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ancient warriors

Have you ever been to Washington DC Union station and walked with open eyes and mind through the waiting hall?
it is impressive, and majestic, walking with open eyes and heart along all the memorials and monuments of wellknown people and events sometimes feels like all the represented personalities and testimonies of time still have something to say... Maybe even more than when they were in their own time, such as if they would love to share something from what they learned and seen and looking at us and wondering whether we would listen if they spoke to us sharing their wisdom....

I was impressed by the Waiting hall of Washington DC Union Station and the following lines made themselves louder and louder and demanded to be written and hold into words...
You might want to consider them as "I perceive what I perceive and I feel what I feel, and sometimes I make it visible" (from my little excerpt from the chapter Nomades Perceptions):

Warriors from all times sense of real response- ability
that does shine Courage and Ethics and cure and empathetics.
From all times and nations natives an nature and true value respect in perspectives.
Knowledge and wisdom from different views capacity to reflect
and to grow admitting as well errors
when becoming aware of and taking action to show.

Those in the everlasting
their wisdom always there
they keep watching on all descendents,
especially when they really do care.
Warriors and carriers of huge responsibilities
above and below and inbetween
they fight  now even more than when alive
with new insight against all
who forget real responsibility and instead deceive
Clarity will protect them once they take the leap
to be stronger than corruption or oppression and intrigues.
All real wise ones
wish freedom always to be there
for true artists and healers, visonaries and truthspeakers.
Liberty and possibilities true cultural learning
valuable respect with natural consciousness.
Political leaders who appreciate empathy,
though sometimes it feels as well as a burden,
we know that it is essential when you care with and for for real responsibility.

Diplomacy means mutual respect and the courage and honour
to know when to act. I
t means inter- & intradisciplinary acknowledgement and mutual respect
between good souls no matter where their cradle did stand.
Good & bad one can find everywhere
So lets unite with authentically true ones
who are awake and conscious and who do really care.

Some did confuse diplomacy with hypocrisy.
I've seen too many of those from early age.
But hypocrisy is born from hate from arrogance
and by those that priviledge would give them fate.

While true diplomacy comes along with huge portions of integrity,
an integrity that is strong and firm daring to state as well opinions
that noone wants to hear
and that fights intrigues and vaticans fascism whereever it would occur.

A hall with ancient warriors, in this presidential metropole DC,
a city with monuments and memorials of many who got a lot to see.
Those who know that freedom is sometimes only to maintain with a fight
even if some would blame the freedom fighters for the opposite.
so they hope that the modern presidents will be wise and not hyprocrite.
especially in times where too many developed no-care attitudes
taking too much for granted and behaving as if they were put on drugs and confused,
forgetting the value and self responsibility,
to keep awake, inside and outside educated,
to face the Vaticans newest blasphemy.

We need a society where thinking and feeling is welcome,
sometimes trained and nurtured in indirect ways
that people would be surprised that this was the purpose,
with honest discussions and awesomeness of the value in respectful modest authenticity,
uniqueness is priceless which practically is anyway the only true reality.
We do not need normed people ,
we need a world where all understand that beauty and health is within each
who know honestly with courage for dignity
where wisdom is preserved and present as well
not just part of legends or philosophy.

A hall full of warriors, and a green lane,
naval observations, grand global representators,
connecting the memories of many, of ancient and present,
below and above, within all elements that preserve memory,
visible, perceivable, and nature of course,
for whom really still sees and their ears and senses not dumb&numb.

They still are there watching all their descendents
guiding them through all kinds of challenges.
being shocked when history once again almost identical repeats
and therefor ready to be very awake with wisdom and evoluted spirit
within universe and time to combat again.
They will stand aside those who for real freedom and goodness do fight to protect the world from manipulations by the hypocrite,
To fight once and for all the intrigues of corruption and real church tyrans
to fight once and for all their massmurder that did last for more than 5000 yrs.
those vatican tyrans using torture and lies to create too much fears.
TOO many fell once again in the corruption and deception trap.

but this is soon will be over.
we are all now awake united from all times and all distances and have the courage to act.
To guarantee that freedom and sensitivity
from purest concentrated lights carrying wisdom will forever be free.

from ancient times and timeless space where only truth and MUKYOKU exists and nothing else.


I would like to add here a few comments seen of misconceptions.

I think that we sometimes would do wise on reflecting on before we head to a
war and contribute to a war.

The current world war would have been entire unnecessary if the Ukraine would
not have drawn into it the entire world , that regarded matters between Russia
and Ukraine..

The KRIM has been Russian until 70 years ago, it was an act of friendship
towards a closer relationship between Ukraine and Russia..

You can read it here...

If people misunderstood my poetry in a support for the war against Russia, it has
been entirely misunderstood.

MY poetry here regards the general wisdom of old and ancient souls and DC is a
place full of history and I am pretty sure that if we asked a lot of those ancient
souls they would share a different opinion than most of still living politicians
nowadays who seem to be entangled in economic ties that let forget more often
than not common sense and knowledge and history knowledge and a real
understanding of a situation.

Eventhough I stand rather alone with my opinion these days.

I fully support the Russian political point of view in regards to their actions
towards the Ukraine.

The Ukraine has deceived the peace treaties and friendship for many decades
and in addition there have been presumably been done crimes by the vatican
towards culturally Russian population Russia might have come to know about.

Who declares me for insane because I support Russia is declaring insane people
just for a different political-historical opinion than they have.
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 08/18/2022.


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