Meike Schrut

Why I had to go - or: the 1st day in the hospital in 1992

"Damn!" and: "Melon?!"
Thus I have not thought guaranteed once?!
Although "dung" was it, that I
before I made a mistake it -
on that day
(23.6. exactly it was)
came where women are not with pleasure.
Room 4 with women,
like me
the child could hardly expect.
Well, nevertheless, this was what!
To nibble here at least refreshing
from the fruit, from the meat of the green one
Of "ball".
Juicy, red and here, many black cores!
Forget almost the hardship
my blood pressure high, thus high, that it
quite uncomfortably to the doctor it was.
To me it was only dizzy.
Forget today I only has -
today and on former days already-:
your love.?
Since when you felt nothing more for me and did want only your son?
Today the answer so hard for me would not be to be endured any more.
It becomes 18 years in 3 scanty days and I also gladly about that am...!




All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 06/23/2010.


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