Chantal Schnarrenberger

Dreamer's Disease

Iíve got the Dreamerís Disease

Head high on clouds and on trees

Iím everything I dream of

Beauty, beast or Courtney Love


Turning into whatever I need

I need no mask to go out on the street

In my mind I know the role that I play

When to switch it, and when to stay


Iím like an actress, on my own screen

In my own movie, which no one has seen

Donít know where to go, and when to arrive

I keep on looking for my own life


Iíve got the Dreamerís Disease

Canít find a person to please

Somebody to join my game

To give me love, truth and fame


And for the sake of my mental health

Iím tryiní hard to gain some sense of self

To understand what I am, what I feel

But lifeís easier Ö in a world thatís not real



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Chantal Schnarrenberger.
Published on on 10/05/2009.


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