Johanna Döttelmayer

A Letter To Someone More Than Just A Friend

Dear my friend,

I talked to you every single day
Fourteen whispered words from your mouth
One careful hint I sighed
From far it looked as if we had nothing to gain
But let me think about it, once again...
I can see all the flashing lights overcoming my mind's eye

I saw you at the fun fair, four years ago
I'm still shocked that you looked so pale because of the cold ...
You starred at the merry-go-round
and your eyes were filled with fascination and joy
I think it was due to all the flashing lights around you,
and the big hustle and bustle that was sorrounding you, too
I still wonder how you managed not to get lost in all the shuffle ...

And I remember this lovely smell of candy floss in the air
as well as the tragic moment I fell apart,
when I saw that you chose to share it with her ...

I was just like huh, I was so in love with you
And I only wished I could feel happy for the two of you
but it saddened me deeply how you never took notice of me
And the worst was, I couldn't even put the blame on you
cause it was me who didn't have the guts to tell you the truth 

Still it wasn't fair
That I had to leave without a trace
Still hoping you would recognize me,
but never, never...

Well, after all, I guess I love you, darling
I really do,
even if I may never be with you.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Johanna Döttelmayer.
Published on on 10/14/2016.


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