Frank Haak


In darkest nights

Got lost in dreams

Moved to a land

So far it seems


A land of legends

Where tales came true

Where the evil lives

And the good gets through


And in this land

I just got wings

Got high above

Saw many things


Saw fields of blood

Where young men died

They fought and fought

And lost their fight


Saw hills of pain

Where women cried

they lost their tears

As their lovers died


I flew through clouds

So full of grief

So full of pain

I couldn’t believe


Came to a town

More ruins like

Where the evil ruled

But the good still fight


With all this pain

My poor eyes saw

With all this dead

I couldn’t no more


But in this world

There was a light

That seems so warm

And seems so bright


That light was love

That eternal rose

With thorns so tight

With an aura that flows


And with this light

The strength returned

The good got strong

And the evil burned


And with this sight

I got awake

Now newly know

Which way to take


The way of light

The way of love

The way to you

´Cause you’re my love


So take my hand

And lead me through

My darkest nights

The way to you


Where I find peace

With intentions best

To arms of yours

Where I will rest




All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Frank Haak.
Published on on 06/02/2006.


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