Stefanie Weiß

Too many thoughts

Too many thoughts are in my head
moving fast, making me sad
Why can't I just stop them
leave them behind
and enjoy my life in every kind

But they keep coming every day,
taking all my dreams away
They buzz around like an annoying fly
until I finally comply 
and believe their silly lullaby

Whenever I feel happy and free 
my destructive thoughts are telling me
that this is not how life should be

With all this nonsense in my brain
life becomes a bitter strain 

Live in the moment people say
don't think about your future day
and things that can't be turned 
should better leave you unconcerned 

They're right I know it's just so hard
but I will never fall apart
I'll face the fears that frighten me
until I finally feel free 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Stefanie Weiß.
Published on on 02/18/2020.


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