Norman Möschter

kind of love

When I first met her
I just closed my eyes
to avoid having her
in my mind all my life.

In doing so I hoped
to trick love from coming near.
Love had its seven-league boots on,
for me this thing was clear.

And this girl, I figured out,
without even looking at her face,
she's been pretty awesome
but not the right one for myself.

There had once been a girl,
I thought I would never forget,
but eventually there was
no room for her within my head.

This time, you can imagine,
it didn't work out either.
I couldn't help to sneak a peak
and she couldn't neither.

And as I looked her in the eye
it happened as expected:
Love exploded in my head,
in a flash I was infected.

Now her features are imprinted
on the front door of my mind,
so, here's another part of life
nobody can never rewind.

The story had its ups and downs
and after all can be told shortly,
for every time the story's told
this love becomes less courtly.

I recall her to be a stunner
and stunned I was, that is for sure,
and maybe that's the reason why
I didn't realise before.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Norman Möschter.
Published on on 07/20/2014.


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