Norman Möschter

The unknown guy

Little was known
about the guy
that arrived late that evening.

He was a gentleman,
a real man of the art,
who lived up to the expectations
of the gathering.

Everybody was proud
to have shaken his hand
clothed within a whitened glove,
such an extraordinary specimen.

Rumours started spreading,
everybody knew a bit,
first he came into inheritance,
then he was an entrepreneur.
Last but not least the candles were lit,
for it became quite dark within.

This was when all of a sudden
one after the other gave a short cry
of disbelieve and the unknown guy
had gone and had taken, nobody could deny,
all the money and jewellery with him.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Norman Möschter.
Published on on 09/12/2014.


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