Stefanie Haertel

Why is threre no fairy tale for me?


Why is there no fairy tale for me?

Why is there no Happy-Ending?

I´m looking for sunshine,flowers and singing birds.

But I´m getting rain, cold and sadness.


I see happy couples hugging,looking at each other,

saying:"I love you".

And when they kiss

oh, how I wish it was me and you.


But we both live in different worlds

and they don´t fit together.

Oh, how I wish ...

Oh, how I wish...


And when I´m looking at the moon

I wish you would be next to be.

And when I hear sad, melancolic music

I must cry,

I must think of you.


I wish you would be here for holiday,

especially christmas

I don´t want to be without you.


I don´t have much to give

but I would give you my love

and my heart...

well, you already have it.


You are the last thought when I fall asleep

and the first when I wake up.

And even if I don´t think of you

you are always in the back of my mind.


Why is love so cruel ?

why does destiny punish me?

I´ve been a good one

I tried to do the right things.


I know I live in illusions

but what I feel is real.


They all say I should carry on

and that I´ll find someone else.

But how could I ?

I never loved someone like you.

There´s nothing I wouldn´t do for you.

My whole soul shouts:"I LOVE YOU!"

and sooner or later my mouth will, too.


All I´ve ever wanted is to be lucky in love

and to have a little happiness.


Please, destiny, give me a fairytale

please,destiny, give me a Happy-Ending.


Because I´m still waiting...

waiting for someone telling me

"You´re beautiful",


"You´re special",

"I will always love you".

And I guess somewhen someone will.




All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Stefanie Haertel.
Published on on 03/03/2009.


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