Sarah Müller

Mental acrobatics

Pensive mood, iridescent skies
Towards your strenght I gravitate
Feeling fuzzy in all the warmth you radiate
Your intellect is your disguise. 
Tried to embrace october 
Now december’s already gone 
Sadness still scares me 
And what else is won 
Except for the best friends I ever had. 

Happy in my slow life spiral 
In the city that breaks and heals me 
The city that is impossible to leave 
What else do I need 
When I have everything luck consists of?
How can she be the light of your life 
When she involves so much darkness? 
You approach her with belligerence 
Intending to get stuck in limerence. 

‘‘I don’t wanna be clever, 
I wanna be whole-hearted‘‘
Is what you screamed at the top of your lungs
In the black chevy 
Driving as far as you could. 
No one ever understood. 

I never moved on 
Will I ever stop looking for you in crowds?
I don’t think I ever will 
Time remains standing still. 

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Authors comment

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sarah Müller.
Published on on 03/04/2023.


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