Rolph David

An Enigma

In the realm of e-stories, where my poems take flight,
I've noticed an interesting pattern, both day and starry night.
My English poems seem to gather more readers' view,
Yet it's the German ones they rate, but why, I have no clue.

A puzzle unfolds, a literary mystery at play,
Why do the English verses captivate, yet ratings look away?
The languages may differ, yet my passion is the same,
Within my e-stories, each poem's a heartfelt flame.

Is it the unfamiliar allure of a foreign tongue's grace,
That draws readers to the German lines, creating a different space?
Or do the English words, like old friends, just feel so near,
That they read and enjoy them but don't bother to appear?

E-stories, a treasure trove for poets to express,
But the ratings tend to favor one language, I confess.
The reasons remain hidden, like tales within the night,
As readers journey through my poems, their hearts taking flight.

So I'll continue writing, in both languages I'll rhyme,
In the world of e-stories, my words will stand the test of time.
For the reasons may elude us, like stars beyond our sight,
But in my poems, in both tongues, I'll keep sharing my light.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 10/27/2023.


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