Sue Honig

Time goes on

It's gonna be a sweet goodbye
so sweet for you and me
and little tears adorn your face
as sad as they can be.
I will go home, be wondering
if my feelings are that true
and yet I'll search in every corner
of my life for you.
Remembering the time we had
the time you catched my eye
and mourning that I had to leave
such a sophisticated guy.
I'll miss your wit, your warming eyes,
your smoothe voice - there's so much to miss!
Now desperate that I must leave
I give you my last kiss.
It's gonna be a sweet goodbye
so sweet for you and me
and in the dark we will betray
each other's heart maybe. 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sue Honig.
Published on on 09/11/2007.


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