Barbara I.

La Punta de Oro

- reaching me from a place
As near as my imagination
Holding me tenderly
Caressing my heart
Striking a chord in my soul
That was never touched before
Changing pearls of notes
Into a melody of delight
Extending every second to a lifetime
Here you are
Here I am
In the presence of truth
The truth of presence
Sensing immaculate accomplishment
Opening my heart
For the precious gift of your being
That carries me through my days
Supports me
Protects me
Fills me with joy
The precious gift of your being
That my heart carries through my days
With tender astonishment
About the grace of life
And love.

Dedicated to H.B., who "restored the Stradivari to earth".Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Barbara I..
Published on on 04/08/2006.


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