Mauro Montacchiesi




Light of the Universe,

Heavenly Mother,

please give me the joy of breathing

the sprouting of new primroses.

Let dissipate

the melancholy that dwells




in my heart.

Please help me find

a fresh spring source

in the heath of fate,

to find

a refuge that is not

a temporary drop of dew.

Let resurrect in me,

among the uncertainties,

the watered-down dreams.



as the dim dawn

awaits the first manes of sunshine,

I drown in the dull lake of loneliness.

Who knows,

someone has already planned

my desires.

Heavenly Mother,

kindly grant me the joy of a smile,

of a sunshine

that warms the countryside

with regal detachment.

Heavenly Mother,

reveal to me the combination

of the Orphisms

that conceal themselves

among the white cirruses.

My soul

is no longer able

to warm my heart.

Time overflows from its shore,

as I cling to your arms,

Heavenly Mother.

Like a sinuous reverberation,

I creep into the twilight of an illusion.

The sun disappears,

and I tear through the tangled thickets

of existence.


or something,

has imprisoned my soul

in a leaden cage,

and the torment,


can reveal itself



like the illusion of the innocent child, I was,

when I still fed on honeycombed fairy tales.

I barely perceive your face,

Heavenly Mother,

and meanwhile, bright doodles glide

on my moistened pupils.

Who knows,

I am finding sprinkles of weeping

in the core of the universe,

and maybe,

I will land on the borders of celestial mysteries.

The evening has now set, and with it also, the night.

My cheeks yearn for

your sweet caresses,

Heavenly Mother.

My soul

yearns for an unusual universe.

I daydream,

and I paint

the divine charisma,

the inlaid canvas,

of a colorful peace.






All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Mauro Montacchiesi.
Published on on 05/13/2013.


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