Amberlee Hampton

Forgotten Pages

Burning the last page of this memory i use to hold so dear.
The new book is beginning with him to stear.
I can see that she's still trying to write a happy ending.
What's the point when I'm not happy; stop the pretending.
Written memories seem so far off place.
Times have changed and so we expand in space.
Your chapters burn into ashes of digust.
Now you mean nothing more than some metal laid to rust.
I wait for these ashes to cool.
Spread them into the dark blue pool.
Get them lost and wet to never be discovered.
Now's the time for our remains to smoother.
Now he and I write the best piece of literature.
While you sit there and stare at the beast of her.
She's become the villian of a burnt book.
A book I have forgotten and forsook.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Amberlee Hampton.
Published on on 02/04/2009.


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