Ray Beynon


Alone and lonely, sitting at my window

I watched as lovers, hand in hand, walked by.

I turned my eyes away because my heart ached

And saw your glowing face up in the sky.


Ah, friendly moon, those sweethearts did not notice

When silver beams reached down and touched their hands

So filled with love, eyes only for each other

They strolled in joy across the moonlit sands.

You sent some gentle rays to light his footsteps

While others glimmered softly on her hair.

When clouds obscured your face, and all was darkness,

The lovers stopped to kiss, and didn't care.


I closed the blinds and hurried from the window

Such tenderness I couldn't bear to see

Then I remembered your face, smiling sadly,

And knew that you were lonely, just like me.


The weeks went by and when my heart was hurting

I walked the beach alone, each sleepless night.

I talked to you and told you all my troubles,

You soothed me, stroked me with your silver light.

I saw the water glitter where you touched it,

The shimmer of your rays upon the foam

The flash of silver when the fish were jumping ,

And then I let your moonbeams guide me home.


The summer passed, and autumn turned to winter,

The sea is cold, the sand as hard as stone

There are no lovers walking past my window,

But now I have a sweetheart of my own.

We walk the beach together after sunset,

And there he asks me if I'll be his wife,

When I say yes, he shouts, “ The moon is smiling!”

And I know I will love him all my life. 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Ray Beynon.
Published on e-Stories.org on 12/05/2014.


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