Sonja Nic Rafferty

Teach me SLANG IV

Chapter IV: American slang

Good morning, USA, Ive been around the block and here I come.
The foreign language I took is only school English and not American one.
My schoolbooks tell me underground turns to subway and motorway to freeway?
On a highway maybe a cop want to see my green card or pink slip, okay!

Neighbo(u)r, harbo(u)r, labo(u)r and flavo(u)r for example, lose their u,
Analog(ue), catalog(ue), dialog(ue) and demagog(ue) want no e and u too.
Thats just orthography, I better try to ya street talk,
in Florida let me grab some sun and go to the boardwalk.

Scoobidoobiedoo, that drinkipoo is not a boo-boo!
Ooh, I still have to learn a lot, I do not want to be the boogaboo.
Get real! Am I a Kraut or your foreign sugarplum? ( yoo-hoo!)
I feel as cool as a cucumber. Honestly, I wouldnt tease someone ( just yuh!)

Lets do the lunch thing! I have a thing about it.
Candy bars, doughnuts and sundaes. Wow! Get a grip!
Yummy, Ive a sugar rush. Now I go for a bar hop (ping,
An L.A. (less alcohol beer) in L.A. (Los Angeles) thats top notch (ing)!

Id like to paint the town red, just kiddin! Rain or shine!
First I got to the munchies. No fast food, please! Thats fine!
Dont scrunch at your breakfast, dinner and brunch.
Should I take BFC or BLI for lunch? What about a new word, yunch?

Gofer means GO FOR a cup of coffee, gopher is an animal, how bizarre!
Com, dont gimme that kinda craps! Its a marmot in my memoir.
Whatchamacallit, whatshisname? Sorta gopha! Outasight, gotcha!
Yep, theres alotta slang learning lasts for ever and one day, oughtta have a supporter!

In my language a pear is the head too. Here I even can bean someone.
Boston is Bean City, New York City The Big Apple, to go bananas is no fun.
National symbols are Mom and apple pie, if you are in a clover you are lucky.
Animals swap gundog for birddog, and ladybird for ladybug, how ducky!

Sure thing animals are not rare in slang, lets yak about fox and cat,
hot dog, beetle, one-horse-town, monkey business and rats.
Western slang is still talked in Texas, comics and movies,
Cowboys have an iron and ride a hoss, its groovie.

once in a blue moon I know as an old slang or to hit the sack.
Are you an artist or did you just get dressed in the dark?
is a T-shirt slogan, some four-letter-words I better ignore.
Hi folks, gonna fly ! Ill catch some ZZZZs, therefore.

Okeedokie, see ya later! Take care

2002 ~ Sonja Nic Rafferty


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sonja Nic Rafferty.
Published on on 08/12/2004.


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