Ronald Deutschland


the faithful drown
in and out, on and on
the crimson king
lets me in, from the out
tracker, tracker
hold me, solve me
fear me, love me
the vanished ban
yes I can not say why
I made my way
here to stay, much to shy

I'm alway near
loud and clear, smoking shit
won't you fear me
I'll protect on the track
tracker, tracker
hold me, solve me
fear me, love me
tracker, tracker
won't you feel a little tracker

This poem is about how the society abuses the feelings of someones who's addicted to something. Even I do that. But I think theese people need help. Help which I'm not able to give, because sometimes the society needs to be protected from those who are that addicted.
They damage the working of a society.
Nobody wants them, but they are real. And the problems will not go away, talking about how bad it is, to be addicted to drugs, computer, sex, whatever there is.
I think the most important contrast is linked to the words and phrases "fear me" and "Won't you fear"
A tracker means someone on a trip, someone who is high. We notice them, but we are doing nothing against it.
I hope this poem / song is frightening. I hope you'll feel the colderness, while reading it.
Dark ANguis
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Ronald Deutschland.
Published on on 03/06/2006.


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