Ivana Herrmann

Fields Of Gold

Tell me:

Do you remember, a time long ago,
life was shining brightly, far away from any woe?

Spring was fading, summer to come,
when we took off to the hills, following rays of the sun.

A tender wind leading us, through shadowy wood,
you gave me a smile, saying life felt so good.

Still far from the peak you suddenly asked me to stop,
no more wasting your glance to the far-away top.

“Oh- do me some favour” your voice pleaded me,
“let’s sit down and watch there the waves of the sea.”

Your hand pointing over at a little wild pond,
I gave you a nod and walked with you fond.

But your footsteps grew faster until soon you ran,
while I followed slowly, a young, happy man.

Your dress fluttering slightly in whirling warm air,
your face was embellished by wild locks of your hair.

Around the small sea we found a large field,
soft high rye and corn was there to be yield’.

The light was yet passing, the sun low at the sky,
the afternoon colours gilded the rye.

A vast golden field, shimmering light,
mingling with clothes of the same golden bright.

Your arms soon outstretched as if you could fly,
you suddenly fell deep into the rye.

Your deep icy eyes fixing on me,
I felt no more “I“ but more as a “We“.

Future seemed glorious, life easy to do,
no hints and no thoughts of anything blue.

Yet shadows were nearing, but how could we know?
Lying in fields of gold, no one thinks of any woe.

I was inspired to write this poem by Sting's song "Fields of Gold" as well as by Jenny Dolfen's (Elfwood Artist) picture of the same name.
The song and picture are both very beautiful and melancholy; that's why I tried to express the beauty and unconcern of life as well as the fact that too often shadows appear out of nowhere, disturbing our peace of mind right then when we excpected it the least.

If you want to, feel free to comment on my works. Thank you.
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Published on e-Stories.org on 08/21/2004.


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