Joseph Trance

The "N0-ing" of God

In the mid-night
I awake,
out of sleep..
I quake.
NIGHT reaches out
to consume me,
I can't breathe.

I forget
I am part Light.

Weakened by FRIGHT,
Robbed of my might,
I can't think...
I can't fight.

Images of my SINS
Their purpose:
to KILL me,
with their guilt
and their shame
and other weapons
I can't name.

Suffocation begins:
I KNOW I CAN't win
My mind is CONFUSED
and I KNOW
I WILL loose...
my LIFE.

Then a single word
is spoken,
And it's not just a token
against Darkness unbroken.

It is apart and away
from anything I can say,

Its clarity grows
and my mind knows:


STRONG is the WORD..
was it really what
I heard?

Then as if to clear
doubt, again as a shout:


And like the mouth of a cave,
or a great receeding wave,
the darkness and night
back away from the LIGHT
that begins to grow bright.

"Father, My God..."
and then... a
confirming nod;
Nothing I can see
just an affirmation
in me.

His Mercy and Grace,
then shine their face(s)
and break the fear
and the night,
and bring on the LIGHT.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 09/09/2009.


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