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I say YES

When I first started to explore the origins of everything my personality is made of, my way of looking at things and my world in general, I was blind.

Blind to the truth. Blind to others and their attitudes. My message was clear and yet in itself impossible to put into action. The rule that dominated my life then was, ‘Realize your potential and thereby change for the better!’

But how do I find my true self? What does “better” actually mean? How do I decide what is beneficial and what is harmful to me and my personal development? How much influence can and should my environment exert on myself and my actions? How do I transform myself and others without hurting, limiting, lying, killing, destroying at the same time?

I was driven by these and other questions. Driven into a global search for answers. Many of these questions, which still date from a time when I first “came into myself”, I have already answered a long time ago. But to me, the fact remains that in spite of all my experiences and knowledge, my path is still far from reaching its finish line. To begin with though, examining the question, ‘What does it mean to “live”?’ must be a priority.

I have come to the realization that any person who asks this question is ready to embark on a journey that ultimately leads to answering this most existential question of all. The answer lies within us. In our decisions, in our personal development, in our way of expressing ourselves. From our very birth on, we are busy communicating with our environment – however, leaving out the most important person of all: ourselves. We satisfy our needs. We acquire and increase our wealth. We interact with our environment in order to achieve, build, create. But for whom or what are we doing all of this?

Some would say for God. Others would say for the people closest to us. But the truth is simpler. We create our very own worlds in which we move around and slowly but surely use up our lifetime – for noone but ourselves. We accept this fact – be it consciously or unconsciously – day after day. Should we have the misfortune of one day meeting someone who asks us, ‘Who are you really?’ we would not know what to say.
We would not know who we are. We would not know why we are worth putting ourselves in almost life-threatening situations, just so we develop our personality, if we still did not know who we really are.

Coming into this world, we are free. Free from constraints, free from prejudice, free from rules or laws, free from everything we impose on ourselves throughout our later lives, just to then spend a lot of energy stripping them off again, like a second skin. The older we get, the more we realize that our parents and their parents have acted exactly the same way when they had reached our level of knowledge.

Finally, only one question remains, ‘What are we to do if we do not have anyone in our lives anymore who has more insight than we do?’ If there is noone left whom we can ask for advice or with whom we find comfort and shelter when our mere existence puts us down, chokes and crushes us? But even these questions can be answered.

Oddly enough, it is the same answers we find, when we understand our human nature in all its vastness. And when these answers are found, there is no more angst. No constraints, no fears, no anger and no more suspicion. Because at that point we have realized that the miracle of life lies within ourselves.

We live in a time in which concepts such as love, honesty, strength, sincerity and unity, have become meaningless. Like faded photographs from another, long-forgotten era, they are still somehow present in our lives, showing up from time to time to remind us of their existence. But what do these concepts really mean? And what is even more important, what do they mean to us personally and our journey? Many people ask themselves these and other questions, consciously or unconsciously, day after day. However, are we also prepared to go down this difficult path of enlightenment and work on answering these questions?

I say YES. YES, to people whose ambition is not only to work on themselves, but also to reach and communicate with others. I say YES to people who are willing to make decisions for the good of all and are also ready to live with the consequences. I say YES to US. I say YES to my path. I say YES to your path. I say YES to life.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Peter Spiegelbauer.
Published on on 02/25/2015.


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