Inge Offermann

Flying home

Raise your eyes

to the night sky,

seeing flying lights

of red and white colour

high in space:

There is somebody


a Canadian summer.


Flying home

to the land

where I live,

to a land


like yours.


Flying home

to my daily life,

to an unknown


© Inge Hornisch


Richte deinen Blick
zum Nachthimmel,
dort siehst du Fluglichter
von rotweißer Farbe.
Jemand erinnert
sich dort oben
an einen

in das Land,
wo ich lebe,
in das Land,
das deinem
in den Alltag
zu ungewisser

© Inge Hornisch



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Inge Offermann.
Published on on 06/12/2010.


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