy, indeed is bulletproof.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 07/09/2022.


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