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Dear God, My Father, faithful friend and lover! I am sorry for all the pain you suffer cause your love & your tender care is not seen, judged and rejected not perceived and not received. This must tear your heart to pieces fill you with sadness and tears give you impression that your heart doesn´t count, doesn't matter. How lonely you must feel so longing to be known so wishing to be heard so enjoying to be, share and give. How deeply you are love how deeply longing to live in union how deeply enjoying to be discovered that still you can forgive - seeing in me all you desire. Can it truly be - that you so long for me that you chose death to give me life that you have put your beauty in me, inside? I am sorry for all the moments I didn't see your pain & longing I didn't take my time to listen I didn't see or feel your heart   I am sorry that I was not there so ignorant, not taking care considering you for granted blind to the tears you cry so longing to be mine.   How could I not wait for You not ask you not share with you not follow You, but thinking that I am alive that I know what love is?   Today I want to tell you, my precious Father, friend and lover your Life truly counts without your breath & kiss I am death inside. Your heart is indeed my only treasure the only source of my life's real pleasure Your beauty is beyond measure Your tender love my delight that awakens me, inside to live for You - Love of my life.   I am yours, like you are mine. I long to live in union with You I desire to meet with and discover You I wish to be your lover.   Kiss me, hold me, consume me with your presence and your passion share with me your secrets satisfy your longing in me.   You are the longing of my heart You are my only treasure You are my Precious One who really matter. I care for Your heart desires For You, I am there I love you, too! Your daughter, friend and lover.  

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Published on on 07/30/2020.


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