Nicolai Rosemann

Diary of a Z

Day One
Dear Diary
Today something real weird happened to me. When crossing down campus a guy from my floor came by. He looked like he got a few drinks because he was moaning and walking unsteady. I tried to talk to him, but he just grabbed my arm and bit me.
I think I passed out then, because I woke up at an unknown place. I think the ones that found me abducted me and brought me to this place. I can not really tell where here is because it is all dark and I can not move. But I hear human voices speaking very fast some times. Additionally I am hungry, and my left ear is itching like hell. Oh, and I think they put me in a plastic bag.
Day Two
I had no food or drinks for nearly 48 hours now. I am afraid I will die of thirst or starve. But when I think about the time passed, I am just hungry, not thirsty. It is quite odd. And hell: both my ears are itching now. And I still can not move!
Day Three
I had visitors! For real, some people in white clothing and masks opened my bag and looked at me. They talked like hell fast, and tried to check my condition.
I was so happy to see people again that I took a bite of the arm of one man. By the taste of blood and flesh my appetite was gone, but the people screamed like hell and ran around confused like a bunch of chickens. I managed to open the ties and scratch my ears – that feels so good! One of my ears fell up when I did this. That is curious and can not be good. But I am more afraid to lose another, more important part if this would start to itch.
Day Four
I walked around in this building for about half a day before I found an unlocked door. I tried to go back to Campus, but something bad must have happened when I was in captivity of this people in white clothing.
When I walked down the street suddenly a guy started shooting at me from his window. I took cover and tried to speak to him, but he did not want to reason. So I left into another direction and outflanked this house. My clothing is ruined now, but it seems that the wounds do not bleed. Awesome!
But I am hungry again, and it is a bit cold.
Day Five
Another weird thing accrued to me. Seems I got no pulse, what could be a reason for my wounds not to bleed. I reached campus, but no one was there. I went to my room to get some sleep.
Day Six
I think I am dead. Because today a saw three people who looked like zombies walking by my residence. I hid myself in the closet and waited there for about an hour before coming out again. Then I grabbed some paper and started writing down the things that happened to me the past week.
Day Seven
When I woke up this morning three other guys had entered my room. One was walking against the closet for hours and moaning, another one tried to nibble on my toe. I kicked him in the face, but he did not to bother. They follow me like shadows, so I took a walk and found some meat in the cafeteria. We had dinner together, but it seems I am the only smart one of our group as I tried to start a discussion. But the others only moaned and ate.
We went another way back to residence and found a girl under a tree that hung her. I took a bite of her foot and after a few minutes she was back alive. I am some kind of Jesus and can bring back dead people now?
Day Eight
It seems I am rotting. I was pale before these things started a week ago, but when I looked in the mirror today I was afraid of myself. My new mates do not look better either. I checked their bodies and we all got bite marks in our bodies that are not healing very well. I think we smell very bad. And they fester too. That makes me hungry again!
Day Nine
Maybe this book goes for Pulitzer. Think about me. I seem to be dead, even brain-dead. But I am still writing my diary and keep our group from eating each other. We managed by the way to get the hung girl from the tree. She is now one of us. We do not eat very balanced, just meat. And we do not drink, except for blood. So we are maybe vampires too. That would be awesome!
Day Ten
My friends seem to be bored. They started banging against the door and wall making these weird sounds. They moan a lot. I think they can not handle the situation as good as I do. I tried to help them, but they do not listen.
Day Eleven
I tried to talk to my new buddies again. I even tried to teach them sign language. But then I realized I only got eight fingers left. And they did not listen either. They still are banging against the door and walls. I opened the door so they can leave if the want, but they are not smart enough to walk through it.
Day Twelve
We went for another walk to get some food. But Boone seems to be abandoned. We only met a bunch of other possible zombies/vampires, who joined our group. We are now all sleeping together on the floor, a big nice and warm community.
Day Thirteen
The group is growing. I heard cars passing by and left the residence to check them out. They guys (and gals) followed me and we managed to stop a school bus full of people. I tried to talk to them, but they started shooting at us. So we entered the bus and had a little buffet. First: we are not hungry any more. Second: some people joined our group later to replace the ones got hit by the bullets. And third: Oh, I think that was it.
But we are now too many people for the dorm, so we had a little walk under the moon to find a bigger apartment.
Day Fourteen
Two weeks have passed.
We found a good replacement for meat on the streets. The last days several other cars passed the area and hit some animals. I think squirrels, skunk and raccoons are the Big Macs of this generation of people.
But still there is no one to talk to. I am depressed.
Day Fifteen
The group started eating each other. That is so disgusting. But on the other hand tasty. You will not believe it, but eyes can taste real good.
Day Sixteen
Dammed, today my other ear was itching and when I scratched it fall off. I am not the only one in the group with that issue, but it sucks. Now I barely can hear and have to stay with the group. Seems my days as leader are passed. But the others seem all happy, so I am happy, somehow.
Day Seventeen
Last two weeks weather was not good, a lot of rain and always cloudy. But today was sunshine, and I got real nasty sunburn. My skin I falling of and I smell like an overrun skunk.
Well, I hope the ladies like smelly and toasted guys because I think it is time to check out some females.
Day Eighteen
I am in love! Yes, first date with an angel and she seems to like me too. To show her my love I offered her my ear that fell off a few days ago. She ate it with pleasure and then tried to get a bite of my arm. I think my new life is good again, somehow.

Day Nineteen
We are having a good time, Cherry and me. I found her name out when I checked out her jacket. She was a shop assistant and on the sign on the jacket it says: “Hi, I am Cherry. How can I help you?”
Life rocks! Oh, and I did reanimate another guy. I think this Jesus-thing really works for me.
Day Twenty
The relationship with Cherry is not working out. Some guys passed by with motorcycles, shooting and hitting us. Cherry got a baseball bat right on her forehead. She is only crawling now, and moaning a lot. Even some other parts of her body are so rotten that they are not useable any more. Important parts, you know? I tried to break up with her, but she was not listing to my arguments. And I think her outside appearance is not a good enough argument, regarding what I look like. The easiest way would push her down a cliff.
Day Twenty-One
We have not reached a cliff yet, but some other guys on motorcycled passed by and shoot on the group. Cherry got hit in the head, again, and it exploded. She is dead now, real dead, and we ate her.
So I am single again, and a few nice girls joined the group today. I think some of them where even from campus. But I do not have another ear to give away to show my love, so I have to check out for something else.
Day Twenty-Two
This new leader is a jerk. We arrived at campus again, so we walked in a circle. Whatever, we found some meat and had dinner. I offered some rotten flesh to a girl, she ate it and left. What a bitch!
I walked around on my own for a while when I suddenly heard shooting. Nice job, as you may remember I got no ears! When I meet the group again, a few of them where shot and a bunch of guys in uniforms and rifles where doing the body count. I tried to hide, but I moved to slow. They enwrapped me in a net and took me with them. I got scared, and envy my dead buddies. I think I will not like what these guys will do to me…
We found a kind of diary in the pockets of one zombie. It seems they can be smart, but we have to find out which ones are and which ones are not. Unfortunately this specimen was destroyed before we learned about this.
 - Doctor Monroe, US Army Special Group Z

This story was a conceptscript for a short movieAuthors comment

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Nicolai Rosemann.
Published on on 09/15/2012.


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