Meike Schrut

Soul lives

When I bit by bit
Resignation of my mother
Had to take
If was the heart
How lead so hard
No, her soul does not pursue me
In the dream at night,
I have too often spoken in thoughts with her,
Also this:
“Announce if you are able,
Which wishes and longings have you denied yourself?
What I can do
So that you want to live on by me?
On all my ways
If I am still rather imperfect - as every person is it.
Only looked at me so often mockingly
As if I to the sister
Cannot hold a candle."
This is so insignificant to me - now.
Even if I the town
With big plans cannot leave
Arrival by imagination
Constantly new pictures here.
No, not that normal one.
Sometime we never again want to see them
That with recollections loaded
Sometime we never again want to see them
And of course
If the time must also go on.
Leave to my life
Constantly new space
play with words
If she moves, she bends askew, she tugs partially just.
Words only words
If they sound like
biblical tones, invocation singsong.
Imperfectly everything has to go
What me important to tell
Left remains.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 09/24/2009.


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