Brandon Balderas Rocha


If you could see in you dear what I see in you,
if you could penetrate subtly into my soul for you to feel what I feel,
only then you would realize how you fill my mornings,
and how you anesthetize  my sunsets and change the way of each of my steps.
Only then will you answer the question that occasionally grips you.
Only then, perhaps you would clear out the doubts that haunt your face.
You would have not one, but a thousand whys, and we could save so much in words.
But even though it’s impossible to justify this limerence;
Only between verses I live you, is in the the prose where I breathe you.
That's why taciturn I’m writing for you again...
You are essential to me for the same gregarious nature that invades me,
because even if you do not understand or know me completely
You're the one that has done it the best and who I wish to do it.
You are joy and sadness for the way you look at me,
with pupils drowned in selfless interest;
you are realism and utopia by shared laughter,
the truths discussed, the colors in your mind.
As the clock goes on and merges with my evenings;
while the indescriptable color of your person floods my soul.
While these ghosts refuse to go away
The ones you left walking the maze of this town,
and that I see reflected in the lotus of memory,
You will have me here beside you.
I will still love you.
While you stay iridescent above all;
while you continue to be a source of my eloquence;
while your ethereal absence goes more noticed than the absence of others..
As long as you are, as long I like, as long as I can!
I have plenty of reasons,even though motives I'm missing by thousands,
I love you mysterious, I love you aparted
I love you independent, I love you because you are.
I love you in a humanly unfading manner.
I love you for the simple desire to love you,
assimilated by will, imposed without consent.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Brandon Balderas Rocha.
Published on on 06/04/2015.


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