Ruediger Lambert

Im sorry Mom

A refugee’s tragic last message and end

I'm sorry, Mom!
I cannot  reach the safe shore
because the ship is sinking and I will drown in the  waves of the  sea...                            
while trying to reach the European coast.

I’m sorry Mom !
I will not be able to send the money I borrowed
in order to pay my hopeful
but -finally –bitter escape.  

Don't be sad, my dear Mom,
if they don’t find my body !
“As a benefit there won’t be any transfer-, burial- or  funeral costs
for you to be paid !!“

I'm sorry, Mom !
It was necessary for me
to flee to Europe from the terrible war like incidents
that have been happening in our home country.

You  know it, my dear Mom,
that my biggest wish was
to find  an effective treatment and essential medicines
for treating your colon cancer .

I'm sorry, my love ,
because I built you a house of illusion. A poor hut only,
but away from the martial explosives around us,
away from sectarianism and and neighbours’ rumors about us.

I'm sorry, my brother,
because I will not send the fifty Euros
I promised to send you monthly
in order to sustain you  during these difficult times.

I'm sorry, my sister,
because I will not send you a new mobile phone
to be able to communicate with your friends worldwide
like some of your friends do.

I'm sorry, my sweet home
because I'm not going to hang my coat behind you door.

I'm sorry dear divers and seachers for my missing and your futile search
because I can't recollect the sea I'm drowning in, nor can I perceive what is happening

Be comfortable “department of asylum“ somewhere in Europe
I won’t  be a burden to you.

Thanks to the Sea,
that greets us without having  a visa nor a passport.

Thanks to the fish,
which will share our flesh without asking us
about our religion or political conviction.

Thanks to the news channels
that will broadcast the news of our death for five minutes every hour for one day.

Thank you
for your  mourning for all of us when you will hear the news.

I’m so sorry !

Fragments of this text -original in Arabic -are said to have been found somewhere on the beach of the Mediterranean Sea.
They're  to my mind in no way a fiction or far-fetched.They reflect the tragedy of thousands of people who had hoped for a humane future within Europe.
Their hopes found a sudden and elusive end to their lives  somewhere  in the floods of the Mediterranean Sea.
The text I have composed  out of the translated fragments and finnally arranged is intended to pay tribute to many of these people's fates


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Ruediger Lambert.
Published on on 10/19/2017.


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